After Retirement, I Want To See The World

Okay I hope to see the world much sooner than after my retirement, but even if I have I want to see it all over again. There are so many places I want to go see with my husband when we are done with our working years. While vacations and getaways now are amazing, I can only imagine how much more of Read More »»

Sometime Life Throws You A Curve Ball, Becoming A Caregiver

This post made possible by Genworth Financial. Thoughts all brought to you by me! Life can change in an instant, I know from experience.   One day you (or someone you love) can be walking around healthy and fine and the next life  has come at you hard. You are no longer able to care for Read More »»

The Bucket List, Adventure Style

As I have gotten older, I have gotten more adventurous. I always used to be scared of heights but recently I jumped off a ledge (tethered of course), went on a hot air balloon ride, and even zip lined high in the trees. I have a few things I want to do before my time here is up as well. Here are a Read More »»

Five Things I’ve Learned Managing Family Finances

This is a partnered post. That was the trip we went on in September, a big surprise to our kids, but in order to make that happen I had to plan meticulously with our finances. During the planning I learned from mistakes and good financial decisions alike. Today I just want to take a moment to share Read More »»

You’ve Graduated College, Now What?

Life after college is just the next adventure! With your degree in hand, it's time to go forward and enter into the next chapter that awaits. A new job, new responsibilities can be scary but can be so exciting as well. Here are just a few tips I, personally, think are great for hitting the ground Read More »»

Being A Single Parent Is Both Challenging And Rewarding

In November of 1999, I became a mom. As if the challenge of parenting isn't hard enough, I had the added challenge of being a single mom. Was I scared out of my mind? Yes, but I knew for my son I had to do it, I had to put my big girl panties on and do everything I could to make his life the best it Read More »»

Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

Those three little faces up there are definitely the essence of my being.  My life would not be complete without them.  As a parent I am responsible for making sure they know the ins and outs of life and do my best to prepare them for the road ahead.  Whether it's teaching them how to treat others, Read More »»

Just A Few IMPORTANT Reasons You Should Have Life Insurance

No one likes to think about death, but the fact is, it will happen. While I plan on living for a few hundred years, of course, one day I will pass peacefully in my sleep. Okay so I can't plan on living that long or the way I die but I can plan for my family to be taken care of if something happens Read More »»

Reasons To Look Into Long Term Care Insurance

There may never be a time you will need long term care, but wouldn't it be better to be prepared if you do.  What exactly does long term care entail?  It could be something as simple as needing someone to help you run your errands due to illness or injury.  It could also mean no longer be able to Read More »»

Being Prepared For The What If’s.

This is our very first home. We had been married for almost 8 years when we became first time home owners. With that came a whole new set of responsibilities and preparations for the "what if's". Being a first time home buy we did not want to leave any stone unturned and wanted to make sure we were Read More »»

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