A New Chapter…Bootcamp Here He Comes

Bootcamp 2022

Yesterday was one that was full of every emotion one could possibly experience. Our oldest son left for the USMC bootcamp. It will be roughly 13 weeks until we see him (89 days to be exact from the original date this post was written). The emotions went from being proud, to worry, to sadness, to happiness, to fear, to excitement…when I say I have gone through every single emotion in such a short amount of time it is no joke. Because I like to write when I am in my feels I decided to write a poem that encompassed a good majority of the feelings and thoughts, so here you go (I will continue below the photo of the poem)

And in case you can’t read that because it’s too small here it is written out

Sunday Is Here

Sunday is here,
it’s the day he heads out
The emotions are high
but I’m so very proud

His leap of faith
toward becoming a new man,
will not be easy
but I trust it’s God’s plan

My momma heart hurts,
at the same time I know
He is going to soar,
oh how he’ll grow

I’ll laugh and I’ll smile
yes, even shed tears
I’ll pray for God’s peace
to comfort my fears

I didn’t understand
’til this day became real
The mix of emotions
I could, all at once, feel

I’ll brag about my boy
while my eyes surely glisten
I’ll share with such pride
to anyone who will listen

In weeks from this moment,
roughly thirteen
I’ll smile as I watch,
my boy become a Marine

(originally written on 6/26/2022)

I am so beyond proud of him for this step he has taken on his life’s journey but it doesn’t stop the momma’s protective heart from worrying and being upset at all you know he will go through to get to his graduation and officially become a Marine. I will be posting my journey and thoughts as a parent of someone in BootCamp, so if you come across this and need to know someone else knows what you’re feeling…I can say I do. Here is a little video of my thoughts as well (and so you can put a voice to a face and such)

In case you are wondering, I came right home and cleaned his room so when I want to feel a little bit closer to him until I get to hug him again at his bootcamp graduation. So, until then, I can go sit down there and write his letters. For now, I leave you with this. The journey is one unlike any other, there is just something about knowing there are somewhere going through something that is very difficult but they will come out the other side serving this country and will have gained a whole new family. One thing I told him on the way to his drop-off was, that it won’t be easy…which he knew…but that the greater the challenge, the greater the reward!

Comment or reach out and let me know if you have had or will have a family member going to boot camp soon or in the future!

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