Wordless Wednesday: Food For Thought

When I recently took a trip to New York, we got to do a lot of fun things. Of course we had to have some of the wonderful food while there too. We went to P.J. Clarkes for lunch one day after a morning of walking around the city and the food there was AMAZING. That is their tomato soup and the Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Snow In CT

A week ago I returned from my New York/Connecticut trip that I went on with my mom, aunt, 2 cousins and a friend of the family. The trip was A to the MAZING. We had great weather, freezing I am going to die of frost bite weather, pretty snow. It was the perfect trip from start to finish. Okay Read More »»

Snow In Connecticut

Mom and I this morning before headed to the train station to go back to NYC This gives you an idea of how much they have. This was a portion cleared off for a path. Yes they are pictures of the picture on my camera lol. Haven't uploaded them yet so this is what you get. Nature is Read More »»

Made it to Staten Island

Here are some shots along the way today. My cousin and I headed from Pensacola to Charlotte. Next stop Newark!! Crazy cousins Flight entertainment. It's never a dull moment with myself and my family.  We are the ultimate travel companions, well unless you want quiet, but if you want fun, Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Fun

My cousin Crystal and I having Summer & Childhood fun. NOthing like a good swing to make you feel like a kid and that you can escape your worries even if just for a moment. Link up your Wordless Wednesday posts below Read More »»

Warning: Vacation Leads to Loss of Blog Inspiration

My brain is on vacation, you would think I would have lots of posts with fun happenings.  Not so much, apparently my brain has decided to take vacation to the extreme.  I should enjoy it since my brain is usually traveling a hundred to nothing.  Maybe this is God's way of saying .... SLOW DOWN Read More »»

#HolidayRoads To Navarre, FL With My Human Family (Dexter’s story)

Hello all you readers our there.  *ruff*  I have hijacked my moms blog for today *arf* she is spending time with her mom for a bit because it's my grandma's (her mom)birthday today.  So since she is away from the computer I decided to tell you my travel tale.  You see I found my human family Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

I was lucky enough to get to meet up with some wonderful (and sane) friends from high school for a night while I was in Florida.  You would think it would be a bit awkward because 2 of the people I met up with I literally have not seen since I graduated in 1997.  I can say it was not awkward at Read More »»

I’m In Florida & You’re Not!

AREN'T YOU JEALOUS. No worries though, when we move back this summer you can all come to my house and party for vacations woot!!! So we made it down, with stopping to tinkle, eat, etc. The usual 12 hour drive took about 14. Yes I was exhausted that night. We met up with my family at Xaxby's Read More »»

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