10 Outrageous Cake Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party


I am an over-achiever (at least in my mind), I have grand ideas for what I want to do for my kids parties. The decor, the games, and of course, the cake! I can always picture the cake I want to create and I have these huge plans. In fact, I’ve done some fun cakes for my mom’s birthday! So, I always have these grand ideas of what I want to do for my kids birthdays but usually end up heading to one of the local bakeries and let them do all the work.

I am gearing up for my daughter’s 11th birthday in June and as per the usual, I am in “let’s see what kind of cake I want to make this year” mode. Will I actually make one of these cakes, only time and my sanity level will tell! However, they are pretty awesome cakes so I just wanted to share some of the ones I am contemplating taking on, for birthdays this year.

Ultimate Alice In Wonderland Cake

My daughter starred in the Alice In Wonderland play at her school this year, so I thought this was fitting.

Topsy Turvy Cake

I love the fun topsy turvy look.  No more boring, flat cakes!

Rainbow Heart Cake

I just love this, is pretty to look at!

Galaxy Themed Cake

This one may hold off until my son’s birthday. He is a huge Star Wars fan and it would be great if we go with a Star Wars themed party.

iPad Cake

Because kids and technology go hand in hand…why not make what they use daily into a cake.

Tiffany Gift Box Cake

Okay, what girl doesn’t love the Tiffany box? Maybe I’ll tell my husband to make this one for my birthday!

Purse Cake

Every girl needs a cute purse. An edible, cute purse is even better!

Simple Chocolate Cake Decorating

Chocolate, no more needs to be said about this cake.

Minecraft TNT Cake

I don’t know about your kids, but all of my kids are into minecraft. This is a fun cake they can enjoy on their special day. Why not weave some of the fun they have online into their party?

Vans Shoe Cake

If you know my daughter, you know she loves Vans. This is great for the kid (or adult) who can’t seem to have enough Vans in their closet.

There are so many cute cake ideas out there, these are just a few I am considering for our upcoming birthdays. Okay, so maybe I won’t attempt them, but on the off chance I do, I’ll be sure to video and photograph the results. Because you know they will never come out the way they look in these videos. I mean, honestly, how many attempts and editing do you think it took to make these super awesome cakes?

Which of the cakes above if your favorite?

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    These are some really cool cakes! I like the rainbow cake and think that one would be a fun one to make. If I could make the Minecraft TNT Cake it would be great for my son’s birthday.