Track (and Reach) Fitness Goals With Jawbone Up

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Jawbone Up for walking

I like to track my fitness. Sure it’s great to workout, but I like to motivate myself by seeing exactly what I am accomplishing during my workouts. With the Jawbone UP2 and UP3, tracking and finding out more about my health got much easier.

White Jawbone Up

Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker can measure your daily activity, sleep and nutritional intake. The free UP app lets you monitor your progress, and Smart Coach helps motivate you to reach your goals. Track your sleep, calories burned, add in your nutritional intake and you will get an overview of your activity vs inactivity and sleep quality vs hours of sleep. It will even send you idle alerts to let you know when you need to get up and move.

Black Jawbone Up

The Jawbone UP3 does some of the same things as the UP2, but has a few extras you might enjoy! Get a full picture of your health with advanced sensors that automatically log your workouts through the day. But, that’s not all, the UP3 measures your resting heart rate, respiration rate, sleep stages and more! The more you do, while wearing it, the more it will learn to recognize and log your activities! With it’s advanced sleep tracking you will track REM, light and deep sleep stages. In turn, you will better understand your sleep, which means you become a much more productive person!

Wear Jawbone Up Daily

With both the UP2 and UP3, you can wirelessly sync with your iOS or Android devices and see all your information at a glance, in the app! What I love about the Jawbone UP line, is that not only am I getting to see my activity and sleep, getting a better look into my health, but it’s also stylish. I can wear it daily and it looks like an accessory! I love the white! If you are looking to kick up your fitness a notch, then I suggest adding the Jawbone UP to your daily life. Track what you are doing and how you are sleeping so you know what you need to adjust to be the best you possible! You can get the Jawbone UP at Best Buy starting at $99.99

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  1. 1

    I wish I had this during our work fitness challenge, the cheap pedometer trackers gave us craxy mixed up results

  2. 2

    This is such a neat device to help with keeping track of how many steps I take and I would love to get one of these for helping with my weight loss. I like that I can connect to my android device and see what is going on!

  3. 3

    I have the original jawbone, but it has recently stopped working. =(

    I would love the newer one, I like the band a lot better. The wireless feature also makes me happy…having to take it off to sync it with my phone was always a pain!

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