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Those are two of the little faces I have to get ready each weekday morning now that school is back in session. You don’t see my oldest (who is in middle school) or my husband, both of which are also back in school. It’s definitely a hectic time around here with getting supplies, doing homework, and really just getting back into the swing of things. Back to school is an exciting time and can be a little overwhelming so I want to share a few tips on transitioning a little easier this back to school year. Whether it’s for yourself, your kids, or your spouse these tips will hopefully help you save a little sanity and ease back into the school year.

  1. Have a schedule and stick to it as much as possible.  If the kids come home one day and sit and watch tv (when they have homework) and the next day you make them sit right down they aren’t going to understand the importance of staying on top of things.  For us it’s better for them to come home, snack, do homework and then have free time.  That may not work for you but making the schedule that does is sure to help them stay on top of what they need to do.
  2. Get it done the night before.  Here we have a crazy schedule.  My elementary aged children go from 7:15-1:30 and the middle schooler goes from 9:15-3:30.  It’s an early morning every weekday for us so I tend to try to put the dry parts of the lunches together and make sure everything is in the backpack the night before.  That helps us not to be rushing around in the morning.
  3. Stay connected.  It’ so important now days to stay connected to the teachers.  With the internet, email and all the devices that keep us connect it’s so much easier to stay on top of that.  I love that the middle school here has a site for parents to keep up with current work , grades and happenings.

Those are just a few tips we use.  Thanks to technology it’s so easy to stay connected with the schools and teachers, not to mention as my son gets older and ventures to high school he will need more than a pen and paper.  One of the things we are searching for now (for my husband who is going for his masters) and will be in a couple years for my son (as he goes to high school) are laptops, printers and more.  They will both need to be connected due to online courses, need to print items out and have access to the work assigned.  Walmart carries a great line of HP products to help with all those needs:

HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC: The HP Pavilion dv6-70929wm is sure to be the best entertainment PC on campus. With a sleek, tapered metal design, it’s easy to pick up. And with cool features like Beats Audio™ amplified by quad speakers and a subwoofer, it’s tough to put down.

HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One Printer:With an HP e-Print wireless enabled printer you can now print from your smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere! Your children can send photos and assignments from the classroom right to your HP ePrint printer at home by simply sending an email. This printer is also great for teens going away to college! You can share photos and recipes with them in their dorm room. Stay in touch with your students with HP ePrint.

HP XL Ink Cartridges: Back-to-school means lots of printing! These cartridges fit in your printer like HP’s regular cartridges, but they hold more ink! The best part is they are now available at Walmart and so you can stock up on ink when you buy groceries. You can save up to 40% on printing with HP’s XL ink cartridges*. That’s a great value any mom can appreciate! ***Compared with single, standard HP ink cartridges. Based on average retail pricing, actual prices may vary.


One reader will win a $25 Walmart Gift Card to help with back to school essentials. Enter using the form below…

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**I did receive a promotional items as a thank you for my time. For more on my policies please see my disclosure under the PR Friendly tab.**

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  1. 1

    The HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC would definitely help out! 🙂

  2. 2

    We could definitely use a new printer. I think our is almost 10 years old!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. 3

    I could use the HP XL ink cartridges. We go through a lot of ink with our HP All-in-one

  4. 4

    I need the HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One Printer. It would come in handy the most.

  5. 5

    RSS feed with Bloglines via email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  6. 6

    The HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC would be great

    RSS Goggle- [email protected]

  7. 7
    Mary Happymommy

    The HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One Printer would be great for printing out assignments.

  8. 8

    Since we already have an all-in-one printer… (another win… WooT!), the HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC would be great because she could set it up how it will work best for her…

  9. 9

    A new HP printer!

  10. 10

    Man do I need that new printer? I have a Dell and at least 50% of the time it won’t connect and I have to reboot it or give it more expensive ink. Ugh! Could use a new computer also. Ours aren’t the greatest.

  11. 11
    Bella Rose (Danielle S)

    The printer would help us since my current one is 7 or 8 years old and on its last leg.

  12. 12

    HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC would be helpful for DD’s school projects

  13. 13

    the ink cartridges would be great, because we go thru them so often!

  14. 14

    The HP pavillion laptop would make homework alot easier.

  15. 15

    The laptop because our current one is very outdated and slow

  16. 16

    The HP XL ink cartridges!

  17. 17

    Definitely the HP XL ink cartridges. We use the printer a lot!

  18. 18

    I think the HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One Printer would help out the most

  19. 19

    The HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One Printer would be great for printing homework and school projects

  20. 20

    The laptop would be the biggest help. My boys always fight over who gets to use my PC first for homework assignments.

  21. 21

    My granddaughter needs The HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC for her Drama class this fall.

  22. 22
    Stefanie Gladden(ann lyfe)

    the hp laptop of course!! it seems much better than our old computer we have!

  23. 23

    HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC would help my daughter the most to do research for school projects

  24. 24

    The The HP Pavilion dv6-70929wm would help a ton.

  25. 25

    The laptop would be great for our grandson. The one he is using in old and so slow…

  26. 26

    The HP XL Ink Cartridges would come in handy at my house.

  27. 27

    Our printer is not doing well so a new one would be nice.
    Thanks for the contest.

  28. 28
    colleen boudreau

    The HP laptop.

  29. 29

    Would love the lap top for my daughter, she is a senior

  30. 30

    the XL ink cartridges, because we run out of ink all the time

  31. 31

    I would use the HP ink, my daughter always has homework to print out!

  32. 32

    the ink cartridges as my son does a lot of printing on school projects
    debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  33. 33

    The ink cartridges! – Two of our kids are high-schoolers and one is in middle school. They are constantly printing schoolwork/projects, etc.

  34. 34

    Definitely would be the laptop

  35. 35

    the all in one printer would really help!

  36. 36

    the laptop would be great

  37. 37

    HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One Printer: to print out reports

  38. 38

    The laptop would be useful

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  39. 39

    the hp laptop for completing homework assignments and doing research

  40. 40

    I’d love the PC!

  41. 41

    The PC would be amazing!

  42. 42

    The HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One Printer because my kids constantly have to print papers for school!

  43. 43

    The printer, with being home schoolers we print everything.

  44. 44

    The HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC would help my son a lot this year

  45. 45

    HP XL Ink Cartridges because we go through a lot of ink

  46. 46

    the printer since we dont have one

  47. 47

    subscribed rss google – stacey0711n(at)gmail(dot)com

  48. 48

    the ink – we are always running out

  49. 49

    I really need the HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One Printer:
    thank you!

  50. 50

    the pavilion laptop

  51. 51

    HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC.

  52. 52

    The Pavilion! would be great to have a 2nd computer with our large family.

  53. 53

    Probably those HP ink cartridges! We’re always running out of ink!

  54. 54
    Bridget Lavin Patterson

    HP Pavillion

  55. 55

    the HP Deskjet 3052a e-All-in-One printer would be helpful because I will be printing alot of reports, assignments, and hws for school

  56. 56

    The HP Pavilion. Having another conmputer for our family of 6 would be very convenient

  57. 57

    HP Pavilion dv6-7029wm Entertainment PC

  58. 58

    the all in one printer!

  59. 59

    the laptop and al in one printer

  60. 60

    The The HP Pavilion dv6-70929wm woud help my son with his school work.

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