Update on the Blog Vote Letter

update I received an email today from the person and this is what was said:

Regarding my message with the subject line “Will you please do me a favor?”…

It was not my intent to do anything illegal.  My reason for phrasing things the way that I did was solely to be funny… in hopes that my being funny/silly would attract someone’s attention to come and vote for me.  My apologies to my fellow contestants for not making it clear that this was a JOKE!!

I still will not say who it was as to protect their privacy but wanted to update everyone who commented on my last post.  I know that the voting was taken out of the contest and as I stated to the person hosting the giveaway I didn’t intend nor want for that to happen and was sorry if my post caused that.  I just was taken aback at being approached like that and in text it’s hard to know when someone is joking and it did come across as serious to me.

My response to her above email was:

Thanks for emailing me.  I sincerely wasn’t trying to mess the giveaway up.   I am sorry if I read too much into it but it really made me question contests because even if you may have been joking, for me personally, it came across as serious.  I never mentioned your name nor would I to anyone so no one knows who it was unless you said something LOL.  I really more so wanted to see what others thought and if I was just being a prude or reading too much into something.  As I stated I think it is 100% okay to email, facebook, blog beg for votes just the way that it was sent to me came across differently than innocent fun.  I am sorry if I was mistaken.  But I never did nor will I say who it was that asked me just wanted to let you know that.

So I just wanted to update everyone on the situation.  I think you have to be careful about how you email people and how you word things…gosh knows I have done it in the past and learned from my lesson.  Anyhoo, I just wanted to share that and apologize to the person for taking it literally if she really did mean it as a joke, I guess I just never would have thought to say something like that as a joke.  Maybe I am just weird LOL.  Begging for votes, heck yeah I will do that but I just would not have thought to word it the way this person did in their original email.

Anyhoo, moving on and heading off to rest because I feel like poo and maybe if I sleep and dream of Edward Cullen I will feel better !

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    At least you said sorry.

    Yep email is not a good way to communicate. You know how many times I have gotten so pissed off at email and then respond rican style and then get an email back. Like hello I was only kidding…….

    Totally embarrassed my response. sorry for 3 paragraph f u response I was kidding too. ROFL…….

    I knew she had to be kidding because it didn’t make sense. LOL

    Lesson learned for both sides… got to put the lol at the end or else….

    .-= Grissell Barros´s last blog ..Jack Cards =-.