Enter ET’s Hanging With The Stars Sweepstakes

Who doesn't want to hang with the stars?  Can you imagine attending ET's Emmy Gala and rubbing elbows with some of the stars of today?   I don't know about you but I would be ecstatic, something about celebrities and I just mix perfectly like chocolate chip cookies and milk.  This is going to be a Read More »»

It’s All About Customer Service With Global Response

There are things in life that make me cringe and one of those things is bad customer service. Whether in store or on the phone it dampens my view of a company when I have a sour customer service experience. On the other hand when I have a good or great customer service experience it makes me respect Read More »»

Contact Lenses For Cheap

I don’t really know who discovered contact lenses, but whomever it was, gets genius credit from me. Keeping glasses on becomes pesky when you go jogging or lie down and watch a movie. Not to mention sometimes it's hard to find that perfect pair of glasses to compliment your features. So, in my Read More »»

Protecting Your Kids With Baby Swimwear

I love living at the coast with my kids - a trip to the beach is a whole day of free family fun as well as great exercise. I wanted my children to take full advantage of coastal living, so I made sure to teach them how to swim from an early age. However, teaching babies to swim is a Read More »»

Gaiam TV Review. Keeping Fit From The Comfort of Your Home.

I am not sure about you but sometimes joining a gym isn't the most cost effective way to stay in shape. Gym memberships can cost a pretty penny and it's not always comfortable working out in front of complete strangers. Unfortunately working out is a must if you want to stay in shape, or at least it Read More »»

Wellness Talk

There are things you experience as a new mom, or at least I know I did, that are completely new.  After I had my first child I was bound and determined to breastfeed and I did just that, as well as with my other two.  All was going well until one day I noticed I was very, I mean very uncomfortable Read More »»

Being Prepared Just In Case

Last year my son's class went to the Museum of Aviation in Pensacola, FL and while there the kids were intrigued with the dried foods they have available.  They had freeze dried candies, ice cream and more.  My son has lived in states that are hurricane prone (our current state) as well as a state Read More »»

Top Dentists Wants To Know Who Makes You Smile

My husband, my kids, my parents, siblings, grandparents, friends the list of who makes me smile could go on for quite some time.  Feeling confident about the smile I am showing doesn't always come as easy as the smiling for me and lots of others out there.  Top Dentists is hoping to help someone Read More »»

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