Easy Fashion With Rose Royce Dark Wash Denim

I shared all about my love for Rose Royce denim in this post, where I showcased a look around a pair of their fun light wash jeans. This post is all about the dark wash.  Before you get too into the post, please head here to like my photo so I can be the ambassador for Rose Royce.  Now onto the Read More »»

Monsters University Clips And Why I’d Be Voted Best Dressed #MonstersUPremiere

Classes are enrolling and it's time to see what your favorite Monsters are up to in the upcoming Monsters University. As with all classes, there has to be a best dressed. While I don't know what those attending will end up wearing, I have decided IF I were going, I would sport one of these two looks Read More »»

Get Funky With Your Hair Color, Have Some Fun!

It's no shock that I love to color my hair and like to experiment. I have been everything from fire engine red to blonde. I figured today, I'd do a post showcasing some of my favorite looks, for what's a possibility for next I absolutely LOVE this color: GORGEOUS!! This ones is fun Read More »»

ValMax, Kid’s Couture Clothing Review

It's no secret I have a little fashionista in the house.  She is always excited when she gets new clothes and even more excited when that entails modeling them for the camera.  Recently, we had the chance to check out an adorable ValMax couture outfit.  One of their taglines "Valmax SOMETHING Read More »»

The Role of Accessories In Modern Fashion

Importance of accessories: Fashion accessories are so much important and play an indispensible role in our life. There are so many accessories like belts, shoes, purses, headgears, jewellries and all. The importance of accessories can be judged by this fact that there are individual and special Read More »»

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When it comes to fashion for me and the girl it's pretty easy. For my husband and my boys sometimes it gets a little trickier. Especially when it comes to shoes. I can go to the store and find something easy for both my daughter and I, occasionally for my boys as well. In the past it's been harder Read More »»

A Dress For Every Occasion

I love to wear a pretty dress, especially now that it's almost Valentine's Day and the following day will be my anniversary, not to mention Mardi Gras around the corner.   I am all the time looking for dresses, accessories, and shoes to make that perfect look.  Thankfully, with so many places to Read More »»

Sometimes A Good Coat Is All You Need

Winter hasn't been big here in the state of Florida.  It's been pretty much like springtime to be honest.  However, that doesn't mean there haven't been a few days us Sunshine state residents needed a good winter coat.    I don't like to be cold, so when I am searching for a coat I want it to be Read More »»

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine's (and my anniversary the day after) is right around the corner.  Which means there are chocolates to be eaten, flowers to be presented, and gifts to be given.  The day of love is one of my favorite holidays.  Celebrating love and being able to give and receive gifts is just a fun time.   Read More »»

Fall Fashion, What’s Your Style? {Fashion}

I fully admit to not being a cold girl. Cold weather and I, for the most part, don't mix. Though I will say I do love one thing the comes in with the cooler weather.....fall fashion. Fall fashion makes me think of the fair, hot cocoa, and holiday fun. Whether I am putting on my hooded long-sleeved Read More »»

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