Allegiant, A Family Movie Review

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It’s the third book in a series I could not put down; I was amped up and ready to head to theaters to see Allegiant, the newest in The Divergent series. I went in with high expectations and disappointed I was not. My entire family (myself, husband, and three children) headed to the theater in D’Iberville Mississipi, where we came for a soccer tournament. The first night here we had no plans and because it was opening weekend for Allegiant we decided to enjoy a family movie night out.  So, how did each member like Allegiant? Glad you asked because this review of Allegiant is a Family Movie Review!

Meet The Family:

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Okay, so this pic is a few years old. I know, I know it’s time to update it! For today, though, it will do.

  • The Moviegoers: yours truly (age 36), Brent (the hubby, age 36), Gabriel (the teen, age 16), Aidan (the almost teen, 12), and Bella (the princess, age 10).
  • Family faves: Star Wars Series, Every Marvel Movie Ever (think Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers) and Pitch Perfect.
  • Fave movies for grown-ups: The Departed, Sisters, Deadpool

Our Thoughts On Allegiant

  • The Story: We watch as the story is picked up from where Insurgent ended. Finding out what happens as Tris and Four join the Factionless and his mother, Evelyn. Through the story, we see Tris and Four bucking Evelyn’s system because she is no better than Jeanine as they execute the members they hold a trial for. Tris thinks this is no better than how Jeanine ran things, so she is ready to see what is beyond the wall. As Trish, Four, Caleb, and a few others escape and go beyond the walls; they think life will be better, and it seems it is, at first. But things aren’t always what they seem. On a mission to save Chicago Tris, Four, and the others are racing against time and a maniac who wants full control. Do they save their city? You will need to head to theaters to find out; I can’t give everything away here!
  • What parents may like about this movie: Teaches your children that things may not always be better on the other side of a situation. Allegiant illustrates that sometimes we make mistakes but learning from and fixing those mistakes is the important thing. There is an emphasis on not judging others, but accepting others for who they are.
  • What kids will like: According to my children, they will like that it is dramatic with some comedy threaded in. They will likely love the futuristic feel, the technology in Allegiant is fantastic.
  • Concerns Parents May Have: There is some killing in the movie. Also, there are scenes where children are taken, giving a serum to forget their past so that could be disturbing to small children. There was a little bit of cursing in the movie as well as some romantic kisses.

How We Rate Allegiant:

  • Positive themes: We score positive themes a 5 out of 5 for teaching valuable lessons
  • Violence/scare factor:  I would say the violence in the movie is a 2 out of 5 due to the execution and kids being take from parents.
  • Sex/Romance:  The level of sex and romance in the film is a 2/5 due to kissing.
  • Bad language: Level of bad language in the movie is 2/5 due to some bad language in the movie.

I highly suggest heading to your theater and seeing Allegiant. If you haven’t seen the first two Divergent films, take the time to see those. You will want to be caught up, so you aren’t confused! Also, the ending does leave you hanging so look for Ascendant, the fourth Divergent movie to hit theaters sometime in 2017!

Have you seen Allegiant yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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