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During my visit to LA, last month, I had the amazing opportunity to head on set of some of our favorite Disney shows, but I also had to chance to check out a few new shows that will be premiering this month! One such show was “Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything“. Because my SD card with all the set visit pics has gone missing, I am so glad I snapped a few photos of myself with the cast on my phone. Because if there isn’t proof, it never happened, right? *PS Thank you Disney for providing photos for those of us with lost SD Cards*

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I could tell right way, Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything, was going to be a show right up my kids alley. Once we set down to interview the cast, I knew without a doubt, this show will be a favorite in our home! They cast and director were kind enough to sit down and chat with us, before they did a walk through of an episode. Being that this was a show about gamer’s I jumped right in and asked if any of them were gamer’s in real life.

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The short answer is yes. Wendall, who plays Murray, and Felix, who plays Franklin both said they loved gaming. Felix mentioned having a preference for console gaming (PS3, PS4, Xbox’s) while Murray was a PC gamer. Cameron and Sophie both said they liked to game, but they weren’t as hard core as the other two. Jim O’Doherty, who is one of the producers also let us know that some of the staff writers were “very hardcore gamers, who know that world like the back of their hand”. So, while a lot of the crew had to educate themselves to the world of gaming, it really helped having some that could answer questions. Another cool little tidbit….the writer’s room is full of gaming consoles. Hey, you have to learn the world to write about it!

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The cast of Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything are so much fun and a very cohesive group and get along great. With them working together 5 days a week together, you definitely want to be a group that vibes! Starting with table reads, then moving to blocking, then onto run through for two days, break for weekend, and then shoot for two days, it’s definitely a busy schedule, but they all seem to love what they are doing! Of course, it’s not always smooth sailing, they can sometimes change the script four times per episode! As Cameron Boyce said during the sit-down interview, ” You can tell the cohesiveness we have as a group in the results.” I definitely agree!

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You might remember Cameron from his time as Luke on Jessie, one can imagine it was a bit of an adjustment coming from another show into a whole new setting. Not to worry, because he is adjusting to his new role just fine. He said “Of course we were like a family on Jessie and I am really going to miss the great people there, but what is really cool is how I was able to come here and it instantly feel like a second family. The transition was smooth and these guys make us all feel like we’re at home” And with a gaming set-up like you’ll see in Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, I can totally understand why they would instantly feel at home, it’s a pretty sick set-up.

Gamer's Guide on set

Getting to be on set of Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, was like stepping into the ultimate gamer’s set up. *I wish I could find my darn SD card to show you the full set up* The episode we got to watch being filmed had us all cracking up (shhh no spoilers) and I can’t wait to see the finished episode down the road. The energy was high and it truly is the ultimate show for kids who love gaming….and even those who don’t. I feel like all kids, gamers or not, will be able to connect with these characters and will be instantly drawn into the Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything world. The only problem I forsee is kids asking mom and dad to upgrade their gaming domain and make it as cool as this one is…because it’s pretty darn cool!

Gamer's Guide Cast

Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything

The subcultures of high school and professional video gaming are merged in the sitcom “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything”. Cool and charismatic Conor gains notoriety as “KidFury,” a professional video game player, but he suffers a devastating thumb injury that forces him out of the glamourous pro gaming world. After years of being tutored on the international pro circuit, he begins high school for the first time and meets three fellow gamers – Franklin, Wendell and Ashley. They team up to form the first-ever gaming league at their school, and together they learn that building lasting friendships in the real world is more important than accumulating high scores in the digital one.

The series captures the fun spirit of the gaming culture by weaving digital graphics (“Game Over” and “Achievement Unlocked”) into the stories. Video games come to life onscreen during “gamer vision” sequences that depict alternate realities whenever the characters face particularly challenging situations. Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything premieres on Disney XD July 22, 2015 at 9:30 ET and stars Cameron Boyce as Conor, Murray Wyatt Rundus as Wendell, Felix Avitia as Franklin, Sophie Reynolds as Ashley.

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