Gift Giving A Different Way With PickURGift

*This is post made possible by this post I was paired with another blogger. We were both provided with funds to complete the shop. Opinions are always honest and that of the author.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 5.11.57 AM There are very few things more disappointing that receiving a gift you don’t like or being the giver of a gift someone doesn’t like. Hopefully from here on out, that problem will be solved with PickURGift.

What is PickURGift? Glad you asked. It’s a way to shop for gifts (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc) for those you love without worrying about giving them something they don’t really care for. Oh, let me go ahead and let you know, there will be quite a few photos in this post so you can see the venture from start to finish.  Now, back to making sure we get and/or give the perfect gift. The concept is pretty simple…

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 5.12.06 AM

Of course, we all think the gifts we give are wonderful but sometimes our taste isn’t exactly the taste of the recipient…this is where PickURGift comes in very handy. Before shopping you must register, then you can add the UR button to your bookmark bar for easy addition to lists, and it’s time to shop (or build a list rather). Here are my screen shots of the process (click on them to see in larger form)
Creating Account 1
Creating Account 2
Creating Account 3
Creating Account 4

Once you are all registered you can add a friend, relative, co-worker, or whomever you going to be shopping for. I was paired with the beautiful Leah from Goddess In The House. All you have to do is add their name, a photo if you like, and their email. Don’t forget to let them know all about PickURGift as well
Adding Leah 1
Adding Leah 2

Now, my favorite part….the shopping. When you are carousing the web and you see something you think would be perfect for that person you add it to their list. Using the UR Button you installed in your bookmark bar when you registered, makes adding gifts simple.

Once you are on the page of something you think they will like, you click the UR Button and a box pops up. You then select their name and the list you want it on (just in case you made more than one list for them) or if you haven’t created a gift page yet it will give you the option to create a new one. After you have selected which gift list the items is going to go on, you can look at the options on the bottom. There will be boxes for gift title, price, size, quantity, color, the gift url, and notes. Once you have made sure everything is correct you click add gift and voila, it’s on their gift page. Check out the step by step process below:
PickURGift 2
PickUrGift 3
PickUrgift 4
PIckURGift 5
PIckUrGift 6.jpg

After you have added all the gifts you think they will like, it’s time to send it over to them. This is where we all are happy. Because you have already picked the gifts you are okay with buying, price wise, they get to have their final say in what would make them the happiest! You can even send the list to up to four people, so if you are shopping for a family they can each pick their favorite gift!
Leah Gift Board 1
Leah Gift Board 2
Leah Gift Board 3
Leah Gift Board 5
Leah Gift Board 6

While you wait for them to get back to you with their pick(s) why not create your own wish list. That way when someone asks what you want for your birthday (or whatever special occasion) you can send the list right over. You know I created one!   It will come in handy when the hubby asks what I want for my birthday! Once Leah had time to look over the listI created for her, she was able to send back her picks, and I was able to smile knowing I was getting her just what she wanted:
Leah Gifts 0
Leah Gifts 1
Leah Gift Pick 3
Leah gifts 5
Leah gifts 6

As the receiver, you will get notified that you have a list waiting for you. Once you have had a chance to look it over and pick your gift, you will send it back to the giver along with your address. Now, not only am I smiling because I gave the perfect gift, I am smiling because I am getting exactly what I want, as well.
leah's gift page to me 1.jpg
leah's gift page to me 2
My gift pick 1

Voila!  All you or the person you are giving to, have to do is enjoy the gift you receive. I can assure you I have plenty of plans for the Amazon Gift card Leah got me. With PickURGift you are getting to have a say in what you give and you don’t have to worry about the receiver not liking it. I foresee much less regifting moments thanks to PickURGift!

If you register and try it out, let me know what you think about this form of gift giving. What would be your favorite gift to receive if you were asked today?

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  1. 1

    What an interesting concept! Looks pretty simple to set up and use too!

  2. 2

    I love this idea! It would be a great way to get gifts for your college age kids or relatives! — gifts you know they will actually use 🙂

  3. 3

    That eliminates all the wondering and hoping they liked it. You know right up front they WILL!

  4. 4

    This concept is just genius and is absolutely perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

  5. 5

    That’s a great way to shop for younger kids in your family too (like my nephews live far away and I don’t get to see them much, so I’m not really aware of the things they’d like for Birthdays or Christmas).

  6. 6

    What a neat concept!

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