Last Night at Work I Was So Scared!

>And it made me think about so many things. The just of what happened was there was something that had been told to one of the higher ups that supposedly last night there was a gang iniation going to happen and the initiation was to go to one of the stores in our area and kill 5 females. I had Read More »»

A DAily Dose of Inspiration

Well as you can all tell from my previous post I have a bit of hurt, anger whatever going on but you know what I can honestly say that I will be okay and no matter what I am going through or who has hurt me I will always have somewhere to go that will help me deal with whatever situation I am going Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Inspiration: How to be thankful in tough times

I get a daily devotional in my email and boy does it have some profound things to say. This one I got the other day and boy how it summed up what I need to hear last year. I printed it off, which I do with ones that really touch me so I can look back on them later. Anyways I thought I would share Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Inspiration: Songs I have performed dances to at Church

These are some songs I have danced to during church services at my church in Florida. It's so hard to be away from there, while I have found a church to go to here that I feel will feed my soul and spirit until I can return, it's just not the same I want to dance and freely worship. I am just Read More »»

A Daily Dose of INspiration 11/29

Here are a few songs that have been on repeat on my iPhone lately, they sometimes give me hope and other times bring me to tears but they are very touching:This first one Cry Out to Jesus by Third Day, really got me through the very tough time when I found out a family member of mine had found Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Inspiration

Today's Inspiration is a quote I came upon while reading a book. The book says it came from The Oprah Magazine."Gratitude comes easily when our lives are in order-when bills are paid, the children are behaving, and our health is good. But our challenges are what bring the chance for Read More »»

A Daily Dose of Inspiration…

I thought I would make today's post an inpsirational one and share things that inspire me. It could be a song. It could be a scripture, it could be a story. Just anything I draw inspiration from I thought I could share with you and maybe someone will be touched by whatever it is I share. Next Read More »»

The Great Christmas Show – Oh Holy Night – IL Divo

Can we say the greasted Christmas song sung ever? Il Divo's voices just make me shiver, they sing so beautifully. This song and Ave Maria are my 2 favorites from their Christmas album. If you don't have it you really should get it. Such a beautiful singing group (both looks and voices LOL). Of Read More »»

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