Coastal Life: Stinky’s Fish Camp Review

Never judge a restaurant by its name.  Recently I had the chance to dine  at Stinky's Fish Camp, a new hotspot in the quaint little coastal town of Navarre, Florida.  The name leaves you with a bit of an iffy feeling, though it does spark conversation.  With brunch, lunch, dinner, late night and Read More »»

Coastal Life With A Daily Dose of Toni

Welcome to a new series here on A daily Dose of Toni called Coastal Life.  I grew up living in the sunny throws of Pensacola Beach, I was luck to live right in the heart of the Gulf Coast where we have the world's whitest beaches.  There are so many things I love about where I live which made me Read More »»

Local Happenings: SUP ~N~ Supper

I have to say I am extremely lucky to live in the Florida pan-handle along the gulf coast.  World's whitest beaches, beautiful waters and tourist attractions galore.  I love finding things to do locally because you really can't beat local with the gas prices how they are lately.  I decided I wanted Read More »»

Margaritaville Keeps Me Happy

As you all know (or maybe are just finding out) I went home to Florida for a week and had the awesome opportunity to stop by the Margaritaville Hotel and LandShark bar. So while I am not in the best mood (being back in Arkansas)I figured a little vacation music will keep me happy until I get to go Read More »»