3 Dresses, 9 Different Looks With Spring Fashion From Kohl’s #SpringAtKohls

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Budget Friendly Spring Fashion

When it comes to fashion I want to get the most bang for my buck. Today ,I am going to share with you, just how you can do that with some of the awesome Spring Fashion from Kohl’s.  For this post, as part of my ambassadorship, I was sent to Kohl’s with the task of picking up two dresses and making 6 looks using accessories from Kohl’s or my own closet.  Now, you know me,  I have a passion for fashion, so when I found 3 dresses I loved, I decided to just go ahead and make 9 looks instead.

First up, is the Simply Vera Vera Wang Nina Floral Shirtdress!  Check out how I styled it 3 different ways.

Simply Vera Sundress

What I love about this dress is you can wear it alone, nothing added, with sandals and you have your perfect beach day outfit.  You can pair it with a simple necklace to add a little color to it with heels and have a fun, flirty outfit.  Or, add a little edge with a leather jacket, hat, and combat books (big this season is pairing combat boots with dresses).

The next dress up is the AB Studio Printed Chiffon Chevron Print Dress.  Chevron is  print that is big in fashion and of course pink is super in this season!

Chevron Sundress

Again, this dress is great on it’s own.  Pair it with some nude sandals and it’s a great day look.  For say, Easter Sunday (or the Kentucky Derby) pick up a floppy hat (saving your skin is always in, sun protection and fashion all in one) and add a simple pearl necklace with a pair of wedge shoes for a soft, sweet look.  Last add a belt to the dress (adding a belt is a favorite look changer for me, you’ll see it again in my last look) and a bold statement necklace with some black heels and you are set for a girls night out.

Finally, we have the Apt. 9 Floral Drop-Waist Ponte Dress.  You’ll see below, but this dress is great for a day at the office and can be easily transformed into a date night or night out with friends!

Spring Flower Dress

The first looks is simple.  Paired with a soft pink necklace and nude or black sandals, this is great for a day at the office. The next look could still be office wear, but easily worn out for a date with your love.  Simply change out the soft necklace for a more bold statement necklace, add a big belt and your look is instantly transformed.  I really like some of the laser cut flats out there for the second look of this dress. Last, some cowgirl style boots and throw on a brown leather jacket for a fun, sassy look.

No matter which dress (or dresses) you find yourself loving at Kohl’s, don’t feel like you need to buy a gazillion.  With so many ways to style one dress, you can easily transform it into at least 3 looks.  Buy 2 or 3 dresses and have at least 6-9 outfits.  As I said, I like to be able to feel like I am getting more for my money and with the great deals and looks I can find at Kohl’s, I am going to be doing just that!

Be sure to check back between 4/7and 4/13 to see what I pick from the Peter Som collection for my next post.  I am super excited to showcase something from his new line!

Which of the dresses above could you most see yourself wearing?

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  1. 1

    I LOVE those dresses, especially the last one. Great ways to switch up the outfits as well, without making a huge investment each time!

    • 2

      That’s the one I’m also drawn to. Which is funny since I never used to wear dresses

  2. 3

    I really like that third dress. So pretty and unique!

  3. 5

    I like them all, but the 1st is my fave.

  4. 6

    They’re all so cute to where it’s hard to choose! But, I’d probably go with the second one. I just love the colors!

  5. 7

    These are all adorable! I can’t decide which one I like the best.

  6. 8

    Those dresses are too cute!! Love it!

  7. 9

    Love these looks, that last dress with the jacket it my favorite!

  8. 10

    I think the first one is more my style with a little black cardigan.

  9. 11

    I love all of your styles, but I especially love that third dress! I’d wear any of the styles for that one.

  10. 12

    I kind of like the pink and grey since this could work with so many looks!

  11. 13

    The Chevron print looks great with the belt. It’s completely different then without it, much nicer!

  12. 14

    Absolutely LOVE the second dress! I would so wear that with a cute floppy hat and a pair of mules.

  13. 15

    I could definitely see myself wearing the Simply Vera Vera Wang Nina Floral Shirtdress. I love the way you styled it in the center picture!

  14. 16

    These dresses are all so cute! I love how you accessorized them! Dress season is finally here in NH! Yay!

  15. 17

    I am seriously a tshirt and jeans kind a girl… BUT I do love Kohls.. I always tell people how you can make money at shopping at Kohls.

  16. 18

    That is awesome that the dresses are so versatile like that. I love shopping at Kohl’s, so I will check out this collection the next time I am there.

  17. 19

    Love the chevron dress, new but in a vintage style.

  18. 20

    Wow, you really did an amazing job turning those dresses in to different outfits. I think the Chevron print is my favorite, but it’s really hard to choose just one!

  19. 21

    I like the pink and black chevron dress! It is super cute!

  20. 22

    I love the idea of adding a belt, especially to the middle one. It just adds a whole other dimension of color, even if it is black!

  21. 23

    I love the coral dress in the middle. I could see myself wearing that for sure.

  22. 24

    These dresses are really cute. I am a black and white fan and love the middle dress. It’s amazing how with just the right accessories you can create unique looks with the same outfit.. I will be on the lookout for these at Kohls.

  23. 25

    Those are my favorite kind of outfits, ones that I can wear different ways. 🙂 All of these look great.

  24. 26

    Those are all such great looks you put together. My favorite is that black and white dress. I would get so much use out of that!

  25. 27

    The Chevron Printed Dress really captures my heart! I would go for that look for Easter!

  26. 28

    I love how you created 3 looks for each dress. I am really trying to cut down my wardrobe and make outfit diversity like you did. They are cute dresses!

  27. 29

    I love how easy it is to change up the dresses just by changing shoes and accessories. Plus, I love the prices at Kohl’s!

  28. 30

    I desperately need one of those wide cinching belts. I can already use it in so many places!

  29. 31

    Oh I seriously love all three dresses! But that AB Studio Printed Chiffon Chevron Print Dress is my favorite!

  30. 32

    Wow, how pretty! These all look fantastic for spring! I would have to go with the Apt. 9 Floral Drop-Waist Ponte Dress., that is so unique.. I need it!

  31. 33

    I was just at Kohl’s looking at the Jumping Beans Disney collection! And I thought of you! I can;t wait to start shopping there for my son now that he has outgrown the kids stores!

  32. 34

    The dresses you picked are SO cute! You did a great job styling them, too. I am going to go to Kohls and look for the AB Studio Printed Chiffon Chevron Print Dress.

  33. 35

    I love that chevron dress! It’s so cute and you could wear it for so many occasions.

  34. 36

    Those outfits all look great. I love the dresses when they wear boots with them. That is something we never would have done in my day.

  35. 37

    Oh my goodness, I actually got totally swept away by all the new looks last time I was in Kohl’s… Such great colors and prints. Love your looks, as well.

  36. 38

    Oh Toni, I love these looks! I am in love with Kohl’s! Great styling!

  37. 39

    wow that is awesome how you can mix and match to make different looks.

  38. 40

    Those are super cute. I love the black and white one.

  39. 41

    I totally need a shopping trip to Kohls! I just started a new job and am so short on work clothes it’s ridiculous.

  40. 42

    I love all of those looks! I can’t even pick a favorite.

  41. 43

    Love having ways to create different outfits from a few pieces. Especially from kohls.

  42. 44

    These dresses are all so cute! I like how you styled them.

  43. 45

    My favorite is the gray and pink dress. It would be perfect for Special occasions coming up this Spring.

  44. 46

    I love the pairing of a hat. I want to wear more hats this season.

  45. 47

    I like the different looks that you gave for each dress. It is always great when one item can be used for multiple looks.

  46. 48

    I love the first and third dresses pictured. All of them are cute, but I think those two would definitely work best on me. I love Kohl’s! I haven’t been in at least a month. It’s time to get back for some spring clothes shopping!

  47. 49

    I love how you changed up each look! Best way to get the most band for your buck and expand your wardrobe.

  48. 50

    I love the looks of these dresses. I think the black one is my favorite!

  49. 51

    Really fun graphic prints on these! I love how the looks can be changed up easily.

  50. 52

    I love the last black, grey, pink dress the pink in it looks amazing – really makes the dress pop! and some fantastic ideas on how to accessorize them. x

  51. 53

    You put those all together so well! I love the added jackets and hats!

  52. 54

    Give me that pink chevron dress stat! Love it 😀

  53. 55

    These dresses and patterns are really nice and perfect for the Spring. I love shopping at Kohls.

  54. 56

    I love that black dress. I like how you made it into 3 different outfits with such little changes.

  55. 57

    Oh my gosh I love them all. And I love the looks that you created. That grey and pink dress is calling my name.

  56. 58

    I am headed to Kohls this weekend but will be hitting the household and fitness section. Cute dresses, unfortunately I never wear dresses.

  57. 59

    Wow! The third outfit down looks terrific with that hat with it!

  58. 60

    I would definitely wear the grey and pink one. I love the looks except the leather jacket. 😛 Kohl’s has great stuff.

  59. 61

    I love those dresses especially the first one! Spring is here and I should really try to fix my wardrobe. 🙂

  60. 62

    I love these dresses! Gorgeous colors! Plus they all have great style!

  61. 63

    The Apt. 9 Floral Drop-Waist Ponte Dress. is gorgeous and probably the one that I would go for first. I just love how the pink pops in it. I really love the first one too. Kolhl’s has great things. I love shopping there.

  62. 64

    I have a thing for Chevron! I love all of the looks!

  63. 65

    The chevron dress is my favorite. The fedora is a fun accessory. I have a few but I never wear them!

  64. 66

    OH man! You have an eye for fashion. These are all so cute. Well done.

  65. 67

    Nice! I love the Chevron one the best! But I’m also a huge fan of almost anything at Khol’s!

  66. 68

    oook, the AB Studio Printed Chiffon Chevron Print Dress is my favorite! I love it!

  67. 69

    I LOVE that pink dress. So cute and versatile. Great pics.

  68. 70

    Been seeing a lot of great reviews on the Peter Som collection! Wish we had a Kohls up here in Montreal! Can’t wait to see wish dress you pick!! =)

  69. 71

    I LOVE that Chevron dress, and paired with the belt it gives it a totally new look. I NEED IT! 🙂 That last dress is awesome with the belt too. Guess I need to go check out Kohls asap!

  70. 72

    I love the grey with hot pink dress. It is so fabulous by itself that it does not need any styling.

  71. 73

    Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop. They have great prices. I really like the chevron print dress and the floral drop-waist dress is my favorite!

  72. 74

    I’m totally drawn to that chevron dress. It’s so beautiful and definitely my style.

  73. 75

    the first one and the last one grabbed my attention

  74. 76

    What great looks. I do love the first dress with the awesome unique fabric. It also looks soft and flowy!

  75. 77

    You did great. I like all the dresses snd the hats.

  76. 78

    Kohl’s is an awesome place to shop at. I love the dresses you found and shared the many different looks… soo cool.. thanks for your fashion tips, really enjoyed the post and now I’m off to Kohl’s to see what I can find

  77. 79

    Those are some gorgeous dresses. I love the different looks that you created with them.

  78. 80

    Love the way yu mixed up the looks for these dresses! Thanks for the inspiration.

  79. 81

    These are all cute! I love the chevron print dress the most! The colors scream spring to me!

  80. 82

    The Apt. 9 Floral Drop-Waist Ponte my favorite out of the ones you picked and I love all the options you put with it.

  81. 83

    Those are all so prety! I am a person who is drawn to longer dresses like maxi dresses! I need to get some new dresses for Spring, looks like I need to make a trip to Kohl’s!

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