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These days, it seems most kids have some electronic device physically fused to their hand at all times. For many, their idea of exercise is walking around the house looking for its charger.

Even before this massive increase in the use of such devices, many health experts were sounding the alarm about our kids’ sedentary lifestyles.  As with most habits, what we do as kids largely drives what we do as adults. An out-of-shape kid surprises no one by growing into an out-of-shape adult.  With that comes diabetes, heart disease, orthopedic issues, and a health outlook that would shock previous generations.

What would get them out of the house and on the move?  While millions of kids watch sports on TV, they somehow lack the desire to get up and participate in them.  Fantasy sports leagues have knocked them out of real sports leagues.  They are far more enthused about hearing from talking heads about other athletes than in participating in sports themselves.

When asked why they don’t play sports, kids often respond that sports are boring and either too hard or too easy.  In the flash content world where kids live, the constant stimulation of video games has geared their mental tolerance for a slower pace and a consistency of activity that they might call monotony.

As parents seeking more physical activity for our kids, we have to think the way our electronic companies think.  If they make constant changes to stimulate their participants, then we should too.  That means spending a few weeks grabbing time with the ball and bat, then a few beneath the ball goal, change it up.  Why not try biking?  Or take a trip to the store for a 6 pack of lacrosse balls, then have some time on the field.

Lacrosse?  That may be what your child (or yourself) is thinking

We often think of  lacrosse (also called “lax” by those in the know, which now include you) as being played by fleet-footed university students, but the sport is growing quickly.  It’s fast pace and relatively simply rules make it great exercise that kids can pick up on quickly.

Most parents find themselves not understanding lacrosse, of course, because it hasn’t had the time to marinade our collective sports conscience as longer-standing activities, especially those that were developed on American soil.  Why not take the time to learn more about lacrosse from US Lacrosse, which will educate you on rules for both genders and all ages while helping boost local leagues and supporting their volunteers.

Kids are always on the lookout for something new and different.  Getting off the couch and going outside should be fun and exciting. It’s great get them involved in a growing sport, why not try lacrosse.  Kids love to be the early innovators of a fad.  Get the gear and make it happen.

Have you ever played Lacrosse??

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    Lacrosse sounds fun! My son is too young for it but it’s something to keep in mind.

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    I hope M likes sports!