Steven Curtis Chapman Must Have Written re:Creation with Me In Mind

steven curtis chapman A few days ago I announced the release of Steven Curtis Chapman’s new album re:Creation and how in love I was with the words God gave to him.  I mentioned loving some of his “old school” stuff I have been listening to for quite some time. Today I want to share some very personal feelings as I share with you two of the songs  that are new.

First I will go with one that is a little more light hearted (because this post could get pretty deep and personal when it comes to the second song).  The first song I swear you could put my name in is “Do Everything“.   The first verse and chorus go as follows:

You’re picking up toys on the living room floor
for the 15th time today
Matching up socks and sweeping up lost
Cheerios that got away
You put a baby on your hip and color on your lips
and head out the door
And while I may not know you I bet I know you
Wonder sometimes does it matter at all
We’ll let me remind you it all matters just as long as you

Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you
Cause He made you to do
Every little thing that you do to bring a smile to His face
And tell the story of grace
With every move that you make
And every little thing you do

That could be me and the words could not be more true. I sat and thought, “Man, how much have I done and complained about having to do, when everything I should be giving Him the glory“. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, amazing children, a blog to share and yet it’s so easy to grumble and complain.

Sure I am going to have a bad day, thankfully God doesn’t look at those alone.  He sees my potential even when I am not showing it. What right do I have to be bitter because I have to wash this dish for the 100th time today at least I have food that is causing me to have to wash the dishes. I want to remember to do everything for His glory without complaint. Do I think I will quit complaining for good, no (just being honest).  However, I can still do everything for the glory of God because He has blessed me beyond words and that is worth doing it all for Him.

The next song is “Meant To Be”. I was sobbing when I listened to this. If you know me I am very tender hearted so it’s no surprise this song touched me. I have to share all the lyrics of this one with you:

Long before you drew your first breath
A dream was coming true
God wanted to give a gift to the world
So He wrapped it up in you
Every step that you’ve taken
Every move that you make
Is part of His plan

You were meant to be touching the lives that you touch
And meant to be here making this world so much more
Than it would be without you in it
You were meant to be bringing the gifts that you bring
And singing the songs you’ve been given to sing
You are perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully meant to be
You were meant to be

Long before you took your first fall
And stumbled to the ground
God started telling the story of you
To the angels gathered around
Every failure and victory
And everything in between
It’s all in His hands


You are, you are, you are meant to be
You are, you are, you are meant to be

For every breath that you’re taking
And every move that you make
It’s a meaningful life you’ve been given
So live it well


He had a plan for me before I was even born…and for you! Have I taken some not so great detours along the way…yes I sure have. He still lovingly accepted me right back as if I had never gotten off His path for me. The part that just took my breath away was “every failure and victory it’s all in his hands“. I sat repeating that to myself over and over. That means he already knew the mistakes I have and will make and He still loves me. No matter how big or small, he will still love me. Tell me a human besides family or amazing friends (and even sometimes that doesn’t work out) who will do that.

He knew I was going to be a mom before I was married, what did he do? He still sent the most amazing man who loved me and my son with every ounce of his being. He knew I was going to take the gift of dance and use it to have fun club hopping in my younger days. When I ran back to where I belonged, He made me the dance team leader of my church and I use my dance for His glory. He knew I was going to fall away and He still took me in as if I had never left. All because everything I have done and will do were meant to be. He loves me through the times I am obedient and the times I am not, because He knows before I do what choice I will make.

As the song says “God wanted to give a gift to the world, so He wrapped up You“. Me & You, a gift to the world, by someone who gave His only son so that if (or when I should say) we mess up and sin, we can be forgiven. Everything I am, Everything you are is Meant to Be. Remember that, when you don’t realize your worth (because being honest I tend to forget mine a lot) you were Meant To Be.

If you want to pick up Steven’s new album re:Creation find it on iTunesAmazon, or your local christian book store..  Don’t forget to find Steven on facebook and twitter and keep up to date with the happenings he has going on.

Disclosure: I did receive an album to review before the release date and will be compensated for my time in writing the posts.  Reception of product nor compensation influence my views on product.  Opinions will always be 100% honest and only mine.

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    Love SCC. So uplifting! And that voice! I also want to recommend “The Reliques” – I was dorm mates with Sarah M. – one of the 2 singers. They are spiritual, uplifting – one of my very favorites. If you’re having trouble picking one song, try my favorite, “Why Do You Love Me?” – its amazing.

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