Prima Princess Presents Swan Lake

When I was contacted by Mary Kate of Prima Princessa and Tutu Zone and asked if I would like to review their new video, Prima Princessa Presents: Swan Lake there was not a hesitation at all. Having taken dance for 15 years, I love anything that is dance related and the fact that this DVD was made in such a way that my 3 year old would enjoy it as well just made it all the better. Not to mention my daughter thinks she is going to be the next principal dancer for the New York City Ballet.

Prima Princess was produced by Mary Kate Mellow and Stephanie Troeller who are both stay-at-home moms who despite no prior movie-making experience teamed up to produce this show. They were both inspired by their children’s love of dance.

From the producer in an email:
“Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake” is a hip new ballet DVD for kids featuring the Paris Opera Ballet and Students from School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center, Official Academy of New York City Ballet. Our 40 minute DVD is a cool, fun, beautiful show with a brain. Prima Princessa, an animated fairy ballerina, magically transports a group of little girls to see the Paris Opera Ballet performs select segments of Swan Lake. In between acts, the children return home to learn simple ballet steps which are playfully shown mixed into colorful montages of toys, animals, children and young dancers from the School of American Ballet. This children’s ballet DVD makes a great gift for young kids.

The description sent to me in the email, had me a little leery I will say. I though there is no way my daughter is going to sit and enjoy a 40 minute video even if there is dancing in it and I was completely wrong! My daughter was taken in from the moment it began and did not quit watching until it was over. It was perfect!

Prima Princessa had four short acts from Swan Lake, enough to tell the story yet not too much that was overwhelming for a 3 year old. The dancing was of course magnificent. It is narrated by an animated ballerina and my daughter absolutely loved watching her and listening to her. In fact she would run up to the television every time the narrator was shown.

After each act there was an intermission where the little girls on the video, as well as dancers in a studio showed you some of the basic steps in ballet such as a jete, grande battement, and pirouette. My daughter watched and tried to do everything just as they were showing. Though not with the greatest of ease but she still caught on and was able to do all the moves. She giggled along with the little girls doing the moves on t.v.

This is definitely a DVD I would recommend if you are someone who has a daughter. If it can be enjoyed by my daughter and make her show her girly side, she has two older brothers so girly is not seen often in this house, then it will be perfect for any little girl out there. Even if you are not a little girl you may still enjoy it, I know I did and I will be watching it again for sure, with or without my daughter.

For more information please visit Prima Princessa

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