Talking With Toni: Famous For Being Fat, Eating Live!

As I was watching The View today they mentioned a 600 pound woman who was gaining fame as she…tried to lose weight is what I would like to say but unfortunately it’s just the opposite. She instead is trying to get up to 1000 pounds…yes you read correctly. She is trying to gain another 400 pounds! DISGUSTING, BARF, SELFISH and so much more I could say about this. I headed over to Fox News to read New Jersey Woman Wants To Weigh 1000 Pounds and I am just appalled that someone in their right mind (though her being in her right mind is up for debate) would do this to themselves. But even more so to the family she has.

Here are my thoughts on it (and read after the vlog for more of my rantings):

She holds the record for the world’s fattest mother in Guiness Book of Recors, yes this is something she should be so proud of (note the sarcasm). GBWR needs to make a very BIG (no pun intended) to do that they will not allow anyone who is intentionally killing themselves to be a record holder. This woman is committing herself to a slow death and this is something that NO ONE should support. And on top of it her boyfriend is “proud” of her. I am sure it has to do with the money (touching on that in a minute) Why in the world would you want to do something like this to be famous or infamous is the better word.

Already suffering the ill effects of her “disease” because in my opinion that is what it is, she can’t walk 20 feet without tiring and so she needs to be assisted by a motor scooter. Not to mention all the other horrible health side effects this will have on her. Now I mentioned money a bit ago. Apparently she has a site..I don’t know the URL and wouldn’t link to it if I did. And on her site you can buy a subscription to WATCH HER EAT!!!! People what the hell is wrong with you. If you are buying this you are assisting this woman in her slow suicide…SHAME ON YOU!

I am appalled at this woman and the people who support her by watching her eat. Come on America, obesity isn’t something we should be proud of or famous for. Aren’t there much better things to get in the news over…of course it seems that if it isn’t controversial it doesn’t sell and that’s a very very sad thing.

Now share your thoughts on this whole situation. What do you think of the woman? What about the people buying a subscription to watch her eat? How do you think this will affect her child?

I am going to eat a HEALTHY salad now.

*Please note I do understand there are real health issues that causes a person to gain weight or be obese, to those people I am not referring to.  But people that do it intentionally and can take care of the problem they created are the ones that really make me angry.  Why should someone do that to themselves if they have a choice and to be famous for gaining weight is sad.

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  1. 1

    I think this woman is desperate. She has to be to put herself out there for money. That’s the only reason I can see. With all Reality TV has to offer in instant fame, and boat loads of money, we think, she figures to get rich quick.

    In her quest to get rich, she’s not thinking about the fall out surrounding her actions.
    .-= LaTonya´s last blog ..Reading Is Still Fundamental! =-.

  2. 2
    Krystal Grant :

    This is a very strange story. She has deep rooted psychological issues. And maybe I’m missing something but what is the purpose of all of this? What will she do when she reaches 1000 lbs. I’m so happy that I’ve started working out.

  3. 3

    This is so sick. And who is going to be paying her health bills. She better be fully insured.
    This is an example of what is wrong with the world.
    If she wasn’t getting attention, I bet she wouldn’t be doing it.

  4. 4
    Lauralee Hensley :

    Maybe this is a secret cry to Richard Simmons, because maybe she’s got a compulsive disorder that needs addressed.

  5. 5

    Someone forwarded this article to me the other day. In the article the woman states that she doesn’t see a problem since she’s not hurting anyone. Not hurting anyone? How about her children, who are going to grow up motherless? All the people whose health care premiums will go up in order to pay for this behemoth’s medical expenses? Anyone who needed a doctor on the day she required 30 physicians to assist her in giving birth to her child? Not harming anyone? Are you kidding me? What if there is just one other person out there sick enough to think that they are close to her weight, so why not try to do the same? What about all the other US citizens who don’t want to be associated with such a pig? As if people in other countries didn’t hate us enough! Let’s give them more reason to try to bomb us. This woman is a useless slug and a waste of oxygen. I feel sorry for her children.

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