Due Date Red Carpet Premiere Pictures, Montage Style

We all remember the post I did a few days ago talking about getting to attend the red carpet premiere of Due Date, right? It definitely was one of the best nights I have had. One of those things you will remember as a wonderful and fun memory. I mean really going to a movie premiere, starring Robert Downey Jr, in Hollywood and getting to hang with the stars at The Afterparty, tell me that isn’t something you are going to remember. I showed a few pictures from the Due Date red carpet premiere in my other post but thought it would be fun to put together a little montage of the red carpet event start to finish.

Don’t worry there are many more pictures to come as Melissa and I had WAYYYYYY too much fun at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum so you know I can’t not show those. Everytime I look at the pictures on my computer I get a giggle. So get ready for those as well as the Warner Brothers Studio VIP tour and other miscellaneous trip pictures from my trip to Hollywood!

Who is ready for my next red carpet coverage! I can promise you this…it is in the future for me. Guess you will have to wait and see what that means! I can’t spill all my secrets with my readers just yet!

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