Hypocrisy In Friendship Annoys Me BUT….

Plainly put anyone who has the nerve to come to me and say something about being a friend to them and yet says it while being a total hypocrite loses my respect.  No no it’s not something current going on (just wanted to clear that up right away).

I had to boil down a bit before I posted this (hence the waiting a while since this happened to post LOL).   When it first happened I thought about naming names and well that is not want I like to do on my blog.  Yes it’s a place for me to vent but controversy with another person is not how I want to make my money. Or the money I eventually will make LOL.  I am sure you get my drift.

However it did get me thinking about friendship today.  I think so many people now a days are “for a moment” friends.  Meaning for a moment they will stick by you but as soon as you do something they don’t like or offend them they are out the door so fast. That, people, is not true friendship.

I know I am not the perfect friend all the time and I have my downfalls but so do those I call friends.  Just because they didn’t call when I thought they should or because they tell me something I don’t want to hear, I am not going to end a real friendship.  If a friendship is real I may get my feelings hurt and pout for a moment but that person is still going to be my friend and I will still reach out to them.

Another thing weighing on my mind lately about friendships is one sidedness.  Too many people out there have a one sided friendship meaning they want this and that but they don’t want to give or take responsibility.  That is not a real friendship either.  I am really taking time to evaluate my friendships and see who the real ones are and make an effort to grow and strengthen those friendships more than ever.

I will say I am lucky enough to have a few close friends, one who has been there since first grade even.  They are the friends who expect nothing and give so much as I do for them.  They correct me when I need to be corrected, lift me up when I am down, laugh and cry with me.  They don’t hold me to a standard any different from a standard they have for themselves.  Even if time passes between the time we see each other, it really is as if no time has passed at all.  We pick up right where we left off.

To the people in my life who are real, trustworthy, to those I call my real friends, I love you all and want you to know I treasure you more than you know.  You understand when I am going through a hard time and accept that for that time it may just be all about me and know it won’t stay that way forever.  You reach out to me when something is wrong in my family and never hold me to a different standard than you hold yourself.  You let me be me and lift me up when I need to be lifted up.  You let me cry when I need to.  We make memories that will last us a lifetime.  Thank you for being my friend, but most of all thank you for being you and letting me be me.

*P.S.  You know you have a real friend when you can text them and it’s the highlight of their day, all because of a missing space.  You know you have a real friend when they let you call them BB and you can sit knee to knee.  You know you have a real friend when the minute they see your facebook status they call to check on you.  I love you girls

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  1. 1

    Oh my gosh. I read this post thinking… Did Toni get offended that I brought up that missing space again? Hmmm. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve let a few ppl who are close to me in on that typo and it’s our inside joke now when we do something stupid or are feeling so tired it makes us do something stupid.

    Yeah. I need a{space}nap. <– Afraid to type out the word for fear of ppl spaming your site.

    Annnnnnnnnyway. I love you babe. I wish we lived closer. I wish we had 5 minutes together just to hug and laugh. I wish we could sit by the fire and talk about how amazing our families are and where we want to be 10 years from now. I wish you were closer. Wait. I said that already.

    I love you sweet friend.

  2. 2

    I so relate to your post. I actually have had a lot of friend issues the past few months. I am so tired of people just not being themselves and talking behind other’s backs.

  3. 3

    This wasnt because I missed dinner last night was it!?! LOL I was driving home today and went “oh shit, its Thursday” 🙁

    I admit, I am a bad friend. I work ENTIRELY too much, and I am working on it, truly. I swear I believe being a workaholic is nearly as bad an an alcoholic, because they both control your life so much. It is a constant battle for me to NOT work 24/7. I literally get anxious when I am gone from the office too long.

    Anyways, I am sorry I missed you again this week, I have nothing to blame but too much focus on work and not near enough on the people I care about. 🙁

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