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When you head to theaters to see Big Hero 6, because you know you will, you will have the priviledge of seeing one of my all time favorite shorts by Disney, “Feast”. This fun short will tug at your heart strings and will have you begging for a full length movie starring Winston, himself!

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As part of my LA adventure I had the chance to sit down with the director, Patrick Osborne and producer, Kristina Reed to chat all about Feast. We got to learn a lot about how the story of Feast came to be, and it all started with an iPhone app!

Feast Director and producer

With Feast featuring a dog and a family, we wanted to know if there were any dogs or kids that played the inspiration behind the short! Patrick doesn’t have kids and has had wiener dogs his whole life but felt like there were too many animated movies with wiener dogs. He was actually the first Boston terrier to be in a Disney film!

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They also wanted to go for a simple look and for viewers to tell when the dog rotated they wanted a two-toned so viewers could tell when the dog was rotating. I think they did a great job with Winston, because I thought he was an absolutely precious dog, as did my kids. We instantly fell in love with him, so they definitely went in the right direction!

Feast Short

Feast got the green light in January and they took it through May. Which means their production took roughly 16 weeks! With animated movies, or in this case a short, you have to love animation. It’s a lot of man hours. Patrick let us know that animation was his favorite part. In fact, he has been doing it for 12 years!

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One of the coolest things I learned is that during production, they actually had Feast Fridays. They would all bring food to enjoy, as food plays a big part in the short. To make it easier for children watching the film, they decided to use food that was easily recognized

Here is a little bit more from both the director and producer of Feast, at the premiere of the movie:


It was so great getting to chat with the makers behind “Feast” but I know you want to see a little bit for yourself, so check out this special look:

“Feast,” a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne (head of animation for “Paperman”) and Walt Disney Animation Studios, is the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.

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