The Parson’s Son BBQ In Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

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The Parson’s Son BBQ in Ft. Walton Beach Florida

If you are a fan of BBQ, then I have the best BBQ restaurant for you to try the next time you visit the Florida panhandle! The Parson’s Son BBQ restaurant is not the most appealing to the eye, but don’t let outward appearances deter you, their simple menu is full of flavor. After picking up my gift certificate from, my mom and I made a girls day out as we headed for lots of shopping and fun eating! After grabbing my $5.00 off $10 gift certificate for $2.00, out the door we went. As I said, when you drive by it’s a simple place and it keeps with the simple look inside

Parson's Son BBQ

However, it’s not about looks and decor for me, it’s all about the food. I am a big fan of BBQ, but only when it’s done right. In the past, I have been disappointed with lack of sauce choice or too much fat in the shredded pork sandwiches. Would The Parson’s Son BBQ leave me disappointed or have me anxious for my next visit. You get in line, cafeteria style, and before you order they have a huge menu hanging to see all the offerings. Whether you are looking for sandwiches, ribs, combination platters, or even big orders for office lunches, they have you covered.

For this trip, my mom and I both decided we would go with the shredded pork sandwich, a side, a drink..and of course a brownie. They make your plate right there in front of you, so there is very little wait time between ordering and eating. After you order, this is where your taste buds get to have fun!

Good BBQ

Once you have your plate, it’s self serve for drinks and they offer a sauce bar. The sauce bar ranges from mile and sweet to hot and spicy, so whatever your sauce style, The Parson’s Son BBQ has got you covered.

Best BBQ In Florida



I decided to try two sauces on my sandwich and went with the Georgia Peach which is a mustard and tomato sauce made with peaches and black pepper. It was sweet with a perfect mild kick. The second sauce I went with was the Southern Bell. This sauce is a thick, dark red, sweet sauce. It was very sweet but not in a candy sort of way, a perfect for bbq sort of way. My mom was a bit braver and went with Satan’s Fury (an extremely hot sauce built on a smokey base) and Tennessee (a spicy tomato base with intense flavors). I was not brave enough to try hers, because she is a spicy kind of gal, but she said they were great! They offer 3 other sauces as well, so you actually have quite a few choices!

With sides like potato salad, green beans, red beans and rice, cole slow, baked beans, collard greens, and more, you have a barbecue meal without all the hours spent cooking the meats. The employees at The Parson’s Son BBQ are full of laughter and smiles and will make you feel like you just walked into your friends house for a true southern bbq. So, the next time you are visiting the Florida panhandle, be sure to stop in The Parson’s Son BBQ in Ft. Walton Beach, you taste buds will thank you!

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