Halloween Party Finale: Share Your Favorite Trick-or-Treat Memories {$100 Walmart Gift Card Prize Pack)


Today is the final day of my Nestle Family Halloween party.  And you know what final days usually means the grand finale of giveaways right!    I am looking forward to trying all the great ideas you, my readers, have left in the comments.  The yummy foods, crafts, costume ideas I have had such a blast this week learning and sharing.  Check out Nestle Family’s fun idea as a way to Celebrate Halloween Together.

Today we are talking about our favorite trick-or-treat memories.  I know hands down every favorite trick-or-treat memory I have is when the kids were old enough to realize that the houses they went to had candy to give them.  They could not get to each house fast enough.  My middle (usually my soft spoken one) the first year he realized you got candy and appreciated that fact he would walk up to the houses and very forward and frankly say  “I need some candy”.  We got him to realize that is not proper halloween etiquette and eventually he was saying “Trick or Treat”.  But to him it was a need…heck to me sometimes candy is a need.

Nestlé Family Halloween Party

Momma FindingsOne very lucky daily Dose reader will win a $100+ prize pack that includes a $100 Walmart Gift Card and

coupons for free products from Stouffer’s, NESTLÉ Pure Life, Juicy Juice®, NESTLÉ Toll House, Nesquik, Wonka, Raisinets and Crunch.

Leave a comment telling me about one of your ALL TIME favorite Halloween memories. Did you have a costume disaster, the best costume ever or maybe it was some very special memory made as a family? Leave in the comments your memory and you are entered to win.

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I am not the only one hosting the great giveaways this week.  You know what that means right, more chances to win the same prize pack at other places.  Check out Momma Findings, Mom Spark, The Not So Blog and This Full House for more chances to win in their giveaways.

Giveaway will close on Sunday October 31 , 2010 at 8:30  p.m. CST.

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Disclosure: This halloween party is made possible by Nestle Family and/or the PR firm representing them.  All giveaway items are courtesy of above mentioned.  I will be monetarily compensated for my participation  and time in hosting the weeklong party, however views and opinions are as always my own.

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  1. 1

    My grandmother always made my costumes, every year. And, I will always remember, still have, and love.. my Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume. It was just perfect, and even then I probably didn’t realize all the hardwork she put into it. But she did, and I just adored it then so much, and I know I adore it more now.

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    I remember when my first child celebrated his first Halloween and he was a Hershey’s kiss. He was so adorable! He didn’t know what Halloween was, but I really enjoyed dressing him up.

  8. 8

    My favorite Halloween memory was when I was about 10 years old my cousin had a Halloween party for us kids and they had all sorts of yucky things for us to put our hands into and try to guess what it actually was.

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    We had a tradition where we did alot of family baking and decorating for every Holiday. Halloween was so much fun my Mother made all our costumes ..we would all get in the car and go to the fabric store and pick out our patterns and fabrics…Mom is a wonderful seamstress and friends and family were always excited to see what we were each year..
    My kids now wear all the old costumes..I did not get her talent..=(
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    I always make up costumes for us on halloween. One year I made myself a ladybug costume. One of the other mothers in my son’s class saw me. She is the head of the local theatre. She liked it so much, she copied it and used it in a play.
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    I always had a great year getting candy but my favorite memory is in 2nd grade when I made my own punk rocker costume. Is is by far to this day my most favorite costume. I was so proud of myself

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    My alltime favorite Halloween memory was when my 3 kids were all of the age when they wanted to go trick n treating, but this one particular halloween it was pouring rain the entire time. We piled everyone in a van and had a blast just going out and getting drenched.

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    I love Halloween, so every year is fun for me. I just loved dressing up when I was little. I don’t really have a favorite moment, as they were all fun!

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  40. 40

    When I was in 4th grade my Grandma made me a homemade mermaid costume, just gorgeous with beading and all. It wa the talk of the school and I won 1st place fo all the grades 1-8. I miss her and her creativity so much, I wish I inherited the gene, but unfortunatley I did not!

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    My favorite memory would be from last year. We had only been living here for a year. Our first year was so quiet, but it was quite different for us last year. Our house was full of friends. Kids running around all over in their costumes and it just felt like we belonged. It was a great feeling.

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    My favorite Halloween memory is taking my daughter trick or treating for the first time last year 🙂 She was the cutest puppy EVER!

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    My favorite Halloween memory is the simplicity and fun we had in my neighborhood when I was little. Times were more carefree and easy then! Good times 🙂

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    the best costume ever was my sons homemade popeye outfit
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    My favorite Halloween memory was my son’s first official trick or treat. I felt like a kid again going door to door with him and wondering what kind of treat we would get. He especially loved the houses that were all lit up with pretty Halloween lights. The occasional scare was a giggler to me because I remember how spooked I got as a child and yet those are the homes I remembered going to most. When my son and I got home we went thru his candy together and picked out his favorites and left the rest in a bag on the table for the Great Pumpkin, who would leave a present for the candy. (I came up with this idea so that we wouldnt have so much candy in the house.)

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    My favorite Halloween memory was dressing up like a clown. I loved face paint when I was a kid.

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    My mom’s birthday is on Halloween so her 50th birthday party which my sisters and I organized. Such a good time and perfect memory!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  84. 84

    When I was little (1 of seven siblings) we needed a costume in a hurry for the local parade, my had a green blanket, cut out 7 heads and we were the seven headed dragon! We won first place

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    Every year we would go to a nearby school which hosted a Halloween carnival/party when I was younger! I remember having SUCH a blast! Oh, to be young and innocent again! Halloween is finally fun again — enjoying the festivities through my 1 1/2 year old son 😀 This will be his 2nd Halloween and I am excited to start holiday traditions yearly with our family!!!

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    My favorite Halloween memory is me and my sisters dressed up as lollipops and refused to take them off until next day.

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    My entry would be a very special memory made as a family. If I could put a price tag on the memory….it’s so special that it’d be a seven figure price tag at least.

    I remember the street we went trick or treating on. It was the same street as every year. They give out the best candy – full size candy bars at the majority of houses! Usually the children would beg to stay out later. Who ever wants it to end, you know?

    It surprised me this year, and truth be told hurt my heart a bit that my daughter asked to come home so soon in to it. We hadn’t even gotten up and down the entire street. But I knew she was tired. I knew she didn’t feel well. She looked so pretty…in her wheelchair that was all done up to look like a queen in her throne. The wheelchair was a new accessory that required some ingenuity in selecting a costume. She could walk earlier that month. But not now. The cancer was spreading rapidly and next month….she’d be gone.

    I remember so much about that time and all other Halloween memories will pale in comparison to that one, because every minute was so special.

    I sincerely hope I do not cause anyone discomfort with my sharing of this story. I had to be true to my memories.

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    My favorite was when the whole family dressed up as super heroes…it was hilarious.

  119. 119

    My favorite moments were always when the kids were little and we use to all get dressed up (even me) and we had sooo much fun. They are all too old now. Bummer

  120. 120

    My best memory is when we were kids my parents had a Halloween party for all my Aunt, Uncles and cousins. My mom is one of 16 kids (she was the youngest), so we had quite a house full of guests. Everyone dressed up, even the adults.
    We played games, decorated pumpkins and had a blast. We even went trick or treating as a group. Now thinking about it, I can’t help but laugh, thinking of what my neighbors must have thought when they saw a whole group of people coming to their houses trick or treating. What a great memory.
    Wish we could have a party like that for our kids.
    Thanks so much.

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    my favorite memory of halloween is when my oldest son was 2, dad wanted to take him out. I had made a costume for him and gave dad
    his bag.(paper)
    they were out about 2 hours and dad said as he returned, he got alot of candy.
    we opened the paper bag, and it had a huge hole as my son had pulled it along beside him as he walked, creating the hole and leaving a trail of goodies all the way.
    So from then on we used pillow cases to collect our goodies.

  130. 130

    I like the year our girl won a new bike at the church party for Halloween.
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    When I was a kid, we lived in a very rural area in the South and there weren’t very many neighbors to go trick or treating. One year we visited some cousins in Chicago and went around their suburban neighborhood with them to trick or treat. We each came home with huge shopping bags full of candy. I’d never seen so much candy in my life! Made myself sick eating all I wanted to eat. 🙂

  144. 144

    I was in the marching band when I was in high school and one year Halloween fell on a Friday night, the same night of a home football game. We performed the National Anthem in uniform as usual. We then all sneaked back to the band hall to change into ghosts and goblins for the half-time show. It was great and the audience loved it! That was my most memorable Halloween ever!

  145. 145

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  146. 146

    My father-in-law passed away the day before Halloween, so we were traveling 1,000 miles on Halloween. When we got back, one of the neighbors had arranged for my 4 year old son to trick or treat a week late with everyone up and down the block. He had a great time and it meant a lot to us!

  147. 147

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  148. 148

    My favorite memory of Halloween would be when my son had just turned 2 yrs.old.He was dressed as a farm boy in his little overalls and straw hat .
    However,one of our neighbors made a statement to what a fine looking engineer he was.
    He started crying and screamed to the top of his lungs,”Me not engineer,me farm boy!”

  149. 149

    My favorite Halloween memory is when we took my son out trick or treating. He was very little, and he had to take his suffed mouse out with him. They were both dressed as vampires; the stuffedmouse was Count Squeakula 🙂

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    Use to go to grandma’s house every year, she always had fresh glazed donuts from the bakery and the best hot ahpple cidar in the world. All of our cousins were there too. We bobbed for apples and tricker treated in the neighborhood. Those are the best memories still to this day I can close my eyes and smell thoe apple cidar and glazed donuts.

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  161. 161
    Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    Two memories–both from long ago–stand out in my mind. My first kiss was on Halloween night almost 40 years ago! and, about 20 years ago, while taking my two oldest daughters (now 28 & 26) trick-or-treating in Corvallis, OR, it was raining so hard, we got completely drenched. I still have two kids at home now (ages 12 & 15). They are too old to go trick-or-treating. We live on a very busy highway in the middle of nowhere and in the 13 years we’ve lived here, we’ve never had anyone come to the door on Halloween.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
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  170. 170

    As a retired elementary school teacher I fondly remember the annual Halloween parades. The students were excited and happy with their costumes. Before the parade started we’d all sit in a circle then each child would stand in the middle and the other kids would applaud. After the parade the children would change to their daily clothing but it was difficult for them to settle down to classwork.

  171. 171

    I grew up in a very small town and trick or treating was very fun because we knew everyone and who had the best candy. Thanks for the contest.

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  176. 176

    My favorite memory is from the first year I gave out candy. I did not expect it to be so much fun to have trick-or-treaters come; I had an absolute blast!

  177. 177

    I guess my favorite is the time a man from our little town oh about 42 years ago dressed up as headless man carrying a head with its guts and stuff in a pail, was pretty far out and no one could figure out who it was but then we all did find out it was a local Shriner who lived in town

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    My favorite Halloween moment: 6th grade… I dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Not only is this my favorite movie, but my grandma made my costume and it was dead on. I even have perfectly sparkly red high heels. I still look back on that Halloween with a smile! 🙂

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    My favorite Halloween memory comes from last year. My in-laws came over and we made hot dog mummies, marshmallow mummies (wrapped in fruit by the foot), spider boo bug bites and candy corn pudding! The kids LOVED it and so did the adults! It was a great night of conming together and being creative and then eating what we made all together. When we were done eating our spooky treats, we took the kids trick-or-treating and the kids enjoyed spending the night with their aunts, uncles and cousin.


  193. 193

    My favorite Halloween memory is when I went to a hunted house for the first time and being really scared and having a good time.

  194. 194

    I have a Halloween disaster. Once I was trick-or-treating, and part of my costume was a large cardboard box. I fell while I was running between houses, and was suspended in the box with my feet caught up inside. My sister found me, though.

  195. 195

    my favorite halloween moment was the homemade zombie costume, and scaring the crap out of my mom while wearing it! LOL

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    dressing up as a witch, me and my sister we were 10!

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    Taking my grandaughter trick or treeting her first time, she was around 4, she wouldn’t go up to the houses, she was scared to death. I carried her most of the night and boy did my arms ache.

  210. 210

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  213. 213

    going with my friend when we we’re in middle school and she dressed as a trash bag/can with a black plastic bag and a rope for a belt with the head cut out-I was so embarrassed
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  222. 222

    bobbing for apples

  223. 223

    My very favorite Halloween memory was when my brothers and I found a house giving out full-size candy bars. We were in heaven!

    Thanks for a generous giveaway.

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    I’m an email subscriber, which is how I discovered this giveaway.

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  228. 228

    I think the best costumes I every made were turtle costumes for my children, their friends were amazed…so was I! They turned out perfect! 🙂 Thank you.

  229. 229

    My favorite costume ever was the Wonder Woman costume my mom made for me when I was 7 years old. I was a huge WW fan and was so excited that she went to the trouble to make me such an awesome costume. I’m really glad I have a picture of it, too!
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  230. 230

    We hosted a fantastic party for all the neighborhood kids two years ago – with apple-bobbing, lots of candy and my homemade pumpkin bread that was a HUGE hit!

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  244. 244

    My favorite Halloween memory was participating in a Halloween parade in my neighborhood and being able to eat all the candy I wanted, until my stomach hurt!

  245. 245

    I remember going trick-or-treating in the snow. We had to wear snowsuits under our costumes. I lost a lot of candy in the snow but it was fun.

  246. 246
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    my favorite memory is actually being a kid who handed out some treats. I guess back then in our small town handing out homemade treats wasn’t a danger, and we made a lot of rice crispie squares. I remember being excited making them and wrapping them up carefully – and then handing them out to everyone that came to the door. It was a special family activity!

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  256. 256

    My favorite memory of Halloween was when I went as a tube of toothpaste! (I think my Mother was referencing cavities with Halloween candy)

  257. 257

    Hmmmm, fave all time memory…hard to pick one, but I think it was trying to take a picture of our then 9 month old daughter sitting in a gigantic pumpkin…she was NOT happy and in the end there wasn’t any film in the camera. 😉

  258. 258

    the year I decided to go trick or treating 5 minutes before my sister went around….We quickly made me a bowling ball costume (black trash bag stuffed with balloons)

  259. 259
  260. 260

    My fav Halloween was when I made my son a green frog costume. He was so cute in it!!

  261. 261

    Follow you on Twitter; rhoneygee

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    Like you on Facebook: Rebecca Honey Graham

  263. 263
  264. 264

    Back in the 1940’s when I was a kid, someone played a “trick” on us and put the big wooden rocker from our front porch on the top of the telephone pole! It was actually pretty funny 🙂

  265. 265

    I loved the year my friend and I spent weeks making our own costumes – I was Marie Antoinette and he was a Dead Duke. My dress must have weighed 20 pounds with all the jewels we hot glued on. Went to a big street party for Halloween and people offered to buy our costumes 🙂

  266. 266

    I now follow you on GFC!

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    (as AdrianeCoros)

  268. 268
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    When I was a kid my parents used to make a haunted house. My mom always had an awesome scary costume. I remember one year her dressing up as an old hag. When kids would come to the door she would open it a crack, reach out and grab a kid by the arm and pull them in (not something you could get away with now-a-days…lol). I remeber one kid in particular screaming hysterically. His friends couldn’t stop laughing.

  271. 271

    My all time favorite was getting dressed up every year with my childhood BFF and going out trick ot treating with our brothers. We had so much fun! Ahhh, the good ole days. 🙂

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

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  274. 274

    recall was invited to a neat party held in a barn with harvest decor and we dunked for apples played games an danced

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    Actually, each year when I sit outside in my witch’s costume, greeting my childrens’ school bus. They get so embarrassed

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  285. 285
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    My favorite memory is coming home with tons of candy and my Mom always made a layered sandwich that looked like a pumpkin

  287. 287

    My favorite memory is when my best friend I dressed as killer bees (complete with combat boots, antennas, and toy machine guns) and attended a costume party in which we won first prize for our costumes.

  288. 288

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  293. 293
  294. 294

    My brother won the boy scouts halloween contest! He was a mummy.

  295. 295
  296. 296

    My best costume was the year I went to work dressed as a cowgirl, complete with saddle (hung over cubicle wall). Everyone thought it was great… too funny, since most of what I did when I wasn’t at work was horses, etc!

  297. 297
  298. 298

    My favorite memory is taking my son and his friends trick-or treating. When I was a child we didn’t go trick-or-treating so it was also fun for me when I took my son.

  299. 299

    My favorite memory was the Snoopy costume me and my dad made. It was fantastic. We made a paper mache head that looked identical to Snoopy. Lots of fun.

  300. 300
  301. 301

    My fav memory was college Halloween downtown – don’t remember much, but what I do was fun! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

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  304. 304

    my favorite halloween memory is of taking my little cousins trick-or-treating when i lived near them in college 🙂 i am so hoping my kids will enjoy trick-or-treating this year!

  305. 305
  306. 306

    Definitely taking my son out trick or treating for the first time. He was two and was the most adorable honey bee in the world!

  307. 307

    going trick or treating with my boys when they were young. we had so much fun looking at the decorations, going through haunted houses people made in their garages, just being with them was the best

  308. 308
  309. 309

    daily tweet 10/23
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  310. 310
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    My fave memory was when I dressed up as pipi longstocking and my mom put wire hangers in my hair to make it stick up
    thank you
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  317. 317
  318. 318

    When I was about 9 or 10 I dressed as Batman for halloween. But I could only really afford the mask part so I was a small, non-muscular Batman wearing black slacks, a diferent shade of black sweater, black winter gloves and a trash bag cape. I think this must have been Bruce Wayne’s pre-billionaire and pre-weight-lifting days, haha!

  319. 319

    I am an e-mail subscriber

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  321. 321

    I remember Halloween being more fun in my day. We walked for miles, more children were out and about, and we trick or treated much later into the night than they do now. We also didn’t trick or treat when we were out of grammar school (K-8). It would have been embarrassing to go out trick or treating as high schoolers. I’m always amazed at how teenagers go out these days.

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    When I was 6 or 7, I went out with my big sister and a large number of neighborhood kids. We stayed out a long time and visited so many houses and different streets. We were carefree and had a lot of fun. Those were the good old days!

  327. 327

    I remember one year we went out right after school trick or treating in our nieghborhood and after we hit all the houses we changed costumes and went again.

  328. 328

    My favorite memory is the Jelly Bean costume my mom made for me as a kid. I thought I was so cool. I slept in it.

  329. 329
  330. 330

    My favorite costume was a vampire

  331. 331

    My favorite costume was a butterfly that my mother made for me-she was a seamtress and always made my clothes. That costume won me first place in the town’s Halloween costume parade!

  332. 332

    A friend’s older brother created a haunted basement that had us all screaming!


  333. 333
  334. 334
  335. 335
    Melissa Zimmerman

    My brother got so mad when my mom painted us both as devils.

  336. 336

    daily tweet #2 10/23
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  337. 337

    I remember walking my son around the neighborhood on Halloween. Many years of joy watching my little man grow up bit by bit.

    He is 14 now and is to cool for that sort of thing.

  338. 338
  339. 340
  340. 341

    My favorite was when my son was little and he went as the purple pie man from strawberry shortcake he looked so cute and I still have that costume to this day.

  341. 342

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  342. 343
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  344. 345

    During my teen years, my sister and I would have a Halloween party for all the kids we babysat. First we took them trick or treating, then we had the party, and then we checked their candy for safety. We also dressed up, like one year a witch another year Uncle Sam. lol! For
    the party, we made a ghost cake with glowing eyes (empty half-shell of egg for each eye, sugar cube inside, 2 droplets of vanilla extract and light with a match) and ‘foggy’ punch (dry ice). The kids loved it and the parents too, so much that they would call every year to see if we were having the party again! lol!

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  348. 349

    I was Britney Spears for Halloween one year- from her “Oops I did it again” video… it was an absolute disaster. I kept getting asked if I was a hooker!!! LOL. Needless to say- I have never dressed as a celebrity again.

  349. 350

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  351. 352
  352. 353

    When I was little I loved Ragged Ann and had a 4ft one. One year I dressed up as her and wore her dress. We got a mop top died it red and it was my hair and I had makeup on my face. It was so much fun going as my favorite doll

  353. 354
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  355. 356
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    Roxanne Ellis Raymond

    My favorite costume was a paper mache jack o lantern that lit up, took alot of hard work but got tons of compliments

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    I remember dressing up in a homemade cat costume and winning the best costume prize at our church one year. That was so much fun!

  361. 362

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    I remember making a witch costume for my daughter.

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    Taking my daughter for the first time any having so much fun.

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  372. 373
  373. 374

    Trick or treating with my cousin then going over to his house for a bonfire & hot dogs!

  374. 375

    My favorite halloween memory is the year I was 12 when my parent’s let my best friend and I trick or treat by ourselves. We though we were so cool.

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    I was glad to be there when my friend took her kids trick or treating two years ago. It was my God-nephew’s first Halloween, and we dressed him in a tiger costume. He looked so adorable~ And he obviously didn’t know what was going on. LoL. My God-daughter, since we didn’t get her fairy costume to her in time, was dressed as a male pirate by her grandparents. She looked a little like Jack Sparrow, and it amused me. xD

  384. 385

    I dressed my 11 year old daughter up as a vampire bride for school on Halloween. All day long as I volunteered at school, the teachers kept coming up to tell me how truly scary she was that day. I just laughed because I had been desperate to come up with a cheap costume for her and used leftovers from the last year.

  385. 386

    My fave memory was that my dad & I use to always go to heunted houses together. It’s something I would look forward to every year.

  386. 387

    I gfc

  387. 388

    My Mom decided to try to egg the eggers. She missed, then got covered.

  388. 389

    Fave memory is my huby dressed as a women

  389. 390

    My favorite memory was when we turned our basement into a haunted house. We had so much fun spending hours putting it together!

  390. 391

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  394. 395

    Favorite memory is the year my son was four and it started to snow while trick or treating. He loved it.

  395. 396

    My favorite year was when I made my own Cinderella costume, before and after the fairy godmother. From one side I was tattered with my hair in rags and the other was a beautiful ball gown. I looked frightening but I had so much fun!

  396. 397

    Google friend

  397. 398
  398. 399

    My favorite Halloween memory is the year I went over to my grandma’s house (she always has candy for us, even now) and she gave me a brand new bike instead of candy! She’d heard I wanted one and bought one for me instead of waiting until Christmas. It was a fun Halloween 😉

  399. 400

    I follow @ToniPatton on Twitter – @kaleidoscopeq

  400. 401

    I’m showing my age but when I was growing up, we went out trick or treating by ourselves. We would stay out for several hours and bring back a huge stash of candy.

  401. 402
  402. 403
  403. 404
  404. 405
  405. 406

    The best memory was the year I won for Best Halloween costume, We had a Halloween party at my job at that time and I went as a witch, my friend who is a makeup artist did my makeup very authentic and real looking, everyone thought it was fantastic; complete with warts, the green skin tone old wrinkly skin and all the other witchy characteristics that go with being a witch, we had a great time and still remember winning that prize, ($100.00 gift card) Thanks for the great giveaway.

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  411. 412
    Laurie Harrison

    Dressing up as Martha Stewart during her jail time. I wore a jail suit, made cookies to pass out and had handcuffs on. I bought a wig that looked like Martha’s hair. It was a good thing. 🙂
    [email protected]

  412. 413
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  415. 416

    being a princess with a lovely wand one year

  416. 417

    My favorite memory was when I was 7 and my mom worked really hard to make my best friend and I “pair of dice” costumes

  417. 418

    daily tweet 1

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  418. 419
  419. 420

    I remember one year there were 4 separate haunted houses in our neighborhood. We had a blast being scared to death!

  420. 421
  421. 422

    My favorite memory is having my parents walk me around each year. They never complained and always wanted my pillow case to be at least half way full. I miss them so much and now would like to pass that tradition to my kids.

  422. 423
  423. 424

    Dressing up like a big pink bunny

  424. 425
  425. 426
  426. 427
  427. 428
  428. 429
  429. 430

    One year we dressed my diva up as a bag of jelly beans. She hated every moment in that costume, and every one thought she was dressed as sour beans so they gave her more candy.

  430. 431
  431. 432
  432. 433

    I went to my first boy-girl party on Halloween when I was in eighth grade. It was very wholesome and romantic…full moon, bobbing for apples (I won) and handholding. Brad, wherever you are, I hope you remember as fondly!

  433. 434

    When i was about 10, we didn’t have alot of money. So my mom made me a balloon tree! I had a hundred balloons pinned to my clothes ! It was so much fun!
    Awesome contest! Thanks for entering me!
    Janna Johnson
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  434. 435

    Liked you on facebook

  435. 436

    My favorite Halloween memory was in 1989 – my son was 6 weeks old, and it had been a difficult pregnancy and delivery. My little pumpkin in his costume was the BEST Halloween I could ever ask for, past, present or future 🙂

  436. 437
  437. 438

    My favorite Halloween memory was making popcorn balls the night before with my dad. I miss that so much. I know make them with my kids.

  438. 439

    Following through GFC: JennS

  439. 440

    I remember when I was 6 or 7 I was trick or treating with my uncle and some teenage boys drove up and grabbed my candy bag..I was so scared! My dad was parked at the end of the street, he chased them and got my candy back! He was and still is my hero.

  440. 441

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  449. 450

    I lived in the country and the houses were not close together. One year I decided to go trick or treating alone. I went to maybe 3 houses and didn’t get anything. I think I walked a couple of miles with nothing to show for it. That was my last attempt at trick or treating for me.I did go around with my kids when I was a quite a bit older but I didn’t live in the country then.

  450. 451

    Chili dinner together and helping each other with costumes. Their were six of us and it was always a process.

  451. 452
  452. 453
  453. 454
  454. 455
    Deborah Wellenstein

    When my boys were little, our neighborhood church had a Halloween Party every year, the highlight of which was a costume parade around the block! Great!

  455. 456
    Deborah Wellenstein

    I subscribe to A Daily Dose via email.

  456. 457
  457. 458
  458. 459

    The best Halloween was the last time I went trick-or-treating. Because I was deemed “old enough” I was out with my friends and we went to more houses and neighborhoods than we every had before. Our bags were dragging by the time we got home. This was back in the days when it was safe to go out of your immediate neighborhood.

  459. 460

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    Roxanne Ellis Raymond

    Halloween Party Day 5, The Grand Finale. Win a $100 Walmart Gift Card from @ToniPatton

  465. 466

    well… I’d have to say that my most memorable Halloween was the first time we dressed my then 4yo daughter as a devil… Ya know those tubes of make-up that are around every Halloween? Well… I made her RED… face, neck, hands… even her unruly blond curls were deep red (the horns didn’t work well but still…). There were complete strangers taking her pic! By the time we got home… she was tired and sore and wanted no part of the tub. I finally let her out to go to sleep when her hair was almost blond again… and spent the next hour trying to get the tub to not be red anymore… 😉

  466. 467

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  472. 473

    My favorite halloween memory is when the jack o latern blew up in our dining room (son sprayed lysol spray in the area while the candle was lit) and we spent the next 30 minutes scraping and cleaning pumpkin gunk out of the dining room.

  473. 474

    A 60-ish gal up the street had the cutest scarecrow sitting on her porch, by the front door all October. On the 31st, I was taking the kids around the neighborhood. Son knocked on the door and all of a sudden, a voice said “What do you want Josh?” He jumped, daughter screamed. She had dressed up in the scarecrow’s clothes and was sitting on the porch. It was hilarious!

  474. 475

    My all time favorite Halloween movie was when we were out trick or treating when my brother hit someone’s car with a rock, and we had to run.

  475. 476
  476. 477
  477. 478

    My favorite Halloween was when our whole family dressed up as the Wizzard of Oz.

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  486. 487

    One year my Grandma made a Indian Girl costume from hand and it was so pretty we actually had real photos made because she did such a good job. It was really great!

  487. 488

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    I follow you on GFC (gmmerrell)

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    I follow you on Twitter (@GMERRELL)

  490. 491
  491. 492
  492. 493

    I think it would have to be when I was 8 and my mom hosted a small Halloween party at our house and turned our basement into a “haunted” house. My friends and I had so much fun!

  493. 494

    I tweeted and follow you @deegee13 thanks!

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  501. 502
  502. 503

    My mother sewed all of our Halloween costumes – beautiful clowns, gypsies, witches, etc. All beautiful – we were the envy of the block~

  503. 504

    My favorite halloween memory is when I was 10 and my Mom made me a lion costume and I went trick or treating with my Mom and her BFF and her son who was my BFF. He was a dalmation puppy. We then came home, each dumped our candy out on the floor and began trading candies that we didn’t like with each other. It was lots of fun and in the times when it was safe to eat what the neighbors gave you.

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  518. 519

    Too long ago to remember my halloweens but lst year was the first my son dressed up for @ 2 and we went to the mall where all the vendors/store employees dressed up and handed out candy. thats my fav so far. Now new base/new city and we’re going to my landlady’s church where they are having an event and peter piper pizza – they are having a thing too. so i’m sure this year will soon be my fav!

  519. 520
  520. 521
  521. 522

    My favorite memory is the time my two girls and my cousin’s daughter dressed up like the Powerpuff girls. They were so cute and got lots of compliments

  522. 523

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  533. 534
  534. 535
  535. 536

    My first Hallween costume memory was dressing up as Scooby Doo, I loved it!

  536. 537

    our family does a haunted hayride every year. Halloween was the first holiday my husband and I ever had together

  537. 538
  538. 539
  539. 540
  540. 541

    My mom would alway do the old standard of putting holes in the sheet for a ghost. Myself or one of my brothers was that same ghost every year.

    Scott Martin
    [email protected]

  541. 542
    Shelley Mitchell

    My best Halloween costume memory was when me and all of my friends dressed up as the cast from scooby doo. We had a SUV and we decorated that as the mystery machine also. It was so much fun and we won 1st place also!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  542. 543

    I’ll never forget one Halloween party about 5 years ago where I was dressed as tinkerbell and there were also 4 other “tinkerbells” there!

  543. 544
  544. 545

    My favorite was the haunted house at the old school gym across the street from where I grew up. It snaked thru the locker rooms and thru the gym and then out the annex door.

  545. 546

    daily tweet 10/25
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  546. 547
  547. 548
  548. 549

    There was a time when I was ten where my family couldn’t afford to buy a custom. So we made our own custom. It was so much fun I went as cleopatera with a tin foil crown 🙂

    nickieisis 3 at gmail com

  549. 550

    GFC follower (nickie burke)

  550. 551
  551. 552
  552. 553
  553. 554
  554. 555

    I remember taking my 3 month out trick or treating. I feel stupid about it now but at them time I just really wanted to show her off. She was so cute in her little princess bunting. Thank you!

  555. 556
  556. 557
  557. 558
  558. 559
  559. 560
  560. 561
  561. 562

    My favorite Halloween memories are driving around with my siblings and mom to everyone we knew to get candy because we lived in a rural area

  562. 563

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    Making cookies with my mom!

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    My best ever was probably my daughters first. It was just so amazing to finally see halloween through childs eyes and the excitement that she had to see everyone all dressed up. And she thought it was so amazing that all these strange people were giving her candy!! To relive those moments!!

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    at my old office, we would do a theme day, one of my favs was the slumber party. nothing like going to work in pjs & fuzzy slippers

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  582. 583
    Jacob LaFountaine

    Eating some of your candy while you were still going door to door

  583. 584
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  588. 589

    My favorite Halloween was when my grandson went trick or treating for the first time. He was dressed as a little pumpkin and he was so cute!

  589. 590
  590. 591

    My favorite Halloween memory was finally getting a costume that I wanted for years: a cheerleading costume! I was so thrilled. Thanks so much for the chance! 🙂

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    My mom making sure that all the candy was “safe” by tasting her favorites before letting us eat some. 🙂

  611. 612
  612. 613
  613. 614

    Last year was fun because my son was Batman and I was Harley Quinn. He thought it was so cool that we were both Batman characters.

  614. 615
  615. 616

    We didn’t have any disasters, but when we were in 1xt grade, my mom dressed us as Go Go girls… it was the 60’s afterall 🙂

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  620. 621

    as last minute costume idea, mom dressed me up as a trash bag full of garbage… the banana peel she stuck on my head stunk to high heaven by the end of the school day and made me so nauseous that i couldn’t go out trick-or-treating. I did win the school costume contest though! (so not worth it and don’t do this to your kids!)

  621. 622

    My best memory was when my dad and I created a great haunted house in our garage

  622. 623
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  624. 625
  625. 626
  626. 627
  627. 628
  628. 629
    Roxanne Ellis Raymond
  629. 630
  630. 631

    My best memory is the first year my daughter went trick or treating when she was 2. She kept trying to give her candy to the people at the door instead of taking it!

  631. 632

    My favorite holloween memory was when we went to a kids hospital and put on a scary play for them.

  632. 633
  633. 634
  634. 635
  635. 636

    My favorite Halloween memory I wore a Renaissance Princess Costume my mom handmade. Everyone I passed commented on how pretty i looked…
    and It was the first time I actually FELT that way too!

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    My favorite as child was the year my brother & I both dressed as hobos and used pillow cases for our treat bags and filled them to the top, came home emptied them, and filled them again! A kid’s dream, a mom’s nightmare! LOL

  651. 652

    When we were young, Trick or Treat lasted for three nights. We got enough candy to carry us all the way to Christmas.

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    my favorite memory was the first time i went trick-or-treating in the dark. i grew up going in the daylight (that’s how the city we lived in did it.) then when i moved to my husbands city and i learned that some places really trick-or-treat ON halloween IN the dark!! wow. it’s fun!

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    My first Halloween with my now hubby was my fave Halloween ever. He was part of a “band” and the girls were the groupies. We had a great time 🙂

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    My favorite was when my son was first born – every came to our house to meet my little man

  703. 704
  704. 705
  705. 706

    the memory of all six of us getting ready and giving each other ideas on how to make ourselves look scary or more angelic depending on the costume choice.

  706. 707
  707. 708
    sweeter the berry

    I have a fond memory of the night that I was informed that “aren’t you a little too old to be trick or treating?” I was only 17, lol. I still trick or treated again though.

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    Last year we had the cutest 4 and 5 years olds come by. It’s wonderful to watch their faces.

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    My best memories are taking my daughter trick or treating when she was quite young and watching her reactions as people gave her candy.

  741. 742
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    My favorite Halloween memory would be last year 2009. First Halloween as a family of 4! Kayleighs 1st Halloween.

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    I’d have to say walking around during Halloween as a kid, or guiding other kids around. I wouldn’t mind reliving those days.

  748. 749
  749. 750

    I remember staying with my grandmother along with my brother & two cousins. My girl cousin was the same age as me. Her brother & mine were also the same age so it worked great!

  750. 751
  751. 752
  752. 753
  753. 754
  754. 755
  755. 756
  756. 757

    My dad always dresses up and scares the trick or treaters. he is a big kid we like going over to his house with him on halloween

  757. 758

    I was born on Halloween so I have lots of great memmories!! I can’t tell you what my best is because that has yet to come . . . it will be this year because I’ll be with my grandson for his first Halloween.

  758. 759

    My best costume ever was Tinker Bell…it was so fun to run around like a fairy!

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    Roxanne Ellis Raymond
  769. 770

    I remember my mom made me a costume that I really wanted…It was all hand sewn. It was a slice of watermelon made mostly of felt. It wasnt that it was difficult for her to make, but the fact she did it just for me.

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    I really enjoyed taking one of my nieces to her first Halloween. I didn’t celebrate it as a child, so it was really fun to see her enjoy it when she was 2 1/2. She was a little princess.

  775. 776
  776. 777
  777. 778
  778. 779
  779. 780

    I used to love going out with my sister, then coming home with all our loot and trading back and forth for each others candies.

    paradise459 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  780. 781

    Fav. memory – The first time my daughter said she was a big girl and could walk by herself. I stayed in the van and watched as she went door-to-door trick or treating. She was so proud of herself and I was terrified the whole time.


  781. 782

    When I was about 10, we had a halloween blizzard with about 3 feet of snow! We only made it to about 3 houses trick or treating, but they gave us all of their candy because there weren’t any other trick or treaters out!

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  790. 791

    mine is the last time our gang dressed up about 10 years ago, we just don’t get together like we used to anymore

  791. 792
  792. 793
  793. 794
  794. 795
  795. 796
  796. 797
  797. 798
  798. 799

    My best Halloween was the last year I went trick or treating. I was old enough to be on my own and I went to more neighborhoods than every before. I almost couldn’t get my bag home!

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  804. 805

    Compared to some others, my Halloween memories are pretty tame. My best ones are of being a child in a small town, before everyone became so frightened about what can happen, and being allowed to pretty well visit every house–after all, we knew just about everyone!

  805. 806

    Follower via GFC (clynsg)

  806. 807
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  808. 809

    My favorite is a little girl who wanted to give me some of her sweets instead of taking one from my bowl! This must have been her first Halloween, and I think she just hadn’t worked it out yet. Very sweet, though.

  809. 810
  810. 811
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  811. 812
  812. 813

    My favorite Halloween memory is from when I was a kid. There was a snowstorm on Halloween and I had to cover my princess costume with a snowsuit. I wasn’t happy about it at the time, but now it’s a great story.


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  828. 829

    My all-time favorite memory is taking my one-month old son “trick or treating” for the first time to my friends and neighbors house. He was a blue puppy dog!

  829. 830
  830. 831
  831. 832

    almost drowned bobbing for apples–or so it seemed

  832. 833
  833. 834

    my best halloween costume ever was when my mom made me a snow princess costume – with cotton balls as snow flakes

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  847. 848

    i was a dalmation puppy one year and i thought it was the best costume ever, i loved it so much that i wore the same costume the next year.

  848. 849
  849. 850

    My best halloween memory is the year I made a robot costume, it was neat and won a prize!

  850. 851

    I follow you on GFC(Linda G)

  851. 852
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    my favorite halloween moment was the first time I got to go trick or treating with my friends….without parents

  855. 856

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  856. 857
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  859. 860

    My favorite Halloween was my first one to trick or treat. I had lived for my first few years in a rural area where kids didn’t go out because houses were so far apart. When we moved to a suburb, I was so excited to finally have a costume and go door to door for treats.

  860. 861

    I follow you on Google Friend Connect. (Debbie C)

  861. 862
  862. 863

    Mine is when I took my daughter out for the first time and it was so cold she had to sit in my jacket

  863. 864

    My favorite halloween memory was going to a pumpkin patch with my parents and then picking out a pumpkin to brink home and carve.

  864. 865

    I follow you with GFC.

  865. 866
  866. 867
  867. 868

    my favorite halloween memory is when we went trick or treating to our neighbor’s place where they set up this elaborate haunted house that we walk through.

  868. 869
  869. 870
  870. 871
  871. 872
  872. 873
  873. 874

    The year my little sister’s bag got a hole in it and I walked behind her picking up all her candy. We used pillow cases every year after that.

  874. 875
  875. 876
  876. 877
  877. 878

    Dropped all my candy through the boards on a house deck once; lost most of it in the process. Hard to take as a kid.

  878. 879

    The best memory I have was when someone I knew threw a “Come As You Were” party, when people dressed as they appeared during a particularly memorable time of their life.

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    My favorite Halloween memory was a party that I had at my house many years ago and we had so many adults dressed up in elaborate costumes. We ate great food and all around had a great time.

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  897. 898

    my favorite halloween memory was one when i went trick or treating with my friends, and no parents, then we all had a sleep over and traded our candy all night long

  898. 899

    My mom made me a clown costume for a party and I won! [email protected]

  899. 900

    When my daughter was about 3 we took her out trick or treating, and a lady gave her a bag with a pencil and a coupon on it, she looked in it handed it back to the lady and told her she wanted candy. I wanted to crawl under the porch and stay there.

  900. 901

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    My favorite memory is that my daughter was born on Halloween.

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  907. 908

    My favorite memory is one of my son,six weeks old dressed in the cutest little cow costume. He looked so sweet.
    [email protected]

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    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  909. 910

    My favorite halloween memory is when i dressed up as raggedy ann and I won a costume contest!

  910. 911

    My fav memory is our daughter’s very first Halloween, we had so much fun.

  911. 912
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  912. 913
  913. 914

    I don’t have a disastrous memory. I just loved my fairy ice princess costume when I was about 7 or 8.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  914. 915
  915. 916

    My favorite Halloween memory was the first year my son went trick-or-treating. He was dressed up like a prince and really go into his character – he was only 2 and bowed after getting candy form our friends and neighbors.

  916. 917
  917. 918
  918. 919

    I remember one Halloween party that everyone had such unique costumes. Each guest that walked in had a better costume than the last. Great party.

  919. 920

    My favorite halloween memory is making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume for my daughter. After that, she would never consider getting a costume from the store! It made me feel great that she loved what I made her so much. And the turtle shell was used for quite some time as a pillow.

  920. 921

    I am subscribed to your blog via email and my hotmail email address posted here.

  921. 922
    Rebecca Hackett

    My favorite memory was when I was a teenager. My friends and I went out toilet papering people’s trees when a homeowner came out and saw us. We took off running. It was dark and I didn’t see a tiny fence that was about 2 feet high. I fell flat on my face!

  922. 923

    I follow on twitter: asketcher1

  923. 924

    I wasn’t allowed to trick or treat when I was a kid, so my favorite Halloween memory was when I took my 2 year old trick or treating for the first time. He was a pumpkin and we had a blast and I was able to live vicariously through him!

  924. 925

    I subscribe to your feedburner RSS

  925. 926

    We still hide a rubber skeleton around the house throughout the month of October, and, yes, hilarity and shocks ensue.

  926. 927

    I know this is not a unique halloween memory, but my favorite is still the first time my son went to a door on his own (me in the background of course!) and said trick or treat! He was so cute when he ran back to me and said “Mommy, they gave me candy!” He had so much fun and did not want to go home!

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  933. 934
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  936. 937

    The year I dressed as Beetlejuice always comes to mind when I think of Halloween. I had done a terrific job on the costume using bits of my own wardrobe, a couple of thrift store finds, a small pillow for a paunch and I whitened my hair and gave my face a greenish white pall. Everyone knew exactly who I was and I went around all night saying “I’ve come for your daughter, Chuck.”

  937. 938

    I remember snow being on the ground and my parents driving us from house to house.

    kgrant77 at

  938. 939
  939. 940

    I loved taking my kids trick or treating for the first time. The looks on their faces when people gave them candy was so cute.
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  948. 949

    My mom would always make these big elaborate lawn displays for Halloween and it embarrassed me SO much, especially once I hit my teenage years! Of course, now that I’m older, I’ve come to appreciate it, but it was mortifying at the time.

  949. 950

    Back in the day, one could trick or treat like crazy. I’d start early and go late, and I’d have candy until New Years!!!

  950. 951
  951. 952

    When our church did a Halloween theme tour for the trick or treaters and I was laying on a table with some one operating on me and we had fake blood and pig feets.

  952. 953
  953. 954
    Michelle Tucker

    My favorite Halloween is when my sister and I went to Pizza Inn after trick or treating. It was her birthday. We were about 6 and 10. Anyway, all the employees were dressed up and they did the moster mash for her instead of singing Happy Birthday. It was awesome.
    michelle (at) harrisbb (dotcom)

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    My favorite Halloween memory is when my father and I used to decorate and go trick or treating. I rarely spent time with him, so it was a memory well-preserved.

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    Favorite Halloween story was when I was about 14 and too old for trick or treating so my sister and I took our record player and sat upstairs in the window so when the kids came off our front porch we played haunted house records to scare them. Went out the next day and found candy they dropped while trying to run away fast!!! Love this Giveaway!!!!

  965. 966

    I remember dressing up in my mother’s suede and fur coat, wearing a tiara and her high heels and prancing about in my school’s Halloween parade! I felt like a princess!
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    Growing up in a small town in the 60’s it was fun to go all over town to the houses where they gave out full sized candy bars!


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    my fav memory was just running from house to house in the rain and getting so much chocolate!

  973. 974

    Years ago, the very first time I took my two little ones trick-or-treating is my favorite memory. I’d never gone as a kid, so to be able to take them was a really great treat for us all. It’s since become an annual tradition, but the first time will always be my favorite.

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    The first year that my friends and I were considered too old to go trick-or-treating, we made a haunted house in our basement. All the kids who came for trick-or-treating (we lived in the country, so it wasn’t a ton) went through our haunted house and it was SOOOOO much fun!

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    My favorite Halloween memory–One year my Mom decided to make us costumes, she made my sister a cat costume out of black velvet–it was amazing, but it took 10 times longer then she expected so she ran out of time a didn’t make my costume. So she took a bunch of full skirts from my teenage sister and her lovely puffy white blouse, and made me a gypsy she put a scarf on my hair and I got to wear a ton of costume jewelery –I loved it –I felt like a princess–I never got to wear jewelery. The following year she told me she would make my costume first, and I could be anything I wanted –I chose to be an ostrich—not an easy costume to make—I looked more like big bird than I did an ostrich–but that year we went to a ton of Halloween events –and I won prizes at every one!!

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    My favorite memory was the first time I took my daughter trick or treating!

  996. 997

    My favorite Halloween memory is actually very recent, but it’s my favorite because it involves my son! He and his grandma suprised me at work by sending me pictures of the two of them carving little man’s very first jack o’lantern, and it melted my heart. Not to mention he looks a little like the jack o’lantern:)

  997. 998

    When Star Wars Episode 1 came out, I made a costume to wear to the first showing. When Halloween came around, I wore it to work. Now, at the time, I was working the graveyard shift, so I got to work on 10/31 at 10pm. When I got off work, it was 7am on November 1, which happens to be my birthday and the day I needed to get my driver’s license renewed. So, I wore my Star Wars costume to the DMV, and that’s the photo I have on my license. I love it!

  998. 999

    We went to a private Halloween party one year hosted by a famous academy award winning actor. It was a costume party and my 3 year old daughter won a prize for her costume. She was dressed as a witch and was adorable.
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  999. 1000

    In kindergarten my mom dressed me as Pippi Longstocking, and I loved it.

  1000. 1001

    Thanks for the giveaway…favorite Halloween memory was our family’s annual trip to a farm about an hours drive from my childhood home to pick out our Halloween pumpkins; we could pick whichever one we could carry, and afterwards we enjoyed cake & fresh apple cider.

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    One of my favorite memories is when I was 8 or 9 years old and I went trick or treating by myself during the day in an expanded area around my house (an entire block). I was rewarded with a full to the brim bag of candy. When I went home I emptied the bag on our dining room table and the candy filled an entire segment of the table. There were four segments to the table, but, at that age, I was overwhelmed with the amount of candy that I had collected. It was great!

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    My favorite memory was when I went to a house and they threw all their candy into my bag.

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    I think the year Casey learned to do stage make-up she had my fave costume- a creepy dolly. She freaked so many people (not just the kids!) out asking in that sweet sweet voice “do you want to play with dolly?” pic is currently on blog.

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