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Back To School

Back to school for us started a few days ago, as with most kids, after a summer of carefree fun, it’s a bit daunting to get back into the swing of things! Today I am here to help you with your back to school (after the most awesome summer ever) transition!

5 Tips For Back To School Transitioning

Sleep Schedule!

Good Nights Sleep

If you are like us, during summer, the sleep schedule gets a little lack or adjusts for summer activities. Well, when school starts if you aren’t on a schedule that allows little (or teens) ones to get enough sleep it can mess with there focus during school hours. Not to mention, Moms will get to deal with grumpy wee ones in the mornings and our mornings are hectic enough without the grumpiness! We love to use Essential Oils to help us relax and having the right bed is super important.

Even if you go to bed early enough, if you are on a bed that’s not comfy, you may not get that good nights sleep. That’w why we love our Nature’s Sleep bed and pillows. They give us a great night sleep to face the day ahead.

Get A Routine Going!

A routine is so important, not just for bed time, but for getting ready, homework, sports. If you have kids like mine, they are involved in a lot of extracirricular activities! Which means a hectic life if we don’t have some sort of routine. I’ve noticed for us, it works best if we come home and do homework right away, and enjoy a snack while we work.

Don’t Wait Till Last Minute

Whether it is for school supplies or school clothes, if you wait til last minute, you are going to be fighting a crowd. I love to go about a month before school for both counts. It ensures that they have the items we need. A little extra tip is to go again about a week after school starts, you will see mark downs on overstock and will be able to stock up for supplies needed through the year!

Pack Fun and Healthy Snacks/Lunches

For kids they needs nutrition, not only at breakfast and dinner, but also through the day. Grabe a granola bar or veggies with dip and add it to their lunch boxes. Throw in one of their favorite treats to make a smile come on their face. Bento lunches are all the rage and are a great way to get a picky eater to try new things. The fun to look at lunches are just as much fun to eat!

Take A Me Moment

Nature's Sleep Slippers

Okay this last one is more for mom and dad. Grab a pair of comfy slippers, like Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam slippers and a cup of coffee. Just sit and enjoy a quiet moment, because sometimes that’s all we need to refresh our souls and our selves. Not to mention, these comfy slippers are great for the morning car ride to school, when you don’t feel like putting regular shoes on. With a thick, durable sole, these are great for both inside and outside the house. Though I would refrain from wearing out in public anywhere other than the school car line!


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    I have to agree with you about getting a good night’s sleep and taking some time for yourself. Those are pretty important parts of going back to school!

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