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Recently I had the chance to check out Grace Unplugged, a book that I felt spoke volumes to me because the story of Grace Trey is one I can say I have experienced myself.  Not only is this book coming out September 1, but the movie will be hitting theaters October 4.  Starring AJ Michalka as Grace Trey and James Denton as her dad Johnny Trey.

Grace Unplugged Cover

I read the whole book in just a few days, I honestly could not put it down.  I felt such a draw, because I have been in the same situation as Grace many times throughout my life.   The story is all about how Grace wants to do more than sing backup with her dad, who once was a big time pop-star, during worship.  She wants to shine in the same way her dad did, but to what extent.  Her parents want her to go to college, she wants to be a star.

As Grace has a big break, her dream of becoming famous becomes a reality.  Grace becomes a big name in the industry and she realizes just how hard it is to stick to her beliefs and maybe her parents weren’t so wrong after all.  Having been brought up in church and having a belief in God, she isn’t sure if her faith will withstand all the temptations and situations becoming famous throws at her.

Will Grace be able to stay true to her beliefs and who she is or will her fame get the best of her and she go down a road that will compromise every part of what she believes?

This book is an easy read and it has a wonderful story.  Even though I loved it as an adult, I would have loved to have read this as a teen to realized that sometimes putting my faith first is what will make things work out so much better in the end.  Grace got her fame and so much more when she choose to remember who she was in God and stick to her faith.  That’s a message that speaks volumes to me, even to this day.

There are times I think “It would be so much easier to just compromise and do it the way they are asking” but in the end I will be less happy for it.  You might all remember my post about having to decide if my faith or a campaign was more important on my blog a few months ago.  I stuck to my faith, while we needed the money and it would have been easy to do what the campaign was asking, sticking to what was right for me I ended up at peace with myself.  Then, I had even more opportunities come in it was, in my opinion, God blessing me for following my faith and not giving in.  That’s what Grace had to do, choose and in the end her choice affected the rest of her life.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing this movie on the big screen come October because it really moved me and I have no doubt the movie will do the same.  I also received another book “Own It” that is featured in the movie.  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I am definitely looking forward to it.  In the release I received it says:

Carlson’s novel will allow readers to dig a little deeper into Grace’s choices and challenges, while OWN IT will equip them to face similar challenges themselves. The title comes from a book that appears in the movie, given to Grace by Quentin to help her discover where she truly belongs even as she chases her dreams.

“Do you own your faith? Do you rent it? Or do you borrow it from your friends or family?” asks Russ Rice, one of the film’s producers and a consultant on the books. “Those are the questions Grace has to answer, and I hope the movie’s audience and the books’ readers answer them, too.”

I am really excited to delve into that after I return home from vacation and for the “Grace Unplugged” movie to come out. Check out all the current happenings on the movies official website! Here is a trailer of the movie (it seriously makes me cry…a good cry):

Grace Unplugged
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    I wanna win because I love love love reading…I can never have enough books

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    I’ve been going thru some soul searching of my own and think these would be good reads for me 🙂 Thankss for the chance!

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    I am looking forward to winning these books because i love to read and these will be helpful for me in my life right now.

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    I would like to win this book because I admit that I have been in similar situations.Luckily I have kept
    my faith and chose not to follow the other crowd.

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    I’m going through a rough patch and these sound like great uplifting books that can help me at this time.

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