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ESV Action Bible Study Bible Review

Action Bible

Recently, I was sent The ESV Action Bible Study Bible from Family Christian. I will go ahead and let you know, this is going to be a very photo heavy post, because I really want to show you why this is perfect for getting those tweens/teens excited to get into God’s word! I love that you can personalize this in the front as well as add a family tree!

Action Bible Study BibleESV Action Bible

At the beginning of each book, you find out who the author of that book is, find out how you see God in action through that book, learn who the people in action are, learn faith in action (keywords) and a ‘Did you know’ fact about that book!

The Book of Genesis in the Action Bible

Through all the books you have the following:
“Remember It” Sections: Verses for your child to memorize (great for youth leaders)
“What About This?” Section: Gain insights to tough questions about faith
“Unlock It!” Section: Who did what, when, and where … and why it matters
“Guess It!” Section: Person, place, or thing—take the challenge with 5 clues
“Activate” Section: Reflect on Bible themes and how they apply now
“Ancient Archives” Section: Discover the cultural history of ancient times – what were weapons, food, clothes, houses, celebrations and traditions like?

Action Bible for Teens
Understanding the bible
Bible Trivia In the Action Bible

As I continued through this bible, I loved the way the creators really brought to life God’s word. There are animated areas, made to look like comic books, that are going to capture your child’s attention! These are the “Experience the Drama” sections. Comic book artist Sergio Cariello’s dramatic illustrations captures the imagination and transports you to another time


When you reach the end, after Revelation, there is still so much more to discover:
Table of Weights, Measures, and Monetary Units
What About This? Index
Guess It! Index
Maps Index
Black pages so as they read and learn they can animate their own interpretation of their studies!









We love the ESV Action Bible Study Bible. It’s a wonderful way to get teens/tweens (or even younger kids) to get excited about reading the word and studying it. With all the extras they can challenge themselves to go deeper in the word and therefore strengthening their relationship with God and growing their faith. That, to me, is a win/win!

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    I know a tween that this would be perfect for. Great review! Looks like a pretty awesome Bible

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