Am I Participating In Deeds of Darkness?

TWitterAhh the joys of twitter, where one can find out despite being a Christian you are involved in Satan’s works and participating in “Deeds of Darkness” all because you let your kids dress up and get candy.  Yes, folks this is the lovely concept I encountered yesterday on Twitter.  After seeing a tweet by Purex asking what people were dressing up as for Halloween, I see a response “Nothing, we do not celebrate Satanic Holidays”

Okay that’s fine, so just out of curiosity I tweeted a very simple tweet: We are a christian family and we take the kids out to church parties and trick or treating.  does your church not do something?

And now I would like to show you the conversation that followed, which turned into a great debate conversation in the end.  The person is the one who is @ me and I am the one with no @ just the sentences LOL, I blacked out their name as I am not sure they would want it shown on the blog, so it starts with their comment:

Eventually all was well and we were Kumbayaing together but still, it got me a bit flustered for a few minutes, seeming to insinuate that my family is participating in deeds of darkness because we choose to get dressed up and go get candy or attend a festival at our church???  That, as a Christian, coming from another Christian came off a little high horsey and offensive.

Shortly after I received a few dm’s asking if the tweeter just said “DEEDs of Darkness”  oh yes my friends that is what was said.  Now I am all for beliefs and to each his own but when you directly insinuate that I am participating in deeds of darkness (even if not outright saying that) I will be offended just as I am sure this tweeter would have been if I said to them, “Well that’s just crazy super religion talk” .

Then this conversation got me to thinking, I wonder how many others out there believe taking your children out to trick or treat is essentially being okay with a Satanic Holiday?  Can you still live a Christ like life and let your kids go knock on some doors and get some candy or is your fate permanently sealed?

I think to not celebrate something is fine, I know several people from my church who don’t believe in telling their kids that Santa Claus brought presents, but instead that Jesus has allowed them to be blessed enough to be able to get the gifts for one another and I think that’s great.  But they don’t insinuate we are doing harm by allowing our children to believe in Santa Claus and that is why I respect them.  I know others who don’t celebrate Halloween as well but they would never insinuate that someone is participating in deeds of darkness or giving Satan a foothold in their lives.

Where do you draw the line for standing firm for your beliefs and yet not crossing the line of attacking someone for choosing to do different?  I have been there I will share God’s word and when I can see someone is not wanting part of it, I know that it could do more harm than good, it’s called having wisdom and using it.  I have friends who are agnostic and atheist and I am a christian and I know that if I talk to them past  a certain point and they get offended what I stand for will mean nothing because they will be turned off by it.

In the end we can all have different beliefs and celebrate different holidays or not celebrate them but it’s about wording and not pushing our beliefs on others or coming off as “high horsey”.  I am grateful for the conversation I had on twitter it just reinforced with me that even as a Christian I can celebrate Halloween and I am not going to hell for it.   My kids are not participating in “deeds of darkness” or supporting a Satanic holiday but rather just being kids, dressing up and having fun.  And if you want to try to tell me otherwise get ready for some Italian hot headedness to come out.  I am good as long as you are not saying what I am doing is wrong (and I will give you the same respect) but if you do then I could get a bit feisty.

However  I think when I get to heaven I will have a one on one with my homeboy, God, and ask him his thoughts on Trick or Treating and Family Festivals at churches on Halloween.

So I leave you with this original quote from….ME:

“I am a nondenominational charismatic, worship dancer, spirit filled, spiritual war-faring christian and I am taking my kids out on Halloween”

*The conversation is possibly posted out of order but it is the conversation that took place I am pretty sure that this is the order that it went in but the tweets could be posted in a different order from when I uploaded.

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  1. 1

    You know alot of holiday have pagan customs…. do I care no! I am a spiritual person and somewhat religious.

    Really I think it really doesn’t matter because God knows my heart and to me that is all I care about.

    Rock on with your demon self ROFL lmao………..
    .-= Grissell Barros´s last blog be blunt or not, to speak or not to speak =-.

    • 2

      Exactly, God knows my heart, it just makes me shake my head that because someone participates in anything that has to do with whatever holiday they are opening the doors of evil in their lives. That’s what annoyed me most I think

  2. 3

    Heart of Wisdom has a well written post on this topic.
    .-= Cindy Schultz´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday-Royalty =-.

    • 4

      I went and read it and I want to know if she wears a wedding ring, if so that’s a pagan ritual? It’s a bit radical but it’s her right to believe that. As someone in the comments mentioned our society has made it fun and HARMLESS so I think it’s perfectly okay and I believe Jesus sees my heart and knows I wouldn’t support what according to that article Halloween orinated from. Times bring change, breastmilk used to be all we have now formula is available so I think basing something on a very outdated practice is archiach, but that’s my opinion not everyone will feel the same.

      I am happy knowing my kids and I are living Christ like lives to the best of our earthly ability and that this to us is one harmless night just like every other night of the year

  3. 5

    Such a joke! I agree, having your own opinion is fine but do not shove it down my mouth and then try to say I am NOT raising my kids the “Christian” way! People like that flat out bug the $hit out of me!

    • 6

      See I think that’s what bothers me the most too, trying to say I am doing wrong…no I am not just because we disagree doesn’t mean either of our ways is more right than the others

  4. 7

    My daughter’s daycare, which is run by the small Christian College in town, is having a “costume party” tomorrow. Dressing up as bumble bees or superheros or even a ghost or witch is not engaging in deeds of darkness! It’s harmless childhood fun – and a chance to put my child in an outfit I can make fun of for years to come!!!
    .-= Bren´s last blog ..WW – I do it! =-.

  5. 8

    I SO was not going to get into this, but I guess I, like you, am a bit flustered over it all.
    I do “participate in deeds of darkness” (LOL!).
    My old pastor, when I was growing up was completely against it. We did the whole trunk or treat, etc. He also believed in, “no mixed bathing” (boys & girls couldn’t swim together), “women couldn’t wear jeans”, and the list could go on.
    After walking away from the church, because there were SO many rules put on MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD, my husband and I started attending the church we attend now.
    Our current Pastor has explained participating in Halloween as this…
    “We are here to save the unsaved, not the saved. Who is out trick or treating? The unsaved. Everyone else is wrapped up in their little worlds attending trunk or treats at their churches, keeping everything in their own little religious worlds.”
    Now, don’t get me wrong, all of the things that the churches do are great for the kids, keeping them safe, etc etc.
    BUT, lets look at it as the “evil aspect”. I’m sure they are taking this from the scriptures, like in your tweets, that state, “Refrain from anything that appears evil”.
    Well, how many things in this world can be considered evil?
    I think that many people take scripture and dissect it to meet their own needs. Thus the reason for so many religions, beliefs, rules, etc.
    When it all boils down to it. It is how we live our life according to the Lord’s word and what our relationship is with Him.
    I firmly believe in my Pastors belief and I am here to search out the needy, and if handing a cup of hot cocoa and some candy to a family trick or treating & participating in evil deeds, then so be it. We have had families come to our church, change their life’s paths and give their lives to our Heavenly Father, because of our halloween outreaches.
    No one can tell me that I am partaking in evil by doing this, if I have families now standing with me, praising our Heavenly Father and living their life according to Him.
    .-= Melissa Herrera´s last blog ..Word Filled Wednesday =-.

  6. 9

    We are Christians and our kids always Trick or Treat. We aren’t going to sacrifice a chicken or anything. I do know quite a few people in my town that refuse to participate. Some of them won’t do Easter eggs either because (supposedly) that is the worst pagan ritual of all.
    .-= kys´s last blog ..I Love My Job =-.

  7. 10

    So it says in the bible that children shall not dress up in costumes and collect candy from their neighbors??

    Must have missed that passage!
    .-= Miss Blondie´s last blog ..The Saga Continues =-.

  8. 11

    gotta get my 2 cents worth in on this one. how is getting candy & wearing a costume of a fairy or a bee or etc wrong? Do we not let our kids have parties on birthdays even costume parties and do we not let them believe in the easter bunny, the tooth fairy , santa, and even dress up on these occasions & give or get treats too during those times? How is this night of fun & dress up any differant? If we keep it innocent its just that innocent & pure simple fun. It takes all kinds I guess and to each there own but I see it as just that good clean fun like all the other holidays when kids can be kids nothing more.

  9. 12

    What a good post. I have been thinking about this. We are Christians and our family chooses not to celebrate Halloween. I honestly don’t think much about those that do participate in it. It is just our personal choice. I try to do other things with my kids with candy. The day after I go to the stores and stock up on half priced candy and fun costumes because my kids do like to play dress up. I don’t think it means you are going to hell though if your family participates in Halloween. Just my two cents 🙂
    .-= 1stopmom´s last blog ..Listerine Oral Care Challenge Blog Tour =-.

  10. 13

    Jews are “prohibited” from partaking in customs that are not Jewish in background (Halloween is a mainly pagan custom), however, Halloween is considered a national tradition in most American homes. We participate (always have) but would not judge those who don’t. We don’t celebrate Christmas but I’m all for YOU celebrating Christmas!!

    In other words, this world would be a waaaay better place if we all stopped critisizing one another and just learned from each other. But I’ve about given up on that ever happening…

  11. 14

    Hi. I thought I’d comment even though it’s a few weeks later.

    Our church does the trunk or treat thing on our street. Some of us even did a Haunted House. It is just one night and it is just for fun. It’s one night of dressing up/pretending, etc. If you’re always dressing up in “dark” costumes and focus on that daily and actually worship Satan, then that’s another story.

    However, I thnk Christians are quite allowed to celebrate Halloween.

    My husband was talking about how ridiculous it is that so many people use Halloween as an excuse to wear slutty costumes and get drunk, etc. I believe that would not be Christ-like.

    I’m curious where it says in the Bible, “Thou shalt not celebrate Halloween”.
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Prayers are welcome =-.

  12. 15

    Wow…I have not heard of Halloween being evil. I am just checking back on older interesting posts of yours and was stunned to see this. So, I do get the one comment about people, usually younger college groups or maybe older ones even getting dressed up to party and some wearing HORRIBLY inappropriate costumes. BUT, what about someone dressing up like an ANGEL…is that also dark and evil??? Or something cute from nature like a butterfly, bee, or ladybug. I mean, is it the DAY that is evil…ALL HALLOWS EVE? or is it the wearing of dark costumes like the devil, zombies, etc?
    I could not believe that twitter conversation!

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