App Review: Jade Monkey iOS Game

**This is a partnered review post.  All thoughts and opinions are my honest views and experiences**

Jade Monkey

We are a tech loving family and my kids (okay and me) like to play games on my iPhone and/or iPad.  The newest game we checked out is Jade Monkey, a free iOS app game.  The first thing I noticed was the fun theme on the main screen, like a Mayan theme.

Jade Monkey

Once you log in through your facebook or game center account you are taken to the home screen.  After choosing if you want single or multi-player you get to pick which game you want, either arcade or zen.  The tasks are the same in both arcade and zen but in one you only have a minute (arcade) and the other your aren’t timed (zen).

Jade Monkey

To play, you simply change jewels around to line up 3 or more.  So basically if you have a white, white, red, white in that order (side by side or up/down), you would swap the red with the one white one to get 3 of a kind.  They will disappear and you will get points.  If you like up four or more you get special gems and those can be swapped for more points.   You can also earn magical powers, but you also can have a stone break a gem and then you can’t switch that particular stone with any gem.  Be careful or they may end up all over the board and you will be out of swaps.

Jade Monkey

I just downloaded it but am already having fun.  My kids are going to play and I have a feeling our fun competitiveness will come out to see who can beat the others score.  This is great for when you are on the road or just in the mood to play a game.  It’s not too hard so kids can enjoy it, but has just enough challenge to make it not too easy for adults.

Find Jade Monkey on the app store and be sure to check them out on their website, facebook page, and their YouTube video.

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  1. 1

    Oh no, more games to be addicted too! Looks fun 🙂

  2. 2

    oh crap, another game to become addicted to 😉 Well at least when I run out of lives on Candy Crush I have something else to distract me from my chores, lol!

  3. 3

    Sounds like my kind of game. I will be traveling all day tomorrow and this would really help pass the time.

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