Where Did The Passion Go?


It’s a hard thing to lose your passion for something. That’s happened to me with blogging lately. I feel like I am in foreign territory where part of me wants to see if I can reignite the passion I once had and another part of me just wants to move on.

Now, please don’t think I hate blogging, because I don’t, but the passion I had before, the one that helped me not mind feeling tied to my computer because I had bucoo’s of posts due, just isn’t there. Now I could go weeks without writing and be okay with that, whereas before I would be panicking if I wasn’t adding new posts daily. I don’t know if it is just burnout or if it is because I am not bringing in the income like I once did or if God is moving me in a different way of blogging.

I feel like my blog could be a platform to share my faith and my life, but it’s almost hard to make that transition back to a completely personal blog when you are so used to running it as a business. Plus the income is much needed, so I feel like I still have to run it like a business and part of me just doesn’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to worry about SEO or how many people are visiting my blog or if my post photos looked perfect. I just don’t. How’s that for being real!

Now, doing brand work didn’t mean that I didn’t incorporate our personal happenings here, because I did, I always tried to make every post personal so it wasn’t just another ad on another blog when there are gazillions of them out there. But doing it without paid work (because it does take money to run a blog) is hard to fathom. Maybe that’s what happened, I seemed to really decline last year in the paid work department and I really need it as I am the car payment person in our house. So maybe that really hit me or maybe it’s because I had to work my butt off to get that work so I could pay our car payments, that it caused burnout. I have no idea really.

I would love to get back to writing random, personal posts, but worry if I do go back to completely personal all the time (with a few sponsored opportunities here and there), would anyone even want to see random photos of what has been happening in our lives or enjoy reading about our latest adventure. It’s such a weird place to be in. I wonder if God isn’t changing my desire to something different for a reason. I know he gave me a love for writing, but I just don’t know what to write about most days. Maybe my struggle with anxiety, my faith, what’s happening with my kids, parenting worries, marriage talk?

I guess this post is more of a vent, or diary type post if you will, but hey maybe that’s what my blog will turn into. I also miss doing videos and showcasing my kids (well my daughter because she is really the only one willing to do stuff like that with me), so maybe you will see more of that here. The only thing I know for sure, right now, is that I feel like I am being readjusted for something great. Whether that is a new breathe of life into my blog for 2017 or a completely different path is yet to be seen. I hope you all will stick with me and watch the journey unfold because I do look forward to sharing it with you!

Until then, check back and see what new recipe or thought I have to share. Hopefully, my passion will reignite and in 2017 you’ll see a lot more of my life than you did in 2016.

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