Let’s Go Pink Together: Inspiring Hope (Giveaway)

I am sure many of you who are readers of my blog, remember the many posts about my mother through the past year after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Ever since that moment I crashed to the floor after she told me she had breast cancer (now clean bill of health), I have wanted nothing more than to make sure there is enough awareness to make a difference.  Whether it be through raising money for research or just an encouraging word to someone who is going through the situation my mother (and subsequently my aunt)went through I have wanted to make a difference.

Thanks to My Blog Spark I learned of a wonderful site, Pink Together.  Pink Together has started just that, an encouraging way to give back to those who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives. You can go and listen to the stories of those who have been through and are going through breast cancer and more importantly leave a message of encouragement or virtual bouquet of flowers to lift the spirits of someone who is  battling breast cancer themselves.

A little more about Pink Together from the sponsor:

The site is part of Pink Together®, a national campaign to support those impacted by breast cancer and to help raise awareness of the disease. To support Pink Together, General Mills is donating $2 million to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and is turning the packaging pink on an assortment of its most beloved brands. General Mills will also donate $1, up to $20,000, each time you post a comment of encouragement, send a virtual flower bouquet or share a story on in October.

This is truly a wonderful way to help support a cause as well as encouraging those who are in much need of encouraging during a hard time in their lives.  So head over to Pink Together and bring a smile to someone’s face today.  It’s the things we think are little that really make all the difference in the world.  And if you are a survivor please go share your story today, it just might be the extra push someone needs to make it through that last round of chemo or radiation.


Pink Together

An Inspiring Hope gift basket that includes a sleeved travel mug, a running ribbon charm bracelet, a pink leather strap keychain, apink cinch bag, and a set of inspirational note cards. All of the gift basket items are from, where 25 percent of the merchandise purchase price benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the fight against breast cancer.

REQUIRED ENTRY: Head over to Pink Together and Send a bouquet of virtual flowers to someone or leave an encouraging message to someone.  This is the required entry and must be done for any extra entry to count

Extra (OPTIONAL) Entries:

  • 1 Entry Each: Follow my blog through my feedburner icon, email subscribe, and/or google friend connect.
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  • Leave a comment telling me about a woman who inspires you and why.
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Please remember before any extra entry can count the main entry has to be done.  Please leave a SEPERATE comment for each entry you do.  Extra entries are optional and do not have to be done to qualify to win, only the required entry must be done.  Please enter with a valid email address as that is how I will contact you if you have won.  Giveaway will run until 11-8-09 6:00 pm CST

*This review and/or giveaway  product, as well as some of the information in the post,  was provided by Pink Together through My Blog Spark.  Views on the product are that of myself only.  No monetary compensation was given for this post.  Reception of a product for review and/or giveaway does not influence the views I have on the product and/or company.

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    I sent one to Linsey.


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    My mother inspires me because she has been through so much and always comes out with a positive attitude. She also gives so much of herself to her family and community.


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    I am a new subscriber via reader.


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    Left a message and sent flowers to Mercedes of Portland, ME. Mercedes was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1977 and has been a survivor for 32 years.

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    Subscribe by email.

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    Fan on Facebook.

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    My grandmother inspires me. She lived till the age of 102 and raised seven children during tough times. She held the family together.

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    tweeted this giveaway.

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    I sent Angela a bouquet.

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    following your blog google friend connect

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    RSS subscriber

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    Facebook fan Barbara Montag

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    Twitter follower @JalapenoMama

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    Your button is on my blog.
    .-= Barbara M´s last blog ..Little Spirit: Christmas in New York | DVD Review and Giveaway =-.

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    A dear friend of mine inspires me.
    In spite of many setbacks, disappointments, she is a survivor.
    Due to her courage and spirituality.
    .-= Barbara M´s last blog ..Little Spirit: Christmas in New York | DVD Review and Giveaway =-.

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    Tweeted your giveaway. http://is.dg/4BwW#dailydos.

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    Following your feed on google reader.

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    I sent a flower to Irene

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    My mom inspires me to be a more selfless and generous person.

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    Laurie Murley :

    sent flower

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    Laurie Murley :

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    Julie Cutshaw :

    main entry: I sent Shelly a virtual flower for hope>God Bless you Shelly & all others as well

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    Julie Cutshaw :

    I Follow your blog through email subscriber

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    I am a followe of your blog through google friend connect.

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    Julie Cutshaw :

    I Follow you on Twitter as itsallnew2me

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    Julie Cutshaw :

    My comment of the woman who inspires you and why> would be my mom who passed away 10 years ago at the young age of 54 suffering 8 years prior of Bone cancer another terrible disese that can reach anyone young or old. She was a strong lady at heart and gave love to others and lived with the belief that she wanted to live until she died and she did just that never giving up and having hope. God Bless everyone who battles with cancer>keep the faith & the hope.

  35. 35
    Julie Cutshaw :

    my tweet link to this hopeful giveaway
    itsallnew2me Inspire Others and Win Giveaway:

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    I cried as I was at this site… ohhh the stories of survival and of loss…my heart is full of a wide range of emotions.

    Ana, I sent Ana a flower. She also has my thoughts and my prayers.

    .-= LiveLaughLoveCj´s last blog ..Monday Mingle Vlog Style October 26th =-.

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    I am a CONFIRMED email subscriber 🙂
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    I am buttoned up with your button – right hand sidebar under “nothing but love”
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    LiveLaughLoveCj made her birdie go tweet:
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    Linsey was my first but then I sent a bunch more as all the stories are so inspiring.

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    I sent a virtual bouquet to my Aunt Genevieve who is a breast cancer survivor at Pink Together.

    Thank you,


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    I follow your blog through your feedburner icon.

    Thank you,


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    I am an email subscriber.

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    I tried to follow you on Twitter, but it says that you have me blocked.

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    My Aunt Genevieve inspires me on a daily basis. There were originally six children in their family, but three died in infancy. My Aunt Genevieve was diagnosed with breast cancer when she kept feeling a sharp pain in this one breast. She made it through only one round of chemo. Today she is a breast cancer survivor and donates time each week to go out and visit those who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Later, her brother and my uncle was diagnosed with bone cancer. He spent three miserable, painful years in a nursing home. This was because his doctor had misdiagnosed prostate cancer. Then my mom got sick and died of large cell melenoma in less than a month and a half. My Aunt Genevieve was the only sibling left alive. She has been like a mother to me. I have alot of health issues, and she is always there when I need her. It is not unusual for us to talk on the phone every day. I don’t think that I could have made it through these difficult times without her.

    Thank you,


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    I tweeted about this giveaway

    Thank you,


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    Sent out my second tweet about this giveaway.

  53. 53

    I sent Molly a virtual flower. It is great to see stories where someone finds something very significant in their life to keep them going. In Molly’s case, it was her love of music that kept her strong. She is not a cancer survivor. Her story, along with many others, is very inspiring.

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    I subscribed. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    I sent virtual flowers to someone.

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    I subscribe via email

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    I follow you on google friend connect.

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    I sent a boquet to my momma!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

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    daily tweet:
    itsallnew2me Inspire Others and Win Giveaway:

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    Daily Tweet from at 9:45am

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    The site is wonderful. I spent an hour sending flowers to so many
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway

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    What a wonderful site! I sent a flower to Irene.

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    Flowers to linda, Julile and Corinne

  84. 84

    The woman who inspires me most is my mother. She is an amazingly talented artist and works with so many mediums- tole painting, oils, acrylics, watercolor, as well as handcrafts. She’s the most creative, artistic person I’ve ever known in my life.

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    I sent Alison a flower.

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    I sent a bouquet of virtual flowers to my friend.

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    I subscribed by email.

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    I became your Facebook fan.

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    A woman who inspires me is my mom because she works so hard and is very persistent.

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    I sent a virtual flower to a 29 y/o newly diagnosed.

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    I follow you on twitter.(donnak4)

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    I sent Crystal a flower
    and HOPE:
    may it give her

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