Big Hero 6 Exclusive: Meet The Voices Behind Go-Go and Honey Lemon #BigHero6Event

Once upon a time, there was a girl, who thought she was part of the Big Hero 6 squad!  In fact, she had the poses down just right.  As she had her super hero photo taken, she was complimented on her moves "Love your moves" said the mystery woman. As time went on, the girl wanted to replicate each super hero to the best of her ability and so she did: And then this is when the best part Read More »»

Interview With The Creator and Kids of ABC’s “black-ish” #ABCTVEvent

During my amazing adventure in LA, I had the chance to go on set (more to come on that at a later date) and chat with the creator and adorable kids from 'black~ish.  This new show on ABC is hysterical.  From the first episode through the most recent, I have laughed to the point of tears.  Seriously if you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for? I was super excited to sit down and chat with Read More »»

*EXCLUSIVE* Big Hero 6 Director Interview and Baymax Drawing Tutorial #BigHero6Event

As part of the fun of the Big Hero 6 Event, last week, I had the chance to sit down with Don Hall and Chris Williams, both of whom this movie would not be the same without.  Because they are the directors of Big Hero 6.  As a blogger, who loves to share information, it's always one of my favorite parts getting to sit down with the people behind the movie to hear what they have to say.  Even better Read More »»

7 Reasons To Go See Big Hero 6 When It Opens on 11/7/14 #BigHero6Event

Big Hero 6 hit theaters today, and my kids are already begging to go this weekend. I'll happily oblige, when we get done with our cheer competition, because when I had the chance to see Big Hero 6 at the LA premiere, I just knew it was one I wanted them to see! Why? I'll tell you why, in fact I'll tell you 7 reasons why! 1) BayMax Baymax is the character you will all fall in love with from Read More »»

Big Hero 6 Premiere and After-Party Fun #BigHero6Event

What happens when you get 25 moms together for a night filled with celebrities, red carpets, and after parties...Memories of course.  As part of my recent trip to California, that I am still recovering from, but so worth the recovery needed, I had the chance to attend the Big Hero 6 red carpet premiere in LA!  Of course before one can actually walk the red carpet, one must decide on the perfect Read More »»