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We all want to get the best value on our weekly shop, and this can often mean taking advantage of deals offered at the supermarket. However, with so many different types of moneysaving deal to choose from, it can get a little confusing.  You’ll have the ultimate peace of mind on value when you get your groceries from ASDA, thanks to the ASDA Price Guarantee, which will give you the difference if your shopping doesn’t cost at least ten per cent less than Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.  However, while shopping at Britain’s Lowest Priced Supermarket (won 15 years running) is a great start, you’ll also want to take advantage of the great deals available to maximise your shopping savings.  Read on for a guide to the deals you’re likely to see in the supermarket, and which ones will be best for you and your family:

Buy One Get One Free
BOGOFs are a common sight in supermarkets, and mean that you’ll get double the amount for your money. If the item will be used then it’s a brilliant deal. However, be careful with perishables as you need to be sure that you will use the item in good time. If it’s a product that you like, will use, and would usually buy, however, BOGOFs are a fantastic way to save money.,

Buy One Get Two Free
Even better is the BOGTF deal. These are far less common than BOGOFs but should be snapped up when spied. Again, make sure that the freebies will get used, otherwise it’s a false economy.

Bulk Value Buy
Those with plenty of storage space in their kitchen cupboards and fridge freezers can take advantage of amazing prices on bulk buys. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the packet, the lower the price per unit. It’s easy to check this as the price per unit or per certain weight will be displayed within the product description.  For example, it’s likely to work out cheaper per toilet roll to buy a pack of nine than it is to buy a pack of four.
As always, be careful with perishables. It’s not a great deal if some of a bulk buy ends up in the bin.

Meal Deal
The meal deal has grown in popularity recently – possibly due to the fact that the financial climate has made staying in the new going out. Meal deals can vary but they typically include co-ordinating meal ingredients or dishes, and maybe even drinks, for a set price that saves you money overall. These deals are brilliant for indecisive types who struggle to plan meals and decide what to cook.

Choose reduced items for a simple way to make instant savings. However, it’s also worth checking the price of the budget version of an item. For example, supermarket’s own baked beans may still be lower in price than a reduced branded baked bean. It’s down to you to weigh up which represents the best value for your individual tastes and preferences.

Marked Down
Marked down products usually become available at the end of the day, on perishable items that are nearing their sell or use by dates. Doing your shopping close to closing time can be a good ploy for picking up marked down goods – many or which could be frozen to use at a later date without spoiling.

Promotional Offer
Sometimes you’ll find promotional offers on brand new products. These limited time lower prices are a great incentive to try something new.  Seeking out the best supermarket deals can slash your shopping bill considerably, so keep your eyes peeled when shopping in-store, or search offers when doing your grocery shopping online, for easy ways to save.

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