Over 50 Summer Hairstyle Ideas In The New Braiding Handbook

Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Summer is here which means so many of us spend time outside. Our family tends to go to the beach, the movies, out to dinner, so I usually just pull my hair in a ponytail and go. Simply because it’s, well, simply. I don’t have to straighten it, dry it, spend hours fixing my hair. Now I have over 50 summer hairstyle ideas, that don’t require it to be freshly washed and straightened, thanks to The New Braiding Handbook.  In fact, it’s suggested that you not wash your hair every day to keep it healthy and help these hairstyles hold.

The New Braiding Handbook

Braid Book

I was sent a copy of The New Braiding to check out and I was so impressed with all the different hairstyles it offered, I can’t wait to try them all. Unfortunately, I am not super saavy when it comes to braiding, but with all these tutorials hopefully I will be braiding like a master soon!

braiding hand book inside

Inside the book you will an index full of the braids  you will soon be trying and table of contents. There is also a section for hair care tips (for all types of hair), tools section, photos to show you what the author means when she uses terms like nape, crown, rattail comb, etc. It truly is full of info to get you started!  Of course, all that is great but the real meat of the book is the tutorials. 

How to braid hair

I love that with each braid, the author shows a photo of what the finished braid should look like as well as step by step in both written and photo form. She has made it easy to know what you need to do to achieve the look shown. My daughter is so ready to start wearing these hairstyles, but I am still trying to get my hands to do what they need to do.  Too bad the author can’t reach through the book and help my hands become a little more coordinated.

The New Braiding Handbook is perfect for all those summer occasions, beach days, parties, dinners, there is a braid for every occasion.  So, what are you waiting for?  Pick it up on Amazon today! 

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    These styles are gorgeous, and it seems like they are relatively easy to master! Trying to decide what to do with your hair, especially when you’re in a hurry, can be really stressful, so tips like this are very helpful! Nicely done! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas!

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