30 Days About Me Day 24: Where You Live.

It’s Day 24 in the “30 Days about me” series and today is all about where you live. I live in Navarre, FL. I grew up in Gulf Breeze, FL (about 20 miles away) moved and itched to get back for years and last year we finally did. Well back pretty close anyways to the Navarre Beach area.

This place I call home is a beautiful place, you feel like you are on vacation every day with the beach right here. I remember growing up with it, I took it for granted that it was there. Then I moved away and now that I am back I appreciate the paradise I have right out my door. I love having a beach 5 minutes from my home. We are right smack in the middle between Destin and Pensacola Beach (that is the place I spent years at when growing up).

It has some of the yummiest places to eat such as Cactus Flower Cafe, Thai Hut 2, and The Slippery Mermaid. We have a Winn Dixie, Walmart and, my absolute favorite, Publix all within 5 miles of my home for grocery shopping. We are about 25 miles from Destin and an amazing outlet mall as well as an the Destin Common (and a Johnny Rockets, which I fell in love with when I went to California for a movie premiere).

The schools here (or the ones my kids go to anyway) are some of the best. The only thing is the school schedule is a bit wacky. K-5th goes from 7:30 to 1:30 then 6th-12th grade go 9:15-3:15. So it doesn’t leave a lot of time once I have gotten them off to run errands and all that jazz. However, they do work great with the kids and help them to excel. We are growing and last year with 13 kindergarten teachers they were still over capacity (same in most grades).

A fun little tidbit about Navarre Beach, a lot of Jaws 2 was filmed here. Also at Hulburt field here (about 10 minutes from my home) part of Transformers 3 was filmed. Cool little facts about this place I call home.

Link up your day 24 posts below so I can head over and read all about where you live. If you aren’t a blogger share with us all about your hometown in the comments below!

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Hi! I'm Toni. I am a happily married, christian, momma of 3 living on Florida's sunny Gulf Coast. I am a lifestyle blogger and Seint Arist. I started blogging when my last child was born as a way to share my love of all things travel, cooking, beauty, recipes, and more. Now pull up a chair, grab a glass of sweet tea and let's get to know each other. I truly hope you enjoy getting A Daily Dose of Toni!


  1. 1

    Wow, what a stunning place to live! I always lived right by the beach up until we emigrated to the UK last year, I miss it so!!

  2. 3

    Sounds like a wonderful place.I know how much you wanted to get back home, and I totally understand!

  3. 5

    Great place! I used to co-own a home with a couple college buddies in Fort Myers Beach years ago. I used to love to go to Florida.

  4. 7

    We went to Destin this summer. Loved that whole area!! I’m jealous!!

    Is it expensive to live where you live?

    • 8

      In the area we live you can find both expensive and affordable where housing is concerned. Prices of food/gas/etc are pretty much the same as when I lived in AR

  5. 9

    How nice to live somewhere that feels like your on vacation all year round. And I love Johnny Rockets!

  6. 11

    I was actually born in Florida (Jacksonville) and also lived in Kissimmee and St. Augustine (where my brother was born) before moving to Hawaii, then Texas (my parents are nuts, Texas?). We vacationed in Cocoa Beach when we lived there, then again after moving to Texas- it’s the only part of Florida I really remember, and I LOVED it. I would absolutely love to go back.

    • 12

      I think florida is one of those places if you grew up here you don’t ever leave or if you do you want to come back too LOL

  7. 13

    I love Navarre Beach! I grew up going to Ft. Walton (and I’m 42…cough) and my stepmom has a house on Navarre Beach (intracoastal side.) We haven’t been in two years…I am SO wanting to go back. Beautiful beaches! I’ve talked about the area so much that our next door neighbors vacationed in Navarre Beach this summer. :

  8. 15

    I’m jealous! But those school schedules sound kooky! We live in the middle of NC – and we’re about 2 hours each way from the beach to the East and the Mountains to the West. So, while we don’t get to see such great views every day – we can get there in an afternoon if we need a mini vacation!