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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Mom Corps YOU. I received a free trial to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


After I had each of my kids, I took a year off.  I wanted to be at home with them, but after a year I wanted to head back into the work force and it would have been great to have something like MomCorps You to guide me.  While I am happy to be a work at home mom, now, it’s what works best for this time in our lives, there is no telling if I will have to re-enter the workforce one day.  If I do, I love that there are options like MomCorps out there to help me!

Mom Corps, a national award-winning professional talent acquisition and career development firm, has launched Mom Corps YOU, an online community to help professionals better integrate their professional and personal lives. Mom Corps believes that work-life satisfaction is best achieved when you can take ownership of several key areas of your life, including career, finances and health & wellness, and this subscription-based community provides education, resources and tools to help you do just that. 

MomCorps you

With options to chat live, attend live events, take part in discussion forums, and much more, MomCorps You is really a great resource for those of us who are newly or re-entering the work force.

momcorps you events

I missed some of the events but the “Own Your Career: The Inside Track- Top Tips from Recruiters” that happens tomorrow I am really looking forward to checking out.   I love that they offer live events, that we can attend.  For me, attending a live (online or off) event, I tend to grasp better the tips (or lessons) being taught.  I always take something away.

momcorps you help

One of the areas that really stuck out to me, was the Sample Interview Questions article.  I loved that it gave me an idea of what might be asked and things to consider.   The article “Changing Our Definition of Beauty” was one that would work for anyone!  There are so many articles ranging in topic from finance to health & wellness and career to entrepreneurship!

momcorps you insights

The tools and resources such as insights for you, tools for you, and books for you are meant to help you get your footing and figure out a plan.  I don’t know about you, but I could use a little guidance in my self-owned business, just as much as I could have when I was entering the workforce.  If you can’t seem to find something on your own, don’t worry.  You can chat live with a MomCorps recruiter who will answer the questions you have.  Whether you are looking to start your own business or go back into the work place, MomCorps is there to offer you the support you need.  It’s definitely something I can use now, in my life.

Mom Corps YOU is available via an online subscription for an introductory annual price of $99.99 (regularly $149.99) or $19.99 a month.  Are you looking to go back into the work force or could you use a little help with your self-owned business??

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    These sound like great tools, and a great resource…honestly, it can be a hard thing to do so I actually wonder if I will myself (it’s a total life change!)

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    Although I’m a work from home mom at the moment, it’s nice to know a program like Mom Corps is out there if I need. it.

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    This is such a great resource for those who might be looking to get back into working outside the home after staying home with their kids.

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