Interview with Disneynature Ambassador, Dr M Sanjayan #MonkeyKingdomEvent

Dr. M Sanjayan

Getting to sit down with Disneynature Ambassador, Dr. M. Sanjayan, was such a fun experience. He played a HUGE part in helping Monkey Kingdom come to life. During lunch, we had the chance to sit with him and chat about his love for conserving wildlife areas, animals, and of course all about Monkey Kingdom.  Before I tell you all about our conversation, check out this Monkey Kingdom trailer, featuring Dr. Sanjayan

As we talked, we learned that they had shot 1003 days worth of video…then trimmed it down to 88 minutes! Talk about some crazy time in the editing room. When you see Monkey Kingdom (and you will want to see it), you will see a certain event, which I can’t tell you about because it would ruin the surprise. When you see the scene that really makes you crack up, think of Dr. M Sanjayan, because he told us that exact thing happened to him!

All About Monkey Kingdom

Why did they pick Maya as the forefront of Monkey Kingdom? According to Dr. Sanjayan, she was in the right age group. They wanted a monkey that was distinctive to people when they watch, and in fact they said “She has a blonde bob haircut that was really cute“. One thing that really took me by surprise, is these monkey’s steal each others babies…that shocked me, but he said it was totally normal for the monkeys! One of the things that impressed me the most, was the mothering instinct these animals have!

Chatting with a conservational specialist

He talked with us about how Monkey Kingdom was filmed in Sri Lanka and how beautiful it was. When you see the movie, you will swear everything is filmed on a set, but it was all nature and that, to me, is amazing. When asked why humans should pay attention to what’s happening in nature, this is what Dr. M Sanjayan had to say:

“As a documentary film maker, I learned a long time ago you have to entertain, you have to have a story…that’s what draws people in. Otherwise people won’t pay attention and you want to get your message out!   Disney got their entire inspiration from the natural world, think about it, Walt’s first creation was a mouse. If we realize we are part of nature, the reason we are saving nature becomes self evident, it’s not just nature’s problem it’s our problem too”

Disneynature Ambassador

Dr. M Sanjayan has such a passion for his work, you can tell he loves making sure he is making the world a better place for the animals! In fact, he is the vice president and the senior scientist for Conservation International. He focuses on the connection between nature and human well-being. He has been published in journals and has attracted national media coverage. You can find him on PBS hosting “EARTH A New Wild”, which was filmed in 29 counties and shows how humans are linked with wild nature! Be sure to follow @msanjayan on twitter to keep up with his expeditions!

I had such a great time chatting with Dr. M Sanjayan, and I loved seeing his heart for nature and making sure these animals have place to call home.  Don’t forget to go see Monkey Kingdom this Friday when it opens in theaters and a donation will be made in your honor to help conserve these animal habitats!  Before you go, check out the trailer for the upcoming Monkey Kingdom

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