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Positively Positive Lately it seems like there are lines drawn and sides taken and people are becoming extremely rude.   I noticed one particular blog that was 90% bashing another blogger and that ladies and gentlemen IS NOT what blogging should be about.  What did we all start blogging for?

So instead I thought a movement promoting positivity would benefit us all. Thanks to Linda from Short Pump Preppy the Title of this new “thing” is Positively Positive!  After all I know I prefer positive and uplifting to negative and tearing down.  It really is more becoming.

Positively Positive is going to be all about positives in life, no negative in this weekly post.  I will make up a linky and every Friday, that day was chosen because it’s the end of the week so I figure we can all be happy about that yes?

Those who want to participate simply post or vlog about something that happened to them good this week ,someone that has made them smile this week, some milestone your little one achieved, anything that is happy and positive on their blog. You can even give props to another blogger you love and tell us why!  Then you simply grab your post link and add it to the Positively Positive Linky…NO NEGATIVE POSTS!

I was going to have it be strictly vlog style BUT I thought I know some people may not have a camera or be camera shy and I want EVERYONE to participate so as mentioned it can be either vlog or written.  There are no sides in this, or shouldn’t be, we all after all want Positives in our lives right?

I will also pass the torch around and give the linky code to someone to host it on their blog, so on the regular days you can come here and I will have a link to the host in my Post that day.  It’s a great way to get the word out to more people and get more people involved.  If you are interested in hosting Positively Positive on your blog once it starts up please email me toni at juststopscreaming dot com and I will get back to you with the code and date.

I will try to make the above picture into a button and link it back to the positively positive category so people can go back and search through the posts and continually visit those joining in posts.  It’s always nice to have something positive to watch/read to make you remember no matter how times get tough there is always something to be Positively Positive about right!  So let’s get ready to post some Positively Positive vlogs/posts, I know I for one can  wait to read all the positives!

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  1. 1

    Thank you for doing this! Our world could use more positivity! I don’t know if that is a word or not but we could still use more of it! I am trying to spread positivity….I say Hello to everyone I make eye contact with during the day. Can you believe that appears to make some people uncomfortable…just saying hello in passing! Seriously! Is a simple hello, I acknowledge your presence really so uncomfortable? I say bring on some positivity!
    .-= Aubien´s last blog ..Cuddlers stocking and holiday cards … =-.

  2. 2

    I’m totally gonna bash this blog post on my blog! 😉 hehe

  3. 3

    I think this is a great thing. Our blogs should be about other things than negative stuff. Negative thinking should be banned cause it just festers like the plague!
    .-= Gena Morris´s last blog ..How do you confront the flaky, never on time, socially unaware friend? =-.

  4. 4

    Two thumbs up! Now this is a meme I would be happy to participate in. Negative Nellies just put me in a bad mood and I’m just in no mood for that. I want to see the blogosphere mature, smile and spread the love!
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Toddler Firsts – I Love You =-.

  5. 5

    I love this! More positive blogs/people need to be out there!
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeding´s last blog ..What can YOU do to make a change? =-.

  6. 6

    It can be hard to stay positive and upbeat. I’ve had a rough fall, and staying positive has been a challenge for me at times. However, anytime I feel down, I watch this video and I can’t help but to feel better about the world.

    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Maturity Seeps Through Our Pores =-.

  7. 7

    Thanks Toni!! You ROCK!!!
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Monday Mingle~11/9 =-.

  8. 8

    I’m in! And thanks for the mention. Something like this is long overdue!
    .-= Linda@Short Pump Preppy´s last blog ..Catch up on your “Must See TV” with Fancast! =-.

  9. 9

    Fantastic idea! I will definitely be participating every week.
    .-= Michele McGraw´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday, Friend or Foe? =-.

  10. 10

    Something positive? I’ll do it!
    Then come back here and link up?
    I watched Jen from her life with the crazie’s last week. She motivated me to jump in. YEAH!
    So I’m putting it out there. 🙂

  11. 11

    I heard it somewhere your linky wasn’t working. Let me know of it is not working I’ll link up again. FIRST TIME VLOG….scary and I posted on Fri the 13th. AHH!~ IT’s ok. I’ll do it again though.

    I just HAVE to try a Wendy’s twisted frosty though. YUM!
    .-= alexes´s last blog ..My First Vlog (on Fri.13th Would you believe?) =-.

  12. 12

    THUMBS UP!!!!! Definitely need more people like yourself re-directing our thoughts and hearts into patterns of Joy….by finding one thing to be thankful and Joyful for each day, each life in this world could be changed. Thank you!

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