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Vince Vaughn Interview

You know that moment when you get to sit down with someone who has made you snort your drink from laughing so hard in the middle of a theater….yeah that!  A few weeks ago, when I was in LA,  I had the chance to sit down with the star of Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn.  I have been a fan of his movies for years, while some of his movies are definitely not appropriate for my kids eyes, this is one movie I can’t wait to take them to see.  So, what did Vince have to say about parenting, 533 kids, pedicures, keep reading below to see some highlights of the interview!

Why did you decide to take the role as David Wozniak?

You know, the director is a very passionate storyteller, and I think what he is doing with this story is really unique and inspiring. It starts with this kind of big concept. What’s interesting to me is, nowadays movies can be just a comedy or just sentimental or just a drama. I think the skillset that Ken has, which is very unique, is that it’s kind of is all of those things in one movie. So, it makes it a very unpredictable story. You’re not quite sure what emotion’s gonna come next. Also I think being a young father, the hopes and fears that you have for your kids really is strong in those vignettes.

With Vince being a dad, offscreen, we wanted to know how that affected him playing this role..

You’re so cracked open as a parent to those things. I had only my daughter on this, so, my second child was conceived during Delivery Man. And so, you have your kid and you start thinking about a family. Inevitably you start thinking about, “what should I do for their lives.” You start seeking information about how do I parent, temporary versus permanent. It just becomes a journey of figuring out what’s the best way to give them skillsets to be successful and what is the best stuff you can do as a parent.

So, you start down that journey so strongly. I think for me, fortunately, I come from a very close family, and I waited till I was older and I really wanted to be a parent when I got to be a parent. So, I’m very invested in it. I think it was very easy to draw on those kind of emotions that were running in me anyway. I think it it was very much at the surface.

Vince Vaughn 2

I mentioned earlier, this is definitely one I would take my kids to see, so when we asked Vince if he was actively trying to make more family-friendly movies that his kids could see, in the future, here is what he had to say…

I don’t know if I would say I’m actively doing it. I think this was nice, because it was kind of a return to doing more grounded performances, which I used to do and not so broad. So, that was exciting. I do think the time in my life kind of particularly made me excited about and also partnership I think is important, too. You know, I think the best thing you can do as a father for your kid is to love the mom in that it shows him what a good relationship should be.

We all know Vince is great at ad-libbing, when asked how much ad-libbing was done in Delivery Man, you might be shocked at his answer!

It’s pretty much all scripted. There’s a couple places where I added some lines, but it was nice to go and just give a performance and work off the script. There was a couple places where we played around. A lot of the ultrasound was sort of playing but that was based off my personal experience!

Vince Vaughn

In the movie there is a *spoiler alert* pedicure scene, we wanted to know if Vince partook in pedicures regularly (I figured I partake regularly so he could join sometime). We wanted to know if his reaction in the scene was acting or real

No, that was acting, but like it was an easy thing to go “This could tickle“, because I can be ticklish. I didn’t even get a pedicure until way later in life. It just wasn’t popular where I was from. I’ve only done it in my life maybe once or twice. I’ll probably let my daughter paint my feet. I think that day is coming. She likes to get her nails painted. So, maybe my daughter will give me a pedicure

He had 533 (534 by the end) kids in the movie, did that have any affect on wanting to add to his family of four.

Yeah, I’m open to more kids. My wife has informed me that why someone is breastfeeding that’s not a conversation that you have. We don’t have any help. It’s just me and her and we feel fortunate that we’re able to be in that situation, but a lot falls on her when she’s breastfeeding.

We were away, and I said “This is great“. I said, “It’s great to have each other and maybe we’ll have one more“. She said you cannot bring that up when I am still breastfeeding. On some level I feel like I started older in life, and when you start to do the math in your head….well. We’ll kinda see what happens. I’m really thankful for the two kids that I have, and if another child comes along, I would be, I would be thrilled for sure

I’ll take that as a yes to more kids. We found out he loved working with all the actors alongside him in the movie and it was easy to pull emotion for the emotional scenes in the movie (which you will see when you go THIS WEEKEND when it opens). He was just an all around nice guy, funny, and I had a blast sitting with him and getting to know the man who you will know as David Wozniack!

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What would you do if you found out you had 533 kids???

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    I was able to see Delivery Man earlier this week and absolutely loved it. He was amazing in this film, and I pretty much have had the world’s biggest crush on Vince Vaughn for the last 10 years or so. He is my ultimate guilty pleasure!

  2. 2

    How fun! He seems like a really funny guy, can’t wait to see the movie!

  3. 3

    Is he as tall as he looks? Thank goodness women can’t have that many children. Shew!

  4. 4

    I loved chatting with him. He was so nice!

  5. 5

    Vince is such a funny guy – it’s great that he’s made a family friendly movie we can watch together! And it sounds like he and his wife have an amazing and grounded relationship.

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    That is awesome that he was so nice and funny in person. He was great in the movie!

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