Holiday Gift Guide: Disney Infinity Toy Box Starter Set 2.0 and Big Hero 6 Products

Disney Infinity Xbox 360

There are lots of hot toys coming out this Christmas season and as shoppers get ready to hit the sales in just a few days, I wanted to make sure you know about all the amazing toys Disney will be putting out there.

First up is the new Disney Infinity Toy Box Starter Pack 2.0 and some fun new characters to buy separately.

Disney Infinity 2.0

The Toy Box Starter Pack 2.0 Includes:
* 1 Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Video Game
(Please note: The Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack and The Disney Infinity 2.0: Toy Box Starter Pack include the same Video Game Software.)
* 1 Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Base
* 2 Disney Originals Figures: Merida and Stitch
* 2 Disney Originals Toy Box Game Discs
* 1 Web Code Card
* 1 Poster
** Available November 4th on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U

Disney Infinity Characters

During my trip to LA I was lucky enough to get the Disney Infinity Toy Box Starter Set 2.0 (for xbox 360), which comes with Merida (Brave) and Stitch (Lilo and Stitch). In addition we also received a Baymax and Hiro character from Big Hero 6. The starter set is going to be a huge sell this Black Friday but deals have already started. The Big Hero 6 Characters will be a great stocking stuffer! After seeing the movie, my kids were so excited to get their hands on the games and characters. Okay, neither could I. We have played hours and hours of the new game.

My kids are big fans of Minecraft, because they can build, build, and build some more. That means it’s been a bit hard to find them games they are very interested in, until we got this. Disney Infinity has so many possibilities they are never going to be bored. Building their own worlds allows them to have fun with their favorite characters. What I love is being able to switch up costumes and backgrounds. So I could be playing with Baymax in “It’s a Small World” land while he is wearing Iron Man’s suit. The kids have had a blast since we got it home and I know for Christmas we will definitely be adding to their characters. If you think your kids would like playing as much as mine have, you can pick up the same starter set for less than $60 on Amazon right now!

Big Hero 6 Toys

As if the Disney Infinity fun wasn’t enough, Disney Consumer products has come out with an amazing line of Big Hero 6 products!

Big hero 6 toys

San Fransokyo’s Finest

Deluxe Flying Baymax ~ This Baymax is ready to fly into battle. Comes with Hiro and when attached to Baymax’s back, unlocks additional sounds!
Armor-Up Baymax ~ Transform Baymax from nursebot to crime-fighting Baymax.
GoGo Tamago 11″ Doll and Honey Lemon 11″ Doll ~ Both these ladies are ready to fight for their friend. Each come with their accessories from the movie.
10′ Projection/SFX Baymax
Baymax Plush-Medium 15″ ~ I picked this one up, because he is simply the cutest plush you will ever own and TRUST ME, after seeing the movie, you will want one!
Baymax Mech Armor Plus 15.5″ ~ A squeezeable version of Baymax all suited up


Armor Up

Baymax Baseball Cap & Big Hero 6 Graphic Tees
Baymax Rocket Fist ~ Put the power of Baymax in your hands! Launch your own rockets with this fun toy!
Baymax Rocket Fist and Mask Combo ~ Get the best of both worlds with this set.
Big Hero 6 Masks ~ Let those BH6 fans become Hiro or Baymax with these fun masks.


Home Is Where The Hero Is

Big Hero 6: Hiro and Tadashi ~ A beautifully-illustrated picture book timed to release with Big Hero 6. It focuses on Hiro and his older brother, Tadashi.
Big Hero 6 PJ Pals For Boys
Big Hero 6 Prodigy Bed Set


High Tech Supplies

Big Hero 6: Baymax Blast App ~ An action packed endless runner adventure that invites fans to join Baymax and Hiro as they search San Fransokyo to recover Hiro’s stolen microbots (just like in the movie). Get ready to go on an adventure!
Big Hero 6 Backpack ~ I got a Big Hero 6 backpack and love it. This is a fun way to incorporate BH6 in daily life or when you travel.
Big Hero 6 Sleeves for MacBook ~ Fun sleeves for your Macbook featuring custom Baymax artwork.
Big Hero 6 Baymax iPhone 5/5s Case ~ Protect your iPhone with these fun, lightweight cases that will keep Baymax close to you at all times.

Big Hero 6 Backpack

With the Christmas shopping season in full swing, these are some great gift ideas for the Big hero 6 fan in your life.  So, tell me…what will you be picking up for the holidays??

For additional information about these products, please visit and!

*Thank you to Disney for covering most expenses during this amazing adventure.  As always, thoughts are my own*

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    Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I am thinking about getting this for my boys for Christmas. Thanks for the info.

  2. 2

    My kids love Disney Infinity and we just recently got the Hulk to complete our Marvel ensemble. Love this game!

  3. 3

    We are planning on seeing Big Hero 6 this week. We’ve been marveling over the commercials and previews of the film. My kids can’t wait.

  4. 4

    My kids love their Disney Infinity! The kids love collecting all the figures! I am super excited to see Big Hero 6! More than the kids are!!

  5. 5

    that looks like it’s a ton of fun. we recently got the Wii U and love it.

  6. 6

    Disney Infinity products are all time favorite to my kids. Love all these fun and interesting games. Really an great gift idea for this holiday season. Thanks for the share.

  7. 7

    I think it’s fun how you can collect the ones in your favorite theme. I have no doubt these will be hot this year.

  8. 8

    My son loves minecraft! I can’t wait to see big hero 6!

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