Boat Trip Essentials, For Your Day On The Water!

destin vacation boat rentals

We are lucky to live on the gulf coast of Florida, which means lots of our summer days are spent in the water. Whether we are swimming or boating, we love to be in the water. I have to say, there is nothing like taking a boat out during Sunset, and watch the orange fade away as you sit surrounded by ones you love, on the beautiful waters of the gulf! When we rent a boat, we tend to go all day. We don’t own a boat yet, but we fully intend to own one in the future, and that’s why we love Discover Boating.

destin vacation boat rentals

Because boating can turn into an all day affair, you will want to pack your boat accordingly, with boat trip essentials.  After finding the best places to go in your area, it’s time to pack up.  Today, I want to share with you some essentials you’ll need when you are going to be boating for a day trip!

Boat Trip Essentials

  • Life Jackets. Be sure you know how many people you area allowed to have on your boat legally and have life jackets for each of them. Kids MUST wear life jackets at all times
  • Boat Registration. Just in case, you will want to be sure to show that you are the owner (or day renter) of that boat.
  • Sunscreen. Skin protection is super important when you are boating for the day.
  • At least two coolers, one for drinks and one for cold foods. Bring lots of water, lunch meat, bread, condiments, etc.
  • Snacks (forgo anything that will melt in the heat, we learned not to bring chocolate the hard way). We like to bring granola bars, dry cereal, beef jerky, and chips for dry snacks.
  • Snorkle and masks
  • Towels
  • First Aid Kit
  • Ziploc Bags to keep items dry (keys, phones, etc)
  • Camera, because you are going to have some memories to capture.
  • Hats

Those are just a few of the boat trip essentials, you will need for your day trip on a boat. This list may grow depending on what you will be doing on the boat. If you are new to boating, you will want to head over and check out the resources Discover Boating has to offer. It can be overwhelming at first, but they have most (if not all) the answers to your boating questions. If you don’t want to buy just yet, they will show you boat rentals options!

Because they want you to be safe, they have so many resources to help you! While I have given you a list of some of the items I think you’ll need, Discover Boating also has a few checklists you may want to check out! They will help you get on the water in no time!

This summer, find a place you can get on the water and relax with Discover Boating! You will make so many memories, you’ll be aching to get back on the water just as soon as you are done for the day! I would love to hear some of the people you would want to get on the water with!

What’s your perfect boating day?

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    My sister has a boat, so we all get to go boating in the Summer, and it is so much fun to go to a beach area and picnic and ride the boat. Boating is fun for the whole family, and it has been hot this year, so I have been going to the beach a lot! My perfect boating day is with family!

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