DIY Costume Ideas: Cracked Doll Face And Jack Skellington


Halloween Edition


It’s Halloween soon, so of course, one must attempt some creepy Halloween faces this year. This was my first attempt at trying both of these fun looks. I lacked some of the makeup I needed, mainly liquid black eyeliner and thin brown eye liner, but I worked with what I had. Plus, the white cream I bought wasn’t great, so next time I will make sure to purchase white face paint or something that will go on smoother.

My first look, the cracked doll face, was inspired by Nicole Skyes (see the tutorial at the end of this post). This was my favorite out of the four looks I did this year. I love it because it looks wicked crazy and you can dress it up cute or go extra creepy. It all depends on what you wear and the additions to the face. For instance, you could have blood running out of the eyes for a more scary effect or do your arms, legs, and chest with more broken pieces for a complete broken doll look. 


With the help of Hot Topic, I found awesome outfits to go with both the looks. Not only do they have a ton of fantastic items, but they also have complete looks you can buy or just pick up one or two products from the picture seen below.


Wind-Up Doll Costume Dress

Broken Doll

The next two looks, I also thought would great with the cracked doll makeup. These were hard to narrow down because there were so many things to choose from that would have looked great with the makeup.


Teenage Runaway Red Skully Doily Collar Dress

Lovesick White Rose Tights

White Hi-Top Sneakers


White And Red Rose Swing Dress

White Bow Thigh Highs

YRU Chill Mary Jane Sneakers

The second look I went for, was Jack Skellington, inspired by VFX Makeup. This was also my first attempt, but I had so much fun taking pictures afterward. Especially black and white pictures, they looked awesome! If you weren’t planning on going as Jack, you could also wear this for a skeleton costume. 

skull face

Here are some more looks from Hot Topic that you can use to go with the Jack Skellington look.


Jack Girl

Twisted Clown


Rib Cage Foil Girls Tank Top

Black And White Striped Leggings

Skeleton Hand Ring Bracelet

Skeleton Slip-On Sneakers


Disney Maleficent High-Collar Dress

Black Suede Buckle Combat Boot

Black Medium Fishnet Tights

Cracked doll face tutorial:

Jack Skellington tutorial:

So, what other Halloween looks would you like to see?

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