You’ve Graduated College, Now What?


Life after college is just the next adventure! With your degree in hand, it’s time to go forward and enter into the next chapter that awaits. A new job, new responsibilities can be scary but can be so exciting as well. Here are just a few tips I, personally, think are great for hitting the ground running (with your degree in hand of course):

  1. Jump into the workforce. Sure, you may not get your dream job right off, but go ahead and get to work. Use that degree to ease your way in and you very well could be running that company before you know it.
  2. Budget. It’s all on you now. You are a grown up, in the real world, with real bills. Make a budget to follow. You’ve got to pay bills and eat, right. Making a budget helps you allot all your money in the places it needs to go. Don’t forget to put aside fun money to treat yourself occasionally…or save the fun money up. Instead of doing a bunch of small fun things, save it and do one big thing…make it an awesome reward for all that hard work you did in college.
  3. Save Away. If you haven’t already, once you get a job and start bringing in income you will want to start a savings. There is nothing worse than living paycheck to paycheck. Do what you can and put away a little each paycheck so you have a “what if” fund. What if your car breaks down, what if you get sick and can’t work, what if your taxes increase. You will want to make sure that is covered, so from the first check start a savings. Preferably one that gains interest.
  4. Avoid credit cards. Most college students graduate with some sort of debt tagging along behind them thanks to student loans. One thing you don’t want to do is risk charging up a credit card and have even more debt to pay back. That new pair of shoes or that expensive dinner place isn’t worth the interest you will be paying on top of your student loans.
  5. Get (and stay) organized. In college, you have a pretty regular schedule. More often than not, classes are at the same time during each semester and unless you are working, you pretty much have free time when you are in classes. Once you graduate being organized is key to making sure life doesn’t get to crazy. Make sure you have a calendar to keep track of work schedules and everything else. You definitely don’t want to forget to pay your rent or water bill. Set up reminders for bills due, appointments coming and whatever else your hectic life might bring.

What are some tips you have for a new college graduate as they embark on their next adventure?

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  1. 1

    Do not use credit cards! lol

  2. 2

    It’s so important to save and live within your means

  3. 3

    Absorb as much information as you can while interning and make sure to network and keep in touch with new contacts.

  4. 4

    Yes!! A budget is so important for anyone, especially a college grad!

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