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We recently received the newest addition to the Veggie Tales family, The Penniless Princess. Hitting shelves August 2012 this is definitely a video that is great for teaching kids self worth.  I took it to use for Sunday School and the kids all watched happily.  The lesson they learned is one we all need to hold onto, even as adults.

When I was young I loved the book, The Little Princess. The Penniless Princess is based off that book, with a few changes and additions of very important christian and life lessons. The Penniless Princess introduces us to Captain Crew and his daughter Sara move from Africa all the way to London, England. As most of us know being in a new place is scary but Captain reiterates to his daughter o trust God and He will keep her safe.

Upon arriving she attends the school run by “Ms. Minion”. Ms. Minion is ready to cater to Sara’s every need because of her wealth. However she does get put out because Sara is so kind to everyone, another lesson she has learned while growing up. Tragedy happens and Sara is left with nothing and a life that is very different from the one she is used to. Regardless of her circumstance she looks to God for comfort and remembers that she will always be a princess to him. In the end, God brings Sara out of what seemed to be a hopeless situation and comforted her when times were tough.

The story was so moving and I loved the lesson it taught to my kids. That no matter who you are, how much money you have, where you came from we are all worth something. That God loves each one of us and we should love others just as God loves us. We are special and so are those people around us. The lesson is an important one to learn for not only kids but adults.

Clips will be seen in 500 Chuck-E-Cheese locations nationwide which I think is absolutely wonderful.  In true Veggie Tales fashion there is a great story, lots of laughs, fun songs and a lesson that we all can do well to follow. The Penniless Princess will hit shelves August 11 and August 14 2012!

*Disclosure: I received DVD for sole purpose of review. Thoughts are my own. Opinions are how I feel and you may have a different experience. For more on my policies please see my disclosure under the PR Friendly tab.

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    I miss the days when my kids watched shows like this.

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    This sounds like a great show! My children love VeggieTales.

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    Zipporah Sandler :

    Makes me wish I had little ones.

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    This looks like a great movies for my kids! Thank you!

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