Weekend Rewind: Cleaning, Mexican Food, and Sunburns

Here in the home of A Daily Dose we are moving with caution today. After a long weekend of garage cleaning out, Mexican food and a 3 hour trip to the local aquatic center we are a bit tender.

It all started on Saturday. You see we have a teensy one car garage here and basically had a house full of things, stuffed like a sausage in there. It was bad. Picture a little something like this:
messy garage

Yes it was that bad, we had to climb mountains just to make it to the front of our garage. But we went out there and tackled this mountain and we could sleep out there if we wanted to. Okay so I won’t be because you know there are those brown recluses everywhere, speaking of which I saw a billion microscopic baby spiders and that I did not like at all. Not the friendly little spiders from Charlotte’s web either. The creepy I am going to bite you and make your flesh dissolve kind. *shiver* Anyhoo, our garage is able to be walked through without fear of falling into a black hole and never being found. I feel accomplished.

clean garage
To some it may still look a little messy but this is so clean and much of this will be gone with our next yard sale woo hoo!

After that we were pretty much useless for the rest of Saturday and that didn’t fly so well with the kiddos. So we did what any good parent does and bribed them. Yep we bribed them with “Mommy and Daddy are tired so if you are good for us today we will go to the water park when it opens tomorrow” Guess what! It worked, and those who say you never bribe…YOU ARE A LIAR, you do it subconsciously I can guarantee. Whether it be giving a sucker to keep them quiet while shopping or promising to color with them if they let you finish the dishes you do it.

That brings us to Father’s Day…I almost forgot, I admit it. I talked to my husband for a bit when he got up and never said a word and then when he was in the bathroom I remembered. I played the “I am a sucky wife” card yesterday, I get to play it so many times a year and get away with some things. However I did remember about 9 a.m. so I saved myself. We all got ready and headed to church and listened to a wonderful message talking about being an example for your children. Then after church we went to eat at Las Palmas, one of my favorite restaurants. You see I figured since my hubs spent $200 on clothes for himself when mothers day was here and I didn’t even get a measly card, I got to pick the restaurant we ate at on Fathers Day, but at least he did like it too, I wasn’t completely inconsiderate.

After dinner we headed to the Springdale Aquatic Center for fun, water and a little too much sun. After applying 50 sunblock to the kids and 8 to the hubs it was time to splish and splash. Here is a picture of the fun little place:
water park

That is the main pool we stay at. It only goes to about 3.5 feet deep in the deepest area, has a floating log (not that kind sicko) and floating alligator, a small dolphin and ship slide and it’s fun for the little ones. There is also a wading area for small children that has some awesome water spouts and such. 2 twistie slides and 2 drop off slides, a high and low dove and a 4 foot deep pool that you can play water basketball, it makes a fun day for the whole family. Yours truly even did a flip off the high dive and let me tell you, if I had implants I would have busted them with the force I hit (feet first even) the water. We had a blast and just watching the kids laugh and play make it worth it, the best part is the whole family gets in for $18.00!

Finally we get home and we access the sun damage. My oldest son, even with the reapplication of sunscreen still got burnt on his face, my daughter has a nice little tan and so does my middle. I have a nice burn on my shoulders and face but it’s not too painful just a little warm. My husband however got a gift of burn from the sun this fathers day. His feet and legs are so burnt (he somehow forgot that his legs and feet needed sunscreen I guess). It’s kinda comical in a way because his legs are so white where the shorts covered and then they go red. Poor guy, well at least it wasn’t his newly almost bare scalp right.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. I feel accomplished and had a blast yesterday and now I leave you with this:
crazy mom
*hubs says it reminds him of Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter, I think maybe I should be offended but obviously I am not or I wouldn’t post it LOL. See you never have a lack of fun with TOOONNAAAYYY in the house. And no I was not intoxicated when taking this picture, I do these things sober you know

What did your family do this weekend and/or for father’s day? Registered & Protected

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  1. 1
    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) :

    You sure had a busy weekend! Way to go getting the garage cleaned out – what, no 'after' pictures? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That water park looks like FUN! And yes, bribery is alive and well in our household… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your picture totally cracked me up! I guess it's better to be compared to Professor Trelawney than Mr. Magoo, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. 2
    Misadventurous Mommy :

    You did have a busy weekend! Looks like you had a blast! We took the kids to the local pool this weekend as well and even though sunblock was definitely applied we all still managed to get too much sun!

  3. 3

    Yes, I see Professor Trelawney there.

    Sounds like a blast. I spent WAY too much money at the Bath and Body Works semi annual sale. But I smell so good now!

  4. 4

    WOW! you really did clean out there didn't you? what an accomplishment! and that park looks so awesome, the kids probably loved it?

  5. 5


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