Deep Thoughts From Moi

Making fun of someone you don’t like would be considered doing the same thing as them when they make fun of others.  If it’s not okay for them or you are going to get mad at someone for their actions should you not refrain from those actions yourself.  After all wouldn’t that be making you as bad as you claim they are?

That’s my deep thought of the day.  I have been a hypocrite before in this very thing but my eyes are seeing things in a whole new light and I want to be a better person.  What about you?

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    I’ve done the same thing, but I know that when I become peaceful within myself and forgive others that its so much easier to look past what I did. I can then look back and make fun of myself for thinking what I did.

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      LOL here, here. I am thinking to myself as I write this post, was I really acting like that. It’s precisely what I get onto my kids for doing…so in other words I was acting like my children LOL.

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    There is a Japanese word. The word is kaizen and it means getting a bit better each day.

    I think this is a good goal…because habits and thinking process come and go. But as long as we improve a bit each day, it’s a great conscious place to be.

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