What I Want My Kids To Know About Sex

Sex Talk With Kids

Sex…talking about it with kids is something that I never thought about having to do, well,  until I had kids. Sex Talk With Kids….in the past it would make me want to run for the hills. I mean, as a parent, you think you have all the time in the world to broach the subject, until you don’t. You look at them when they are babies and want to shield them from the world. Okay, so that really doesn’t change as they grow, but you start realizing there are subjects you are going to have to bring up that may make you, them or all of you uncomfortable, and sex is definitely one of those that will cause a bit of crining on their part. I mean, really, who wants to sit down and talk sex with mom and dad.

So, what do I want my kids to know about sex? I want them to know it’s amazing, it’s one of the best feelings you will experience in life….if it’s with the person you marry. There is nothing more beautiful than being intimate with your spouse, so I don’t want sex to be a taboo topic in my home. I want them to know that making love is giving not only your body, but also a piece of your heart.  Whether people realize it or not, when you are intimate with someone, a piece of you goes with that person, whether it’s willfully or against someone’s will. It breaks my heart to think of women and men who have been intimate with another person against their will; it’s a wound that no person should ever experience.

I want my kids to know that saving themselves for marriage is not just something they are doing for their future spouse, but something they are doing for themselves. They are saving something so precious, something so special, for the one person they will spend forever with. I want them to know that temptation is hard to overcome and if you put yourself in the situation to test your limits, more often than not you will give in. I don’t want to make sex something gross or scary, but I do want them to know that it’s something to be taken seriously. Something that is meant for a married couple.

My kids will hear my stories, and they will hear how I didn’t wait and how when I had sex with someone before I met my husband. How a piece of my heart was gone and my emotions we a mess and how it took a long time for it to heal. Thankfully God gave me a husband who walked through the healing with me and stayed. I want them to know that sex is a beautiful act; God created this act for a married couple to enjoy together, to give all of themselves to one another. I want them to know that they don’t have to give in when peer pressure is telling them to just do it. That there is nothing wrong with waiting until marriage, in fact, it’s probably one of the most special gifts you will ever be able to give your spouse.

I want them to know sex is AWESOME, but to save their bodies, hearts, emotions for the person they are going to marry. To go into marriage with a whole heart to give. One without all the past ties if they give themselves away before they marry their spouse. Sure it may be old fashioned thinking, but sex complicates things if you do it outside of marriage, it just does. It can also make things slightly awkward if it’s with someone who isn’t your spouse, and you run into them after it happens (and you are no longer together). If you wait for the one that God has for you, there are no awkward moments, only moments of love to look forward to.

So what do I want my kids to know about sex? That it’s amazing, fun, beautiful, tender, emotional, and one of the best parts of marriage. But to wait, to wait until they are married, to save those emotions for the one they will spend forever with. I want them to know that sex is worth waiting for! That God gave us this special gift to hold onto until we marry the one He has for us. That sex is one of the most beautiful acts in the world, that the emotional ties are binding and that they are worth waiting for, that anyone who pressures them otherwise is someone who may not need to be in their life.

To my kids, value yourself enough to hold onto the one thing God gave us to give to our spouse, the one thing that is meant only for the person God has for us. Value those around you enough to want them to wait too, because if you think about it, do you want someone having sex with your future spouse, or would you rather be their first and vice versa. Learn from me; I know the emotional toll not waiting has on you. I don’t want to change things because I wouldn’t have the life I have now without the choices I’ve made, but I do want to help guard your heart and emotions.

As a Christian mom, I want my kids to be whole when they meet their spouse. I want them to enter into a marriage with no emotional baggage or ties. I want them to look forward to enjoying the intimacy of marriage but only when they have married the one God has for them.  Until then, I want them to be friends with everyone, hang out in groups because it’s the best way to keep themselves out of tempting situations. I want them to know that sex is a beautiful thing but waiting til marriage is what will make it that much more beautiful!

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