First Ever Seint Makeup Haul

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Seint Makeup Haul

Happy Saturday y’all. I have some super exciting news to share, but that’s for another day…how did you like that teaser! Okay, Okay I’ll tell y’all now….I recently decided to become a Seint Artist! I am super excited about this adventure. For now, I’ll be bringing all things Seint to this site, but eventually I hope to get my site “Makeup and Margs” up and going. I do have a Facebook page, VIP Facebook group (come join it and LEARN ALL THINGS SEINT), a YouTube, and an Instagram up and going so be sure to follow all the makeup adventures there!

So, a little back story. I had heard of Seint years ago when it was still Maskara…well, I didn’t know anyone personally who used and/or sold it so I was a little iffy. Fast forward to earlier this year, one of my good friends started using it and I was super intrigued. So, then I finally jumped in and tried it and I have not looked back. It has truly simplified my makeup routine and I ended up loving it so much I decided I wanted to become an artist. As an artist I get to share my love for this brand, while earning a small commission. I’ll share more, but first…here is my first ever Seint Haul

How fun are these products and the fact you can fit all your makeup in ONE palette (or a few if you become addicted like me LOL) is AMAZING! So, that all being said I am super excited to share my love for Seint with you all! Be sure to join all my social channels above and especially my VIP group because I do lots of lives over there to show you how easy this makeup is to use!

If you are interested in being color matched fill out this form or if you think this is something you would like to do, you can reach our or just go ahead and sign up as an artist. I am part of a wonderful community of fellow artists and we would love to have you join us! For now, I hope you are at least a little intrigued and join my community on Facebook so you can learn so much more about this amazing brand. Or if you aren’t sure about the foundation just yet, you can shop all the other fun goodies in my Seint Store.

Happy Saturday…be sure to request access to my VIP group so you don’t miss tomorrow mornings “Contouring Over Coffee” live. It’s my get ready with me live I do each morning in my group. I gab, do my makeup (so you can see how easy it is) and share all the products I use each day!

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