Take Webkinz On The Go With The Webkinz Friends iPad App {Gift Guide 2012}

WebkinzIt’s no surprise that we are huge Webkinz fans in this house. Having recently reviewed Webkinz World in this post, we were thrilled to be asked to check out the fairly new Webkinz Friends iPad app.

The iPad app is great because you can take your Webkinz on the go.  No worries, if you don’t have a plush toy you can pick a pet right in the app for free. One you pick your pet,  get to creating your perfect Webkinz world. If you do have a plush pet you can register it in BOTH Webkinz World and the iPad app.  Kids can interact with their pet on the go in a similar fashion to how they do at home. The app is very similar to the Facebook game but my daughter is much too young for facebook so this is a better route for her.

After you have chosen your pet from the pre-set pets, or entered your code, you head into a very basic little town and get to building. The more you build, the more you can produce, the more you produce, the more money you make and then get to really customizing Kinzville. You get quests to complete to add stock to your items and money to your Kinzcash. That in turn allows you to build more buildings, houses, and whatever your little heart desires. My daughter loved that the quests are led by some of our favorites like Dr. Quack and Ms. Birdy.

This game is a bit slower than Webkinz world online. Once you have used all your energy or if you’ve recently collected from a business, you have to wait for power/produce to build back up. If  you’d rather add more right away you have the option to buy more energy/money/etc. The waiting part does seem to frustrate my daughter a bit. Once the businesses have money or a crop has a harvest for you to enjoy, there is a little icon over the business/crop to let you know it’s ready. That part my daughter loves, because it means she can add more money to her stash.

Overall, we are enjoying the iPad app because my daughter can play it when we are driving down the road or when I have to use our computer to work. While you do have “downtime” because of having to store up energy and letting the buildings produce it is a great app to have a little extra Webkinz fun. The app definitely allows us to have a little extra family fun!

So, if you are picking up a Webkinz for someone in your life this holiday season, don’t forget to let them know about this iPad app. It’s just as fun on the go as it is on the computer.  Do you have a Webkinz??

**I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.**

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    We checked this out during the holidays and I had fun. I think in maybe a year or 2 my son will enjoy it more.

  2. 2

    i like wholesome games like this for the kids, no violence or annoying in-app purchase notices.

  3. 3

    I love this app it’s so much fun!!

  4. 4

    Webkinz are totally fun

  5. 5

    Such a fun ipad app!

  6. 6

    Well since I won’t be Abe to give the boys the pup they want they’ll love having a virtual pet to care for this is cute!

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