A Daily Dose of Inspiration: Songs I have performed dances to at Church

These are some songs I have danced to during church services at my church in Florida. It's so hard to be away from there, while I have found a church to go to here that I feel will feed my soul and spirit until I can return, it's just not the same I want to dance and freely worship. I am just Read More »»

A Daily Dose of INspiration 11/29

Here are a few songs that have been on repeat on my iPhone lately, they sometimes give me hope and other times bring me to tears but they are very touching:This first one Cry Out to Jesus by Third Day, really got me through the very tough time when I found out a family member of mine had found Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Inspiration

Today's Inspiration is a quote I came upon while reading a book. The book says it came from The Oprah Magazine."Gratitude comes easily when our lives are in order-when bills are paid, the children are behaving, and our health is good. But our challenges are what bring the chance for Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Inspiration…

I thought I would make today's post an inpsirational one and share things that inspire me. It could be a song. It could be a scripture, it could be a story. Just anything I draw inspiration from I thought I could share with you and maybe someone will be touched by whatever it is I share. Next Read More »»

The Great Christmas Show – Oh Holy Night – IL Divo

Can we say the greasted Christmas song sung ever? Il Divo's voices just make me shiver, they sing so beautifully. This song and Ave Maria are my 2 favorites from their Christmas album. If you don't have it you really should get it. Such a beautiful singing group (both looks and voices LOL). Of Read More »»

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