TJMaxx Shopping Experience: Perfect Prices for Everything You Need


Recently I was contacted and asked if I would like to have a TJMaxx shopping experience. You know me and shopping go hand in hand and I love to share places that you can achieve great prices, getting more for your buck. It was actually supposed to be a TJMaxx and Marshall’s shopping experience but unfortunately we do not have Marshall’s in our area. So they sent me two $25.00 gift cards to see what I could scoop up.
Out the door my fellow shopper (my daughter) and I went. I walked in and could feel my adrenaline kick in. I of course headed straight to the purse section. If you know me you know I love purses. I browsed and browsed and found a ton I like but I figure I will just kiss up to the husband for that. Purses that you normally would have to pay $230.00 for were $105.00, $150.00 purses were $50. It was like someone has sent me to my mothership, I felt right at home. They also have luggage for amazingly low prices. After debating on a purse or no, I decided I wanted to look for some clothes.
Off to the clothes section we headed. I grabbed anything I thought was cute and headed for the dressing room. After filling up my basket on the way to the dressing room I decided the home area needed to be paid a visit. With cookbooks, towels, food storage, food displays, and much more TJMaxx truly is an everything in one store. I managed to find and Asian cook set, with 4 Asian style soup spoon, 2 sauce dishes and a recipe book for $7.99!!!
After trying on some clothes I got some Almost Famous jeans, for $15.00 (which regular price at a normal retail would have been $42.00) and a Harvard t-shirt for $7.99. My daughter picked up a My little Pony (for $3.99) and a broom and dust pan to help me with housework (for $7.99). The grand total for my items picked was $46.00 (well $45 and some change). So I got all those things with tax for less than the cost of the jeans if I would have gotten them in a store at the mall.

See my goodies:

My Little Pony
Asian Cooking

With brand names such as Roxy, Ed Hardy, Born Shoes at prices that are amazing, this is definitely a store I will be shopping at much more often. Everything from underwear to dresses and towels to bedsets can be found at TJMaxx. It’s the perfect place to stock up on back to school clothes, Christmas presents and everything in between. The best thing is you can get a gift card so even the hardest to shop for people on your list are taken care of. For all your shopping needs you should head to your nearest TJMaxx or Marshall’s and get everything you need for a fraction of the cost.
Due to the amazing deals provided by TJMaxx and Marshall’s there is no online shopping. However you can find a store near you through the links in the post or purchase a gift card.

*Gift cards were supplied for this post to use at TJMaxx for the shopping experience. No other compensation was given for this post.
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    I love shopping at both TJMaxx and Marshalls. I really love the cute baby clothes they have there. I could fill a cart with all the trendy threads they have for baby boys – jeans, graphic T's, sweaters, etc. When we bought our house, I found tons of household items, from throw pillows to toothbrush holders and towels. I wish I had a $1000 shopping spree there, I could really have a ball!